A Comprehensive Guide: Changing and Reviewing Fonts in ActiveCampaign Emails

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Looking to spruce up your emails? You’re in the right place. Changing the font in ActiveCampaign can give your communications a fresh, personalized touch. It’s a simple tweak that can make a world of difference to your email aesthetics.

ActiveCampaign’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to modify the font. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie, you’ll find the process straightforward. In this guide, you’ll learn how to change the font in a few easy steps.

Keep reading to discover how to make your emails stand out in your subscribers’ inboxes. With a few clicks, you’ll be on your way to creating visually appealing emails that not only look good but also resonate with your audience.

Why Changing Font in ActiveCampaign Matters

When we talk about email marketing and automation, ActiveCampaign stands out as a tool that’s easy to use. Changing the font is one process that might seem small, yet it plays a significant role in your email campaigns. It’s not just about how nice your emails look. It’s about how they resonate with your audience.

The right font choice can drastically improve your email’s readability. Readability is a crucial factor that impacts engagement rates. If your audience finds it difficult to read your email, they’re more likely to close it and ultimately less likely to engage with your content. By adjusting the font, you can achieve a well-structured, readable email that invites interaction.

Ever considered your brand’s personality? Fonts have unique characteristics that express different moods and evoke varying emotional responses. As a result, selecting your font is an indirect way of shaping your brand’s perception. So, choose wisely. A consistent, tailored font that aligns with your brand enhances brand recognition and aids in building a loyal customer base.

Incorporating accessibility in your email design is crucial in the digital arena. Not everyone perceives texts and design elements the same way. Certain fonts are more comfortable for people with dyslexia or visual impairment to read. Using accessible fonts ensures that you include everyone in your email marketing journey, expanding your potential audience.

It’s clear that changing the font in ActiveCampaign can make a substantial difference in your email marketing efforts. It’s not just about beautifying emails; it’s about communication, branding and inclusivity. However, remember that effective use of fonts can’t replace quality content. Combining these elements effectively is what truly drives success.

In the following sections, we will guide you on how to change the font in ActiveCampaign and reveal some top font choices to enhance your email design strategy.

Step 1: Accessing the Email Designer

Your first step might seem the most daunting: getting to grips with ActiveCampaign’s Email Designer. No worries. Here’s a rundown on how you can quickly navigate through it:

After logging into your ActiveCampaign account, you need to visit the ‘Campaigns’ section found in the main menu. Here, you’ll find your previously created campaigns and a button for crafting new ones. Click that ‘New Campaign’ button to initiate a fresh campaign.

Post this, you’ll arrive at a page that would present a ‘Type’ selection step. Choose the ‘Standard’ campaign from the displayed options – a versatile and suitable choice for a wide range of email marketing efforts.

The next step involves naming your campaign – it’s the ‘Campaign Name’ input box where you draw a fitting name that resonates with your campaign’s intent. Remember to make it unique and identifiable to avoid confusion in the latter stages.

The next page, the ‘Choose a list’ stage, is where you’ll select the list of contacts that will receive your email campaign. You select one or more lists as needed. Here’s a tip: the platform provides a tool to filter your contact list based on various factors such as tags. This will help in transmitting your effort to a targeted audience sector.

Click ‘Next’ to reach the ‘Design’ step. This is where you’ll find the Email Designer. This tool’s function is to allow you to manage your email’s content and layout. One of the first elements you can tweak here is the font.

Venture toward the ‘Content’ menu and select the appropriate block. The blocks can either be ‘Text’ or could constitute the ‘Title’. Once selected, you will see an array of tools for the selected block. At this point, you’re well into the first step of changing the font.

Armed with this knowledge, you should be able to smoothly navigate to ActiveCampaign’s Email Designer, making the initial step of your journey towards optimal email design a breeze. This process, while seeming complex at first, will quickly become second nature as you delve into the world of email marketing with ActiveCampaign.

Step 2: Selecting Your Email Template

The next step involves selecting an email template in ActiveCampaign. After deciding your campaign type and giving it a distinct name, your next task is to select an appropriate template. This step is crucial to your campaign as it provides the fundamental design of your email. But don’t worry, ActiveCampaign offers a variety of templates with different layouts and designs. There’s something suitable for every kind of campaign.

Hop over to the ‘Templates’ section, which lies just beneath the ‘Campaign Summary’ section on the ActiveCampaign platform. You’ll find a vast array of email templates to choose from.

Explore the templates to find one that aligns with your campaign’s goals and aesthetic. Looking for something straightforward and professional? Or perhaps something more vivid and dynamic? You’ll be able to find what suits your business best.

After selecting the template, pre-set design elements appear in the email body. These incorporate key components like headers, text blocks, and image placeholders. However, keep in mind that these are not permanent. You have the power to customize these elements later. In fact, the beauty of these templates lies in their flexibility. They serve as a springboard for your unique email design.

