How to Integrate Salesforce with Snapchat Ads for Successful Email Campaigns

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Mastering the art of email marketing campaigns is no easy feat, but integrating Salesforce with Snapchat Ads can take your efforts to new heights. As you navigate through the digital marketing world, it’s crucial to understand how these two platforms can work together to optimize your outreach.

You’re already familiar with Salesforce – a leading customer relationship management (CRM) tool that empowers businesses to connect better with their customers. And there’s Snapchat Ads, a platform offering innovative ad formats for reaching out to younger audiences effectively. But what happens when you combine these two powerhouses? You get an unparalleled opportunity for highly targeted and engaging email campaigns.

The fusion of Salesforce CRM data with Snapchat’s advertising capabilities allows you to reach potential customers on a more personal level. It enables hyper-targeted ads based on detailed customer profiles, driving higher engagement rates and ultimately boosting your ROI in email marketing campaigns. Let’s delve deeper into how you can integrate Salesforce with Snapchat Ads for better email campaigns.

What is Salesforce and Snapchat Ads?

Diving right into this, let’s first tackle what Salesforce is. It’s a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that brings companies and customers together. It’s an integrated platform that gives all of your departments — including marketing, sales, commerce, and service — a single, shared view of every customer. This can be incredibly beneficial because it enables you to better understand your customer base and their needs.

Now onto the second part: Snapchat Ads. The name itself pretty much gives it away but let’s add some detail. They’re full-screen vertical video ads that appear between Stories from different users on Snapchat. They’re immersive and engaging with options for interactive elements like long-form video, web views or app installs.

So why would you want to integrate Salesforce with Snapchat Ads? That’ll be our next point of discussion in subsequent sections of this article.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Salesforce is a CRM platform helping businesses manage their relationships with customers.
  • Snapchat Ads are immersive ad formats appearing between user Stories on Snapchat.
  • Integrating these two platforms can potentially enhance your email campaigns by leveraging data for hyper-targeted messaging.

In the grand scheme of things, both Salesforce and Snapchat Ads play important roles in digital marketing strategy—Salesforce provides valuable insights about customers while Snapchat Ads offer innovative ways to engage audiences. The synergy they create when combined could provide substantial benefits to marketers looking to boost their email campaign results.

Remember though: striking the right balance between utilization of these tools will determine how well they work together for your business goals!

Benefits of integrating Salesforce with Snapchat Ads for email campaigns

Integrating Salesforce with Snapchat Ads can bring a myriad of benefits to your email campaigns. Let’s delve into some specifics.

First off, it provides a seamless way to capture and manage leads. You’ll know who’s engaging with your Snapchat ads and have the ability to follow up immediately via email. With Salesforce acting as your central hub, all user engagement data from Snapchat is funneled directly into your CRM system. This means you’re not left guessing about how effective your ad campaign really is.

Secondly, this integration allows for targeted marketing like never before. By utilizing the detailed customer profiles in Salesforce, you can tailor your Snapchat Ads to specific audiences based on their behaviors or preferences. It’s an excellent opportunity to boost engagement rates and improve ROI.

Moreover, having access to real-time analytics is another major perk. You’ll have up-to-the-minute insights on how well your ads are faring and which ones need tweaking – all without leaving the comfort of Salesforce platform.

Finally, automating processes becomes a breeze with this integration too! Tasks such as syncing contacts or triggering emails based on ad interactions can be automated, freeing up valuable time for other important tasks.

So there you have it: integrating Salesforce with Snapchat Ads for email campaigns offers benefits galore; seamless lead management, targeted marketing potential, real-time analytics access and process automation- all great reasons why you should consider this powerful combo!

Step 1: Setting up Salesforce and Snapchat Ads accounts

Setting up your