How To Change Email On ActiveCampaign: A Quick and Easy Guide for You

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If you’re using ActiveCampaign as your go-to platform for email marketing, there might come a time when you’ll want to change the email address associated with your account. It’s not uncommon to need to make this change, maybe due to changes in your business or simply because you’ve got a new primary email that better fits your needs.

Changing your email on ActiveCampaign isn’t some arcane process that requires hours of tech sleuthing. In fact, it’s quite straightforward and can be done in just a few steps. This guide will walk you through it so that updating your contact information becomes an easy task rather than an overwhelming chore.

Keep in mind, though, while the process is simple, understanding why and how this change impacts your account is crucial. So before we dive into the “how”, let’s take a moment to discuss what changing your ActiveCampaign email means for YOU. Don’t worry – we won’t get too technical here!

Step 1: Login to ActiveCampaign

So, you’ve decided to change your email on ActiveCampaign? Excellent! Your first step is logging in. Here’s how it’s done.

Start by opening your preferred web browser. Type “” into the address bar and hit enter. You’ll find yourself on the ActiveCampaign homepage. Look for a button labeled ‘Login’ at the top right corner of the page. Click it.

A new page loads up, calling for your credentials – that’s your current email address and password associated with your account. Fill these fields in, then click on ‘Login’. It’s as simple as that! Provided you entered correct details, you should now be successfully logged into ActiveCampaign.

Remember this process because it’s not only applicable when changing your email but any other time you need access to your account – from checking out analytics data to creating new campaigns or modifying existing ones.

If you’re having trouble logging in, don’t panic just yet! There could be several reasons why this might happen:

  • Perhaps you’ve forgotten your password? There’s an option labelled ‘Forgot Password’ right beneath the Login button.
  • Maybe Caps Lock was accidentally turned on while typing? This would affect case-sensitive fields like passwords.
  • Could there have been a typo when entering either the email or password?

Whatever happens, don’t stress out too much about it. Most login issues can be resolved fairly quickly with just a few clicks!

Once successfully logged in, we’ll move onto making changes to our account settings – which includes updating our email address. So let’s keep going!

Step 2: Go to “My Settings”

Now, let’s move on to the next step. After logging into your ActiveCampaign account, you’ll need to navigate towards the “My Settings” option. This is typically located in the dropdown menu under your username, placed at the upper right corner of your dashboard.

In case you’re wondering why this step is crucial, here’s why. The “My Settings” section is like a control center for managing your personal information within ActiveCampaign. It’s where you can update or change important details like name and email address associated with your account.

Don’t worry if you’re having trouble locating it – it might be nestled among other settings options like Account Details or User Preferences.

Once you’ve found and clicked on “My Settings”, you’ll be directed to a new page displaying various sections related to your profile details. Among these options will be an area designated for ‘Email’. Yes! That’s exactly where we want to focus our attention.

On this Email section, there would already be an email ID recorded that was initially used while setting up the account on ActiveCampaign. If it’s been a while since you set up the account and don’t recall entering any specific email there – don’t panic! It usually defaults to the primary email that was entered during sign-up.

Remember, changing your email in ActiveCampaign isn’t rocket science but being aware of each step involved does make things simpler and error-free!

Step 3: Update Email Address

Now that you’re in the right spot, it’s time to update your email address. But first, let’s pause for a moment and consider why this step is so crucial. That old adage “communication is key” rings especially true when it comes to online marketing. Your email serves as a lifeline between you and your clients or customers – it’s simply indispensable.

Begin by locating the ‘Email’ field on the screen. Once there, erase your current email address and replace it with your new one. It’s as easy as that! Just remember, you’ll want to enter an active email account that you regularly check. This will ensure that any important updates or information from ActiveCampaign won’t go unnoticed.

You might be wondering what happens if you make a mistake while entering your new address. No worries! If something goes wrong or if you change your mind later on, you can always revisit this section and modify the details again.