Here’s a breakdown of the key considerations when selecting an email template:

  • Campaign objectives: What are you looking to achieve with your email? Push a product, share news, or maybe you’re running a special promotion? The template should reflect your intent.
  • Audience preferences: It’s always about the customer. Know your audience and choose a template design that aligns with their preferences. Elegant, flashy, or minimalistic? Let the audience dictate the design.
  • Content type: Plan what type of content your email will contain. Will you be using more text, images, or perhaps a mix? Choose a template that can accommodate your content effectively.

Once your template is selected, it’s time to move on to crafting it. Your customization journey, including changing the font in ActiveCampaign’s Email Designer, begins now. And trust us, with every step you take, you’re enhancing your email marketing skills. You’ll become confident with practice and find that customizing your emails gets simpler each time. The next section will guide you through the process of customizing your selected template.

Step 3: Modifying the Font

After selecting your ideal template, it’s time to venture into modifying the font. ActiveCampaign’s Email Designer offers an array of unique styles and sizes, letting you tailor your mail to perfection.

To modify the font, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the content block where you’d like to change the font.
  2. Hover over the block and click on the edit icon that appears. In the text editor that pops up, you’ll notice two dropdowns in the toolbar.
  3. The first dropdown allows you to choose the typeface. You’ll find a solid selection of both standard and web fonts, giving you the flexibility to set the right tone for your email.
  4. The next dropdown provides options for font sizes. Choosing the right size is crucial in ensuring legibility and visual appeal.

Remember, the chosen font and size directly affect how your message is perceived. A font that’s too small may be hard to read while one that’s too large might seem aggressive. Ultimately, you want to strike a balance that enhances readability while still aligning with your brand identity.

Embrace the power of typography to craft the perfect email. But don’t stop at just modifying the font. ActiveCampaign’s Email Designer encourages exploration with other design elements. Dive deep into color schemes, image placement, and more to elevate your email marketing to new heights.

In mastering these tools, you’ll discover how every component comes together to create a compelling email. And remember – design isn’t static. Each email is an opportunity to experiment, learn, and continually refine your approach.

Step 4: Preview and Test

Now that your font’s been adjusted in the ActiveCampaign Email Designer, it’s time to preview and test your work. This step is crucial in the process. It ensures your email will look exactly as you intend when it lands in your recipient’s inbox. Without testing, you might miss out on optimization opportunities or even risk a flawed email design.

Testing the email will show you if your chosen font enhances readability, aligns with your brand identity, and elevates your email marketing as envisioned. Start the test by clicking the Preview button located in your Email Designer Toolbar. You’ll see an overview of how your email looks.

Next, focus on the font. Is the sizing right? Can you read your content easily? Does the typeface match your brand’s personality? If you’re not satisfied with any aspect of the design, don’t hesitate—go back and tweak the settings until you’re happy.

But how can you be sure that what you see is what your recipients will get? To eliminate any guesswork, send a test email. There’s an option in the toolbar for this: select Send Test, enter your email address, and ::snap:: that straight-away version of your design ends up in your own inbox. This method is fairly foolproof—it will show you exactly how recipients will see your email.

It doesn’t stop there, though. You should also review how your email appears on different devices, especially mobile. It’s well-documented that over 50% of all emails are now opened on a mobile device. According to data collated by Litmus, in December 2020:

DevicesPercentage of Emails Opened

Make sure your fonts and overall design adapt well to smaller screens. If not, it’s back to the drawing board. You’ve got to achieve looks and usability both— with emphasis given to the latter. After all, what good is a beautifully designed email if it’s not readable? Or doesn’t inspire the action you want?

In this optimization journey, there’s plenty of experimenting to do. More drafting, testing, learning, and refining. Remember, it’s a cycle. A Learning Curve. And it’s an integral part of enhancing your email campaigns via ActiveCampaign.


Changing the font in ActiveCampaign isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s a strategic move that can enhance your email campaigns. Remember, previewing and testing are key steps to ensure your font choice resonates with your brand and improves readability across various devices. Don’t forget, over half of your recipients may open your emails on mobile. So, always check how your emails appear on smaller screens. Above all, don’t be afraid to experiment. The more you learn and refine, the better your email campaigns will be. With ActiveCampaign, you’ve got the tools you need to make impactful changes. Now it’s your turn to make the most of them.

What does the article suggest about choosing a font in ActiveCampaign’s Email Designer?

The article recommends previewing and testing the chosen font in ActiveCampaign’s Email Designer to ensure that the font enhances readability, resonates with the brand identity, and adapts well to different devices.

How should one verify if the email appears as intended to recipients?

One should send a test email to themselves before sending it out to recipients. Check the email across multiple devices to make sure it presents well and is readable.

Why is it important to review the email on mobile devices?

With over 50% of emails being opened on mobile devices, it is crucial to review emails on mobile to ensure optimal readability and user experience.

What is the final advice given by the article regarding email campaigns via ActiveCampaign?

The article concludes by emphasizing the continuous process of experimentation, learning, and refining as a means to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of email campaigns via ActiveCampaign.

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