How to Integrate HubSpot with Snapchat Ads: Your Ultimate Guide for Enhanced Social Media Advertising

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Looking for a way to maximize your social media advertising? You’re in the right place. Integrating HubSpot with Snapchat Ads could be just the ticket, offering you a whole new level of engagement and reach. This isn’t some fleeting trend either; it’s an effective strategy that many businesses are now adding to their digital marketing toolbox.

You’ve probably heard about both HubSpot and Snapchat – two powerhouses in their respective fields. But when used together, they can create a synergy that boosts your online presence like never before. Think improved targeting, streamlined processes, and even better results from your ad campaigns.

So let’s dive into how this integration works, shall we? By understanding the process and benefits of combining HubSpot with Snapchat Ads, you’ll be well on your way to supercharging your social media advertising efforts. And don’t worry if it sounds technical – we’ll break everything down so it’s easy to follow. Prepare yourself for a game-changing shift in how you approach social media advertising.

What is HubSpot?

Let’s kick things off by setting the stage about what HubSpot really is. It’s a unique and powerful platform that revolutionizes how you handle your marketing, sales, and service operations. Essentially, it aims to help businesses grow without any hassle.

HubSpot offers a comprehensive suite of software solutions that can transform the way you engage with your potential customers. From content management and social media scheduling to email marketing – it’s got everything covered under one roof. And best of all? You’re able to monitor every interaction in real-time so you can track performance and make improvements on-the-fly.

But wait, there’s more! One of the key features that sets HubSpot apart from its competitors is its CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. No more juggling between multiple platforms trying to keep track of leads or customer interactions. With HubSpot’s CRM, every detail is just a click away – providing an eagle-eye view into your customer base at all times.

To sum up: HubSpot isn’t just another tool; it’s a complete ecosystem designed to streamline your business processes and boost efficiency across all departments. Whether you’re running an established enterprise or starting from scratch, integrating this versatile platform could be the game-changer you’ve been looking for in your quest for growth!

Next up we’ll discuss how Snapchat Ads come into play within this ecosystem…

What are Snapchat Ads?

Picture this: You’re scrolling through your Snapchat feed, viewing stories from friends and celebrities alike. Suddenly, a beautifully designed ad pops up that not only catches your eye, but also fits seamlessly into the rest of your content. That’s a Snapchat Ad for you.

Snapchat Ads are full-screen vertical videos, images or interactive contents that appear between Stories on the platform. They’re designed to engage their audiences in a unique way – by letting them ‘play’ with the ad. With options like videos, GIFs, app installs, lead generation forms and more, these ads offer businesses an exciting way to connect with users.

It’s no wonder why so many businesses have hopped onto the Snapchat Ad bandwagon. According to Statista, there were 265 million daily active Snapchat users globally as of Q4 2020. That’s a massive audience at your fingertips! Plus, Snap Inc.’s own data shows that Snapchatters are 60% more likely to make an impulse purchase.

To put it simply:

  • It fits right into user’s feeds.
  • It uses full-screen vertical videos or images.
  • It allows interactive elements such as swipe ups or GIFs.
  • It has access to millions of active users.

But don’t let these benefits fool you into thinking that creating successful Snapchat Ads is easy-peasy. There’s a science behind crafting ads that not only resonate with viewers but also drive them towards taking desired actions – be it downloading an app or visiting a website. And this is where integrating HubSpot with Snapchat Ads comes in handy – but we’ll discuss that later in the article!

Remember: The magic lies in understanding what makes your audience tick on Snapchat and then delivering content they can’t resist engaging with. So as you explore advertising on this platform remember one thing: Stay true to what makes you ‘you’, because after all authenticity is key when it comes to winning over the Snapchat crowd.

The benefits of integrating HubSpot with Snapchat Ads

Let’s dive into the many advantages you’ll reap when syncing HubSpot with Snapchat Ads. It’s a move that can seriously elevate your social media advertising game.

Firstly, you’re unlocking powerful targeting capabilities. Since Snap has a unique demographic, it’s an incredible opportunity to reach younger audiences. By using HubSpot’s rich data sources in conjunction with Snapchat’s user base information, you can create highly targeted and personalized ads.

Secondly, there’s automation at play here. With this integration, you’ll be able to automate ad campaigns based on triggers set up in HubSpot workflows. Imagine being able to launch an ad campaign automatically when someone signs up for your newsletter or downloads your latest e-book! This feature takes personalization and timeliness to new heights.

Moreover, let’s talk about tracking performance seamlessly across platforms. Both platforms offer great analytics separately but integrating them gives you an all-in-one view of your efforts. You’ll understand how your Snapchat ads are impacting leads and conversions tracked in Hubspot without having to juggle between two dashboards.

Finally, there’s a boost in efficiency that can’t be overlooked. By eliminating the need for manual processes such as data entry or exporting and importing audience lists between platforms – time is saved which could be better utilized elsewhere.

