Breaking Down the Cost of ActiveCampaign Premium Plans: A Comprehensive Guide

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So, you’re considering ActiveCampaign Premium for your business. It’s a smart choice, considering its advanced features and automation capabilities. But, like any savvy business owner, you’re likely curious about the cost.

ActiveCampaign Premium isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It offers a range of pricing plans to fit different business needs and budgets. In this article, we’ll break down the cost of ActiveCampaign Premium, so you can make an informed decision.

Remember, investing in a powerful tool like ActiveCampaign can truly elevate your marketing strategy. But it’s essential to understand the costs involved. So, let’s dive in and explore what you’re getting for your money.

What Is ActiveCampaign Premium?

Before we delve into the costs you’re likely to encounter with this service, it’s important to first understand exactly what ActiveCampaign Premium is. In short, ActiveCampaign is a pioneer in the realm of customer experience automation (CXA). This highly impressive software combines various elements such as email marketing, sales automation, and customer relationship management (CRM) into one easy-to-use platform.

As a business, the need to engage with your customers efficiently and effectively can’t be overstated. ActiveCampaign aids in this endeavor by intuitively segmenting your audience and automating engagement processes. The key here is customization. The software allows you to create workflows that are tailored to your customer base which can ultimately lead to an increase in business growth.

So, what sets the Premium package apart from the rest?

The simple answer? A lot. ActiveCampaign Premium offers more than your typical email marketing campaign software. It includes a host of robust features and advanced additions. These span from predictive sending and content to advanced reporting and custom user permissions. More specifically:

  • Predictive sending and content allow the software to adjust message timing and information based on your customer’s activities.
  • Advanced reporting provides deep insights into your campaigns, enabling you to make data-driven decisions.
  • Custom user permissions let you maintain control over who has access to specific data and features within your system.

In essence, ActiveCampaign Premium arms you with a diversity of tools designed to optimize your customer engagement initiatives. By utilizing these capabilities, you’re well-positioned to keep your customers engaged and your business operations running smoothly. Refreshingly, ActiveCampaign Premium doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach but instead, strives to provide a customized experience for each business’s unique needs.

Different Pricing Plans

One important aspect that stands out with ActiveCampaign is its tiered pricing. Its different pricing plans cater to various business needs, whether you’re a small enterprise or a large corporation.


The Lite plan is the starting level and it’s cost-effective, ideal if you’re running a small business or a startup. Offers services like email marketing, chat/email support, and marketing automation.


Next up is the Plus plan that adds sales automation and contact scoring. It’s perfect if your business is expanding fast, you’re taking on more clients, and require the extra functionality.


The Professional level takes it up a notch. With this plan, you get machine learning capabilities. Now, that’s something not every platform offers. The predictive sending and content feature can be a game changer for your email marketing strategy!


ActiveCampaign’s most ambitious offering is the Enterprise plan. It goes all out with advanced features such as custom reporting, custom mail server domain, a dedicated account representative, and more.

To give you a better understanding of the costs, let’s have a look at a quick snapshot of the different plans with their prices:

PlanStarting Price

Remember, the prices shown are the starting levels per month. The total cost can vary depending on the size of your contact list, as ActiveCampaign’s pricing is based on the number of contacts you have. The larger the list, the higher the cost.

So, give each plan a careful thought. Consider your business’s specific needs and think about where you see your business heading in the future. It’s not just about the dollars, but the value you get out of each plan. With ActiveCampaign, it’s all about delivering premium customer experiences, tailored to your needs. So take your time, pick wisely.

Basic Plan

As we navigate through the varied pricing plans of ActiveCampaign, let’s shift our focus to the Basic, or Lite, plan. This plan serves as an excellent starting point for small businesses or startups, primarily aiming to explore automation with a manageable budget.

So, what does the Basic Plan offer you? Primarily, it provides all the essential features required to kickstart your journey in customer experience automation. You’ll be armed with unlimited sending, email marketing, subscription forms, marketing automation, and chat and email support among other features. It’s worth noting that with the Basic plan, you can manage up to 500 contacts. That’s quite a deal for startups or small enterprises, right?

The question that’s likely on your mind is, “What’s the cost?” For the Lite plan, the price starts at $9 per month (billed annually). This affordable price point makes it an optimal choice for budding businesses looking to streamline their processes with an automated system. Here’s a brief overview of what your investment fetches you:

FeaturesBasic Plan
Unlimited sending
Email marketing
Subscription forms
Marketing automation
Chat and Email support
Manage up to 500 Contacts
Price per month$9 (billed annually)

This plan is the perfect solution for smaller businesses wanting to engage their growing client base effectively without investing heavily in automation software. The benefits of the Basic Plan are evident, and this could very well be your first step towards greater organizational efficiency. However, before finalizing, ensure to evaluate this along with ActiveCampaign’s other offerings to gauge which plan aligns best with your specific business requirements.

