About Me

The Blogger

Whether you’re looking to revolutionize a small business or you further want your excellent business marketing strategies to grow This is the best place to be!

David Stall, A retired business owner by day, and a blogger by night. David started working a day job just like everyone else. From doing shifts in a fast-food chain to fixing cars and part-timing as a freelance marketer.

One day an opportunity came, and a friend of his contacted him to start a blog for gadget reviews. Armed with lifetime savings and the passion for starting a business venture, David and his friends started a series of blogs and review sites for gadgets and software.

Now that David has retired, he has re-focused his time into helping others to optimize their own businesses, Here are reviews and blogs about applications and concepts on how to start a successful email marketing campaign.

What We Believe

Being financially stable is something we can all achieve especially in the business world. It’s something that most of us should strive for in life. Although the concept of optimizing and marketing, in general, is intimidating, it doesn’t mean it should be complicated to learn.

David Stall believes that formal business education is important in this industry, but it’s not something that is required. More so if you have access to resources, and inspirational guru to look up to, and a wide array of information. This is what David has been striving to provide for others since his retirement.

Our Core Values

Every advice, comment, or suggestion you read here is built around our core values. These are our guides into how we do our reviews and blogs about everything digital marketing.

  • Credible And reliable
  • Effectiveness and Responsiveness at all times
  • Always provide informative reviews
  • Easy to understand and relate to
  • Consumer centric approach

By instilling these values in everything we do, we are sure that our review site provides relevant and informative reviews and tips to make sure that everyone is getting the highest quality of insights into how to venture into the digital marketing space.