Here’s a quick rundown of the key benefits:

  • Powerful targeting capabilities
  • Automation of ad campaigns
  • Seamless cross-platform performance tracking
  • Improved efficiency

So why wait? Get started today and experience the difference yourself!

Step 1: Setting up a HubSpot account

So, you’ve decided to step up your social media advertising game by integrating HubSpot with Snapchat Ads? That’s fantastic! The first crucial step in this process is setting up a HubSpot account. Don’t worry if you’re not tech-savvy – it’s simpler than you might think.

Starting off, head over to the HubSpot website and click on the ‘Get Started Free’ button. You’ll then be prompted to input some basic information about yourself and your business. Make sure that the details are accurate as they’re essential for future communication.

Once you’ve filled out all necessary fields, click on ‘Next’. Now, here comes an important part – setting up your business profile. This includes the name of your business, its size (number of employees), and industry. Being specific here helps tailor the platform’s features to better suit your needs.

After completing these steps, there’s one last item on our checklist – customizing your account settings. Here’s where personalization really kicks in. From language preferences to contact properties customization – it’s all available at your fingertips.

Lastly, don’t forget to verify your email address once you receive a confirmation mail from HubSpot. And voila! You’ve successfully set up a HubSpot account ready for integration with Snapchat Ads.

Remember, taking time to properly set up an account ensures smoother operation down the line when it comes time for integration with other platforms like Snapchat Ads.

Step 2: Creating a Snapchat Ads account

Let’s dive right in. Before you can integrate HubSpot with Snapchat Ads, you’ll need an active Snapchat Ads account. It’s easier than you might think to get started.

First off, head on over to the Snapchat for Business page and click on ‘Get Started’. You’ll be guided through the process of setting up your business profile. During this stage, it’s vital that you fill out all the requested details accurately – we’re talking about your Business Name, Email Address, and other essential information.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be prompted to set up billing information for your account. Don’t worry – while it may seem daunting at first, remember it’s necessary to run ads on any platform! Plus, they offer flexible payment options which will suit different budgets and needs.

Following these steps should bring you to a dashboard where you can manage all aspects of your ad campaigns. It’s here that the magic happens! You’re now ready to start creating engaging content aimed at your target market!

While creating an account is one thing, optimizing its use is another ball game altogether. This involves learning how to navigate through features such as Ad Manager and Creative Library among others – tools designed specifically by Snapchat to make advertising seamless for businesses like yours.


  • Use real and accurate data when filling out business details
  • Set up billing info correctly
  • Familiarize yourself with various features available

You’re now set with a Snapchat Ads Account! In our next section we’ll delve into how exactly we can link this new found tool with HubSpot!

Step 3: Connecting HubSpot with Snapchat Ads

Now that you’ve got your HubSpot and Snapchat Ads accounts set up, it’s time to connect the two. This integration will help streamline your social media advertising strategy, making it easier for you to track and analyze your campaigns. Let’s dive into how to make this connection happen.

First off, you’ll need to log into your HubSpot account. From there, navigate to the ‘Integrations’ section in the main menu. You’re looking for ‘Snapchat Ads’ under ‘Social & Campaigns’. Once you’ve located it, click on ‘Connect App’.

You’ll be redirected to a new page where you have to input your Snapchat Ads account details. After entering these details correctly, hit ‘Log In’. The system will now ask for permission to sync your accounts – grant it! Remember that this step is crucial as it allows seamless data sharing between platforms.

Once done successfully, a confirmation message should pop up on screen indicating that HubSpot is now connected with Snapchat Ads. Now wasn’t that simple?

Here are some quick steps for future reference:

  • Log into HubSpot
  • Navigate to the ‘Integrations’ section
  • Find and select ‘Snapchat Ads’
  • Click on ‘Connect App’
  • Input Snapchat Ad account details
  • Grant permission for syncing
  • Wait for confirmation

By connecting these two platforms together, not only do you get better control over ad placement but also gain insightful analytics about customer engagement levels. It’s an effective way of enhancing your marketing efforts without having extra work piled onto your plate!

Step 4: Setting up campaigns in HubSpot

Now that you’ve got your Snapchat Ads and HubSpot accounts integrated, it’s time to set up your campaigns. Here’s how you can create a new campaign in HubSpot.

First off, navigate to the “Marketing” tab on your HubSpot dashboard. From here, click on “Campaigns”. You’ll then see an option for “Create Campaign”. Click on this and start filling out the information required. This will include details such as the campaign name, target audience demographics, budget allocation, and ad duration.

Remember to be specific with your campaign naming conventions. It’ll help you keep track of multiple campaigns running simultaneously. For instance, if you’re running a summer sale promotion for women’s clothing using Snapchat ads, a good name could be ‘Snapchat_WomensSummerSale_2022’.

Next up is defining your target audience. It’s crucial that you don’t skip or rush through this step – it determines who sees your ads! Be sure to utilize all the demographic targeting options available in HubSpot such as age range, gender preference, location specifics and more.