Now onto some housekeeping rules – updating an email address isn’t something to be done lightly. Missteps here could lead to missing out on vital communications from ActiveCampaign itself or worse still – losing access to all those hard-earned contacts!

So before hitting ‘Save’, double-check everything one last time just for good measure:

  • Is the new email spelled correctly?
  • Did I accidentally include any spaces?
  • Have I checked this inbox recently?

This checklist may seem redundant but believe me, it’s worth taking those few extra minutes now rather than facing complications down the line.

And voila! You’ve updated your ActiveCampaign email address successfully! It wasn’t too difficult, was it? Now onto bigger challenges – like creating that killer marketing campaign we know is within reach!

Step 4: Verify Email

You’re now at the crucial verification stage. Here’s where you’ll ensure that the email change was successful and everything is in order. ActiveCampaign won’t let your changes go live until they’re confident it’s really you making them.

The moment you hit ‘Save’, ActiveCampaign springs into action. It fires off an email to your newly entered address, packed with vital information for the next step. Hunt down this message in your inbox; it might have slipped into the spam or junk folder, so be sure to check there if it doesn’t immediately pop up.

In this email, you’ll find a verification link. This is ActiveCampaign’s way of double-checking that not only does this new email exist, but also that it belongs to you. Click on the link and follow any further prompts provided by ActiveCampaign.

Remember, each platform has its own quirks when it comes to verifying emails – some may require passwords, others confirmation codes. So don’t fret if things look a little different than what we’ve described here!

Once done correctly, a success notification will appear on your screen letting you know that everything went smoothly and your new email is now tied with your ActiveCampaign account! Congratulations – another tech hurdle jumped without breaking a sweat.

This process isn’t just about keeping up-to-date contact info; it’s also about maintaining security levels high for every user out there – including yourself! Keep these steps handy for future reference because staying secure online should always be at the top of everyone’s digital checklist.

Step 5: Test New Email Address

After you’ve successfully changed your email on ActiveCampaign, it’s important to test out the new address. This step ensures that all communications will be received at the updated email. It’s a simple yet crucial measure to prevent any miscommunication or missed information.

To start testing, you can send an email from another account to the new one. Wait for a few minutes and check if the email arrives in your inbox. If it doesn’t show up, double-check your spam or junk folder – sometimes legit emails get flagged inaccurately by email platforms.

Another way of testing is through ActiveCampaign itself. You can create a dummy campaign and set yourself as the recipient using the newly updated address. Once sent, keep an eye on your inbox for this self-sent campaign email.

You might even want to run multiple tests over time just to be sure everything is working perfectly fine because let’s face it – technology isn’t always reliable! So running several tests reduces chances of error.

Remember, updating your email is not just about changing it in settings; it’s also about ensuring that this change reflects across all functionalities of ActiveCampaign including receiving emails correctly at the new address.


So, you’ve made it through the guide and we’re confident that by now, changing your email on ActiveCampaign doesn’t seem as daunting as it might have once. It’s crucial for your business to keep all communication channels up-to-date, and email is no exception.

Let’s recap what we covered:

  • Understanding why updating your email in ActiveCampaign is important.
  • The step-by-step process of how to change your email address in ActiveCampaign.
  • Troubleshooting common issues that may arise during this process.

Remember, consistency is key when managing digital platforms. Regularly checking and updating your information ensures smooth operations and effective communications with your audience.

Don’t be afraid to revisit this guide if you need a refresher or encounter any hiccups along the way. With practice and patience, you’ll become proficient in navigating not just this task but all aspects of ActiveCampaign.

It’s clear that keeping up with changes can be overwhelming at times. But taking control over such simple yet significant tasks like updating an email address will boost your confidence while handling other more complex functionalities of this platform.

Keep exploring, keep learning, and don’t let small bumps deter you from mastering ActiveCampaign. Trust us: Your future self will thank you!

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