Shall we now look into the Plus plan? We bet you’re eager to find out more.

Plus Plan

Transitioning into the Plus Plan, there’s a significant boost in functionality ideal for growing businesses. This plan includes everything available with the Basic Plan with added rich features such as CRM with sales automation and landing pages.

CRM with Sales Automation – It’s a vital offering designed to streamline your sales pipeline. It automates data entry, guides sales teams through the sales process, and provides detailed reporting. ActiveCampaign’s CRM feature has a reputation for significantly increasing productivity and sale conversion rates.

Landing Pages – Plus Plan offers the provision of landing pages which can play an essential role in your marketing strategy. It’s an effective tool for your lead capture and conversion, making it crucial for your online business.

You also gain access to custom user permissions and lead scoring, both stellar additions for more prominent enterprises. What’s more, it features contact and lead scoring that definitely gives an edge to your targeted marketing and helps refine your strategies.

Furthermore, Plus Plan includes integrations with over 250 apps. Imagine linking your favorite apps like Shopify, WordPress, or Gmail to streamline your business operations further.

Along with these tools and features, you’ll receive one-on-one training to ensure you’re making the most out of ActiveCampaign. This heightened level of support can simplify the complexities associated with marketing automation software.

But the question you must be asking is, “how much does all this cost?” The Plus Plan comes at a monthly cost starting from $49 (billed annually). Now it might seem like a significant bump from the Basic Plan, but consider the additional features and tools you’ll be receiving.

But don’t just take our word for it, gauge the Plus Plan against ActiveCampaign’s other offerings to find the best fit for your business.

Plan TypePrice/month (billed annually)
Lite Plan$9
Plus Plan$49
Enjoy the feeling of your business operations running smoothly with ActiveCampaign Plus Plan. Opting for this plan could mean the difference between just surviving and truly thriving in your market.

Professional Plan

Elevating your business processes to a higher level demands more robust automation features – enter the Professional Plan from ActiveCampaign. Pricier than the Plus Plan, the Professional Plan comes with a lion’s share of superior features at a starting price of $129 per month when billed annually.

You’ll find a wealth of functionalities under this plan that wouldn’t find with the Lite or Plus plans. Some of these significant features include predictive content, predictive sending, customer path reporting, and win probability. The amalgamation of these features helps businesses garner a more effective customer data-driven strategy.

Key features of the Professional Plan include:

  • Predictive sending lets your email marketing get smarter by predicting the optimal sending time for each of your customers. This way, you’re more likely to gain higher open rates and engagement.
  • Predictive content allows automation of email content based on customer data. It uses machine learning to predict and deliver what your customers would like to see, enhancing customer interaction.
  • Customer path reporting offers comprehensive insight into your customer’s journey. You’ll understand their behavior better, helping you modify your strategies as per their needs.
  • Win probability feature is especially beneficial for sales teams as it helps predict the deals that are most likely to close, hence directing your team’s efforts in the right direction.

With the Professional Plan, you can have up to 50 users, significantly higher than the Plus Plan’s limit of 25. If you’re working in a larger team or dealing with a broader customer base, the Professional Plan can prove its worth.

Use the comparison table below to get an idea of where it stands in relation to the other plans.

Plan TypePrice per Month (Billed Annually)Number of Users

While the Professional Plan is more expensive, the value it delivers via its advanced features and more substantial user limit can justify the cost for the right business. As always, consider the needs and scale of your business before making an investment. Evaluate, decide and take the plunge into the pool of higher automation with ActiveCampaign’s Professional Plan. Remember, it’s about finding the right fit and not the most expensive option.

Enterprise Plan

Taking a step further, ActiveCampaign transcends the borders of sophistication with its Enterprise Plan. This is the ultimate offering in their pricing structure and is designed to support the hefty demands of large scale organizations. If the Basic, Plus, and Professional plans seem restrictive and you’re looking for advanced capabilities with customization options, this plan can indeed be your go-to.

The Enterprise Plan encompasses all features extended by the Professional plan and adds in premium services. You’ll appreciate the inclusion of custom mailserver domain, free design services, phone, and email support. The unlimited users allowance is a notable characteristic of this plan which is a boon for corporations that handle vast teams.

