How Many Websites Has ActiveCampaign Bought: Your Complete Acquisition Overview

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Diving headfirst into the fascinating world of digital marketing, you’ve probably come across ActiveCampaign. This tech giant has made a name for itself as one of the go-to platforms for businesses seeking to optimize their customer experience automation. But have you ever wondered about ActiveCampaign’s acquisition history? Specifically, how many websites has ActiveCampaign bought?

To answer that question directly, it’s essential to understand that ActiveCampaign does not make public every single acquisition they engage in. Therefore, pinpointing an exact number can be challenging. However, we do know that ActiveCampaign is no stranger to acquisitions and mergers.

In its effort to expand its reach and enhance its services, ActiveCampaign has indeed invested in acquiring other companies and websites. For instance, one key acquisition was when they bought Conversio in 2019 – a move that significantly boosted their e-commerce capabilities. They’ve also been known to acquire strong teams with valuable assets from other companies.

This piece will further delve into the details of these acquisitions and more about this global leader in Customer Experience Automation (CXA). So buckle up! You’re about to explore the intriguing investment journey of ActiveCampaign.

ActiveCampaign’s Acquisition Strategy

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, keeping up with the competition is key. This is especially true for ActiveCampaign, a major player in the industry. Their growth strategy? Acquisitions.

ActiveCampaign has been on an acquisition spree over recent years. They’ve scooped up various websites to bolster their capabilities and expand their market reach. These acquisitions aren’t just random purchases, though; they’re strategic moves that align perfectly with ActiveCampaign’s overarching business goals.

One can’t help but notice how these acquisitions have helped diversify ActiveCampaign’s product portfolio while at the same time strengthening its core services. It’s a win-win situation that allows them to offer more comprehensive solutions to their customers and establish a stronger presence in different markets.

Let’s delve into some specific examples:

  • In 2017, ActiveCampaign acquired Conversio, an all-in-one ecommerce dashboard service.
  • The following year saw the addition of OneClickUpsell, a checkout optimization tool.

These acquisitions added valuable new features to ActiveCampaign’s platform, such as email marketing tools specifically designed for ecommerce businesses and improved checkout processes for online stores.

However, it isn’t just about what these companies can add to ActiveCampaign right now; it’s also about future potential. By acquiring companies with diverse specializations and technologies, ActiveCampaign is able to stay ahead of emerging trends and continuously innovate its offerings.

So there you have it: A look into how acquisitions form an integral part of ActiveCampaign’s ongoing success story. As they continue growing and evolving in this fast-paced digital marketing environment, expect more exciting developments down the line!

The First Website Acquisition

When you dive into the history of ActiveCampaign, it’s hard not to notice their strategic acquisitions. They’ve used these purchases to broaden their service offerings and strengthen their position in the digital marketing space. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit ActiveCampaign’s first-ever website acquisition.

Back in 2016, your favorite marketing automation company made its initial foray into the world of acquisitions. Their target? A promising startup named ‘Contactually’. This wasn’t just an arbitrary decision. Your friends at ActiveCampaign recognized something special about Contactually; they saw a tool that could enhance their own capabilities and deliver even more value to customers like you.

What was Contactually all about? It was a relationship marketing platform designed to help businesses maintain meaningful connections with their customers. Sounds impressive, right? Well, ActiveCampaign thought so too.

With this acquisition, ActiveCampaign didn’t just get hold of some fancy software. They also welcomed aboard a team brimming with talent and innovation – the kind of people who aren’t afraid to push boundaries or think outside the box.

This first purchase set the tone for what would become a series of calculated acquisitions by ActiveCampaign. Each one aimed at equipping you with more powerful tools and making your digital marketing journey smoother than ever before.

So there you have it! That’s how Contactually became part of the bigger picture that is now known as ActiveCampaign – marking its first step on an exciting path filled with growth opportunities and countless successes.

Expanding the Website Portfolio

When it comes to broadening its digital reach, ActiveCampaign’s been no slouch. In fact, they’ve made strategic acquisitions over the years to fuel their growth and provide more value to their customers.

ActiveCampaign’s approach is simple yet effective: buy websites that complement their existing services or fill a gap in their offerings. This way, they can leverage these platforms’ features and user bases for mutual benefit.

Now you might wonder, just how many websites has ActiveCampaign snapped up? Well, precise numbers aren’t easy to come by since many of these deals remain undisclosed. But we do know that some key acquisitions have played significant roles in shaping ActiveCampaign as we know it today.

For instance, OnePath Mobile was one such acquisition back in 2016. This purchase allowed them to streamline mobile marketing efforts for clients while incorporating this vital aspect into their larger suite of services.

But remember! It’s not all about quantity. The quality of these acquisitions also matters because each new website brings unique capabilities and potential growth opportunities with it. So keep an eye out on this dynamic company as they continue expanding their digital portfolio – who knows what exciting developments are around the corner?

Notable Websites Acquired by ActiveCampaign

As you delve deeper into the world of digital marketing, it’s hard not to notice the significant footprint made by a company like ActiveCampaign. They’ve been on an acquisition spree over the years, buying several notable websites to boost their capabilities and expand their reach.

One such acquisition that stands out is Known for its exceptional email marketing tools and CRM features, was integrated into ActiveCampaign’s backend system in 2016. This move added new dimensions to what they could offer clients in terms of streamlined communication and business automation.

Another example of a noteworthy purchase is Feedback Lite. Bought back in 2017, Feedback Lite was seen as a game-changer for ActiveCampaign – giving them access to robust customer feedback solutions that could be directly integrated with existing email marketing campaigns.

And let’s not forget about Conversio, acquired in late 2019. This software platform brought top-tier email receipts and follow-up emails functionality to the table – enhancing how businesses can engage with customers post-purchase.

Here are these acquisitions summed up:

2017Feedback Lite

These purchases reflect ActiveCampaign’s ongoing commitment to delivering excellent marketing automation experiences for businesses of all sizes. Through these strategic acquisitions, they’ve managed to hit new milestones while providing clients with comprehensive solutions tailored towards growth and success.


You’ve journeyed with us through the intricate world of ActiveCampaign acquisitions. It’s a field marked by strategic business decisions, tech advancements, and market expansion. Looking back at the data, you can see how this impactful player has made its mark.

Let’s reflect on some key takeaways:

  • ActiveCampaign has been selective in its acquisition strategy, maintaining focus on enhancing its service offerings.
  • By purchasing Conversational Marketing platform company BotStar in 2021, they expanded their capabilities to include chatbots and AI-driven customer interaction.

Despite the fact that ActiveCampaign hasn’t been involved in numerous acquisitions like some other major players in this space, it doesn’t mean they are not making significant strides. Instead of focusing on quantity, they’re honing in on quality; picking out companies that align perfectly with their vision and mission.

To sum up, it’s clear that each acquisition choice is a calculated move for ActiveCampaign. They’re focused on enhancing customer experience and expanding their product range – all while staying true to their core values. While there may not be many acquisitions under their belt yet, who knows what exciting purchases lie ahead?

Stay tuned as we continue to track ActiveCampaign’s growth trajectory and future acquisitions!

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