How To Deactivate ActiveCampaign Account: Your Step-by-Step Guide

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Let’s face it, not all software solutions are a perfect fit for everybody. Maybe you’ve found that ActiveCampaign isn’t quite the right tool for your business needs and you’re pondering how to deactivate your account. Don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered.

ActiveCampaign is a formidable player in the email marketing field, but there can be various reasons why it doesn’t match up to your expectations or requirements. Perhaps it’s too complex for your liking or maybe its pricing structure doesn’t align with your budget. Whatever the case may be, deactivating an ActiveCampaign account isn’t as daunting as it might seem.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the exact steps needed to deactivate an ActiveCampaign account. We aim to make this process as straightforward and painless as possible so that you can move on to finding a tool better suited for your needs.

Why Deactivate ActiveCampaign Account?

You might be wondering why you’d want to deactivate your ActiveCampaign account. After all, it’s a powerful tool for managing customer relationships and marketing automation. But perhaps you’re not seeing the results you hoped for, or maybe the platform doesn’t quite fit with your business needs anymore.

Let’s explore some reasons to consider deactivating:

  • Costs: While ActiveCampaign offers various pricing tiers, it can still be a significant expense for small businesses or startups working on tight budgets. If you’re not fully utilizing its features, that monthly cost may not justify itself.
  • Complexity: There’s no denying ActiveCampaign is feature-rich, but that also means it can be complicated to use. If you find yourself spending more time figuring out how to do things than actually doing them, then it might be time to look at simpler alternatives.
  • Underutilization: Are you using all the features that ActiveCampaign provides? If not, then this could indicate that the platform is too advanced for your current needs.

Remember though: deactivating should always be your last resort after trying other troubleshooting steps like reaching out to their support team or seeking help from online resources and communities. It’s worth noting that while these are valid reasons for some users to deactivate their accounts, they aren’t necessarily applicable to everyone as each user’s experience will differ based on individual circumstances and requirements.

Finally, if you’ve considered all these factors and still feel like deactivating is the right move for your business – don’t worry! You’re not alone in this decision-making process and there are plenty of other tools available in digital marketing landscapes waiting for your exploration!

Steps to Deactivate Your ActiveCampaign Account

Firstly, you’ll want to know that deactivating your ActiveCampaign account isn’t as scary as it sounds. Let’s break down the process into easy-to-follow steps.

To start with, log into your ActiveCampaign account. Look for the “Settings” option in the bottom left corner of your dashboard. Once you’ve found it, click on it.

Next up is navigating through the settings menu. Here, you’ll need to select “Billing.” This will lead you to a new page where all your billing information is displayed.

Now comes the part where most people pause: clicking on “Cancel Subscription.” It might feel final, but don’t worry just yet! You won’t lose all your data instantly. In fact, ActiveCampaign retains user data for 30 days post-deactivation.

Here’s what happens next:

  • You’ll be asked why you’re leaving – this feedback helps them improve their service.
  • After providing your reason(s), click on “Continue Cancellation.”
  • A confirmation window should pop up now; click on “Yes.”

And voila! That’s how simple it is to deactivate an ActiveCampaign account.

While we’re here discussing deactivation, there’s something else worth knowing: reactivating is just as straightforward! If you change your mind within those 30 days and wish to reactivate, simply log back in and follow similar steps under Billing Settings.

Remember though – after those 30 days have passed? All bets are off and reactivation isn’t possible anymore without starting afresh!

Step 1: Log in to your ActiveCampaign account

First things first, you’ll need to get into your ActiveCampaign account. It’s the starting point for every action you’re going to take from here on out.

To begin, head over to the ActiveCampaign login page. You’ve been there before, so it should feel familiar. Type in your username and password as usual. Remember to double-check that you’ve entered everything correctly; a single typo can prevent you from accessing your account.

Got stuck along the way? Don’t fret! There’s always help available should you forget your password or encounter other login issues. Simply click on the “Forgot Your Password?” link right below the login button and follow through with the instructions provided. Before long, you’ll regain access to your account.

Now that you’re logged in, it’s time to navigate towards deactivating your account. But first things first – ensure all essential data is backed up as deactivation often implies deletion of stored information.

Remember how important this step is – logging into your ActiveCampaign is akin to opening a door leading towards various possibilities including deactivating or maintaining your account status based on changes in marketing strategies or business models.

In essence, logging back into an unused or rarely accessed ActiveCampaign account isn’t just about shutting down a digital space but equally involves revisiting past marketing plans and reassessing their effectiveness now and moving forward.

Step 2: Go to the Settings page

Having logged into your ActiveCampaign account, the next step on your deactivation journey is to navigate to the settings page. You might be surprised at how simple it’s done! It’s as easy as clicking on your profile icon located on the bottom left corner of your dashboard.

Once you’ve clicked on your profile icon, a dropdown menu will appear. From this menu, select “Settings”. You’ll see various options listed in this section – from managing user permissions to adjusting notification preferences and more. But don’t get sidetracked; remember that our focus here is deactivating your account.

In the settings section, look for an option labeled “Account”. Clicking on this will take you directly to a page where you can manage all aspects related to your ActiveCampaign account – including its status. While it might seem daunting at first glance with all those settings and options available for customization, stay focused! It’s here that we’ll find what we’re after: The deactivation link.

Understandably, locating the deactivation link can be a bit tricky given how comprehensive the settings page is. However, keep scrolling down and you’ll eventually find what you’re looking for. Typically found near the bottom of the Settings or Account page (depending on design updates), there should be an option saying something like ‘Deactivate Account’, ‘Close Account’, or similar wording.

Remember: Deactivating your account isn’t something to rush into without careful thought beforehand. Make sure all essential data has been backed up or exported prior since access will no longer be possible after proceeding with deactivation.