Along with these, a more in-depth data analysis tool, Uptime SLA, an advanced feature, will ensure the best accurate insights for your business. Additionally, ActiveCampaign’s Enterprise Plan guarantees an in-depth onboarding process and supports social data enrichment.

One might worry about the pricing being steep due to its wide array of features, but rest assured, the Enterprise Plan is worth every penny considering the level of customization, advanced features and support it offers. The plan is priced at $229/month for up to 500 contacts.

PlanMonthly Pricing (500 contacts)

Keep in mind, the cost varies depending in the number of contacts. With each increasing number of contacts, the monthly price goes up.

Now that you’ve evaluated all the available plans of ActiveCampaign, it’s time to identify your needs. The choice between Basic, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise plans should align with your business requirement, scale, and budget. Make a choice that best suits your strategy and see your business elevate to new heights. Choose wisely and let ActiveCampaign catalyze your growth.

Making an Informed Decision

Diving headfirst into any investment, especially one that has the potential to shape your business’s future, requires careful consideration. Choosing the right software isn’t merely about the quantity of features it offers, but the quality and relevance of these features to your business needs. While ActiveCampaign brings a host of advantages in each of its pricing plans, it’s paramount to see it in the lens of your own business context.

There are a few critical factors to ponder upon. Firstly, consider your core business needs. Are you a startup looking for basic email marketing or a large enterprise seeking robust automation and profound analytics? Understand where your business stands today and where you envision it to go.

Secondly, evaluate the usability and learnability of the software. While ActiveCampaign provides one-on-one training in the Plus Plan, ask yourself: “Is it intuitive enough for me and my team to grasp quickly?” Remember, the time you may have to spend integrating and learning the new software could be a substantial hidden cost.

Thirdly, do consider the scalability of the software. As your business grows, so will your requirements. Can the ActiveCampaign plan you select today provide room for your business to grow tomorrow? Each plan offers an increasing number of users and features. If you anticipate rapid growth, it might be worth investing in a more comprehensive plan upfront.

While the phrase “you get what you pay for” rings partly true, it’s essential to realize that the priciest option isn’t always the best. The Enterprise Plan may not be the most cost-effective choice if you won’t use half the features it provides. It’s about finding that sweet spot between cost and value.

So, navigate wisely in the ActiveCampaign pricing waters. Remember that price points are only one piece of the puzzle. Understanding your business’s needs, the software’s usability, and scalability are equally, if not more, important in making an informed decision about your investment in ActiveCampaign. The focus should be on maximizing value, not simply reducing your immediate costs.


So, you’ve explored the cost of ActiveCampaign’s premium plans. You’ve learned that the Basic plan is a great starting point for small businesses. You’ve seen how the Plus Plan steps it up with CRM, automation, and more. You’ve discovered that the Professional Plan is a powerhouse of automation and reporting tools for large teams. And finally, you’ve uncovered the Enterprise Plan’s advanced capabilities for large-scale organizations.

But remember, it’s not just about cost. It’s about finding a plan that aligns with your business needs, is easy to use, and scales with your growth. Don’t just focus on the price tag. Instead, consider the value each plan brings. With ActiveCampaign, you’re not just buying software; you’re investing in your business’s future. Make your choice wisely.

What is ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign is a customer experience automation software that offers various pricing plans to suit different business needs. These include a basic plan for startups, a Plus plan with additional features, a Professional plan for more advanced automation, and an ultimate Enterprise plan for large-scale organizations.

What key features does the Basic or Lite Plan offer?

The Basic, or Lite plan is designed for small businesses or startups. It provides an overview of the basic features of the ActiveCampaign software.

How does the Plus Plan enhance the Basic Plan?

The Plus Plan, offers additional features such as CRM with sales automation, landing pages, custom user permissions, and lead scoring. It provides added functionalities over the basic plan and includes integrations with over 250 apps.

What differentiates the Professional Plan from the Plus Plan?

The Professional Plan is pricier than the Plus Plan but offers advanced automation, predictive content, sending features, customer path reporting, and win probability. It allows for up to 50 users, which makes it suitable for larger teams.

Who should consider the Enterprise Plan?

The Enterprise Plan is designed for large-scale organizations requiring advanced capabilities, customization options, and premium services. It includes a custom mailserver domain, free design services, and in-depth data analysis tools.

How should one choose the right plan?

Make an informed decision by considering your core business needs, evaluating the usability and learnability of the software, considering scalability, and finding the right balance between cost and value. Focus on maximizing value rather than merely reducing immediate costs.

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