Let’s talk about budgeting now. Decide how much money you want to allocate towards each individual ad group within the campaign. Remember that higher budgets generally lead to better ad performance due to increased visibility but don’t go overboard! Your business’ financial health should always come first.

Lastly is setting up ad duration. This essentially defines when exactly your ads will run on Snapchat – from what date to which date at what times during the day? Make these decisions wisely based on when your audience is most likely online and active on Snapchat.

Setting up campaigns in HubSpot doesn’t have to be daunting! With these steps in mind and some careful planning around demographics and finances – it becomes quite manageable.

Step 5: Syncing data between HubSpot and Snapchat Ads

Now that you’ve got both your HubSpot and Snapchat Ads accounts set up, it’s time to sync your data. This step is crucial for ensuring that the information flowing between these platforms is consistent and accurate. Imagine having a clear view of how your Snapchat ads are performing directly from your HubSpot dashboard! Sounds exciting, right?

To begin with, you need to navigate to the ‘Apps’ section in HubSpot. Look for the Snapchat Marketing App here. If you haven’t installed it yet, now’s the time! Once done, connect this app to your Snapchat Ads account.

Next up comes the mapping part. Here’s where you’ll match fields in HubSpot with corresponding ones on Snapchat. Don’t worry if things seem complicated; most of them will auto-match due to their similar names.

  • Contact Information (like Email)
  • Company Information
  • Deal Details
  • Custom Fields

The key here is ensuring all relevant fields are mapped correctly – this way, any changes or updates on one platform get reflected on the other instantly.

Once everything looks good, go ahead and hit ‘Sync Now’. Remember that initial syncing might take a bit longer as all historical data gets transferred across platforms.

Lastly – keep an eye out! Regularly check whether data flow remains uninterrupted or not. As ad campaigns run their course or as leads move down your funnel, some hiccups may occur which could disrupt syncing. It’s always better to catch such issues early before they can cause any significant damage!

And there you have it – successful syncing of data between HubSpot and Snapchat Ads should be underway! This seamless integration opens doors for more informed decision-making based on real-time insights across marketing channels.

Step 6: Analyzing and Optimizing Ad Performance

Congratulations! You’ve launched your Snapchat Ads campaign through HubSpot. But, don’t kick back and relax just yet. There’s still work to be done. Now, it’s time to analyze the performance of your ads.

Your first stop should be the ‘Analytics’ section in HubSpot. Here, you’ll find a wealth of data about your ad performance such as click-through rates (CTR), views, conversions, and more. To make sense of these figures, compare them against industry benchmarks or past campaigns.

For example:

MetricYour CampaignIndustry Benchmark
CTR (%)2.01.5
Views (1000s)5060
Conversions (1000s)54

If you’re seeing lower-than-average metrics, it might be time to optimize your ads for better results.

Optimization strategies vary depending on what needs improvement:

  • If it’s the CTR that’s low – experiment with different calls-to-action.
  • For low views – try targeting a broader audience or adjusting your bid strategy.
  • With conversions lagging behind – consider enhancing your landing page design.

But remember – changes should come from analyzed data findings not gut feelings!

Next up is Snapchat’s own analytics platform – ‘Snapchat Insights’. It provides detailed metrics about who viewed and engaged with your content the most: gender breakdowns, top locations etc., giving you valuable insights into audience behavior.

Here are some key metrics to watch out for:

  • Story View Time
  • Audience demographics like Age & Gender
  • Top Snap Interactions

Data analysis can seem daunting initially but it’s crucial for refining ad campaigns and getting the most bang for your marketing buck.

So there we have it – Step six in integrating HubSpot with Snapchat Ads. You’ve learned to analyze and optimize your ad performance. Well done! Onto the final step…


You’ve made it to the end of this guide, and now you’re equipped with the knowledge to integrate HubSpot with Snapchat Ads for a more targeted and efficient social media advertising strategy. Let’s quickly recap what we’ve covered.

We started by understanding why integrating these two platforms can be beneficial for your marketing efforts. We’ve discussed how it allows you to leverage customer data from HubSpot in order to create highly personalized Snapchat Ads, leading to better engagement and conversion rates.

From there, we dived into the step-by-step process of integration:

  • Setting up your HubSpot account
  • Configuring your Snapchat Ad account
  • Linking both accounts together

Remember that patience is key here. It might take a little while before you start seeing significant improvements in your ad performance. But once everything’s set up and running smoothly, you’ll likely see an uptick in campaign successes.

It’s worth noting that ongoing optimization is crucial for sustained success. Regularly analyze your results and adjust accordingly – whether that means tweaking ad content, targeting different audience segments or changing your bidding strategy.

So don’t wait any longer! Use this newfound knowledge to supercharge your social media advertising efforts through HubSpot and Snapchat Ads integration. The potential rewards are well worth the effort.

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