Step 3: Click on the “Billing” tab

Moving forward with deactivating your ActiveCampaign account, you’ll now need to navigate to the “Billing” tab. It’s here that you’ll find all the necessary information related to your account’s billing and subscription details.

Finding this section is a breeze. You might think it sounds complicated, but trust me; it’s really straightforward. Just look towards the top right corner of your dashboard, and there you’ll spot it – the “Settings” option represented by a gear icon. Give that a click.

Now you’re in the settings area, don’t feel overwhelmed! Your target is just one click away. On this page, you’ll notice several tabs lined up horizontally at the top of your screen – ‘Account’, ‘Users’, ‘Billing’, etc. The third one from left labeled as “Billing” is where we want to go next.

Once clicked on this ‘billing’ tab, what unfolds before you are all aspects of your ActiveCampaign monetary dealings – invoices, payment methods, and subscription plans among other things. But remember! We’re not here for an audit trip; our mission is focused – deactivating our ActiveCampaign account.

So now that we’ve successfully located and entered into the ‘billing’ region of our ActiveCampaign universe, let’s get ready for step four which will take us closer to accomplishing our objective.

Step 4: Cancel your subscription

At this stage, you’ve made the decision to deactivate your ActiveCampaign account. But wait, there’s one crucial step left – cancelling your subscription. It’s important to understand that deactivating doesn’t automatically mean cancellation. So, here’s how to ensure you aren’t billed for the next cycle.

First things first, log into your ActiveCampaign account and navigate to ‘Settings’. There you’ll find an option labeled as ‘Billing’, click on it. Once you’re in the Billing section, search for a button saying ‘Cancel Subscription’. It’s typically located at the bottom of the page.

Before proceeding with cancellation though, be aware of a few important points:

  • You won’t be refunded for any unused portion of your current billing period.
  • Any data within your account will be permanently deleted after 30 days post-cancellation.
  • If you decide to reactivate before those 30 days are up, all is not lost! Your data will still be available.

Remember this isn’t goodbye forever; should you wish to return in future, simply re-subscribe and pick up where you left off. Cancelling your subscription isn’t set in stone; it’s just another way to manage and control your resources effectively.

You’ve been proactive about using tools that improve productivity but sometimes circumstances change or something else comes along that fits better with what you’re doing now. That’s totally okay! Remember it’s crucial that every tool you utilize works efficiently towards serving YOUR needs best.

Step 5: Confirm the Cancellation

Now that you’ve initiated the process, it’s time to confirm your cancellation. You’ll encounter a final dialogue box asking for your confirmation. At this point, ActiveCampaign wants to ensure that you’re absolutely certain about your decision.

You might find yourself second-guessing, and that’s okay. It’s not uncommon for users to have doubts when they’re on the brink of canceling their accounts. After all, there’s always the fear of losing valuable data or interrupting ongoing campaigns. But remember, if you’ve made it this far in the process, chances are you’ve already weighed these factors.

ActiveCampaign may try one last ditch effort to keep you onboard by offering discounts or additional services. While these offers can be tempting, stay firm if your mind is set on cancellation. There could be various reasons why ActiveCampaign no longer serves your needs – perhaps it’s not delivering what was promised or maybe there are more affordable options out there for you.

To proceed with cancellation, click ‘Yes’ on the pop-up window and then again on ‘Confirm’. This double confirmation ensures that no account gets deactivated accidentally.

And just like that, you’ve confirmed your cancellation! Give yourself a pat on the back – navigating through cancellations isn’t always easy but now that’s a task off your checklist!

Step 6: Deactivate the account

You’ve made it this far, and now you’re on the brink of deactivating your ActiveCampaign account. Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through every step so there’s no confusion.

First off, head back to your ‘Settings’ page. You’ve been here before when taking earlier steps in this process. Once there, locate and click on the ‘Billing’ section. It’s typically nestled within the ‘Account Settings’ menu.

Next up is a crucial part that requires careful attention. Scroll down till you see an option labeled ‘Cancel Account’. It might be towards the bottom of the page so keep an eye out for it. Click on that button but don’t rush into anything yet!

After clicking ‘Cancel Account’, ActiveCampaign will likely attempt to convince you to stay by offering discounts or alternative plans. They might ask for feedback or reasons why you’re leaving. While it’s up to you whether or not to engage with these prompts, remember your goal: deactivation.

Finally, confirm your decision by clicking ‘Confirm Cancellation’. That’s it – once confirmed, your ActiveCampaign account will be deactivated.


  • Start from ‘Settings’
  • Proceed to ‘Billing’
  • Locate and click on ‘Cancel Account’
  • Navigate through any exit prompts
  • Confirm cancellation

Be sure about your decision since reactivation might not restore all data and settings as they were prior to cancellation; some things may be permanently lost post-deactivation.


So, you’ve reached the end of your journey with ActiveCampaign. It’s okay to move on if the platform no longer serves your needs or fits into your business strategy. You’ve got a wide array of other email marketing services at your disposal.

Let’s recap what we covered in this guide:

  • How to navigate to the settings page.
  • Steps necessary for account deactivation.
  • The importance of backing up data before proceeding.

Remember, it’s not about finding the perfect software; rather, it’s about finding one that aligns best with your goals and objectives. If ActiveCampaign isn’t cutting it for you anymore, don’t fret. There are plenty of other platforms out there ready to take its place.

Keep exploring until you find what works best for you; after all, adaptability is key in digital marketing. And remember: just because you’re saying goodbye now doesn’t mean you can’t return down the line if ActiveCampaign enhances features or introduces new ones that draw you back.

Whatever path you choose next in your email marketing journey, know that success lies ahead when equipped with knowledge and determination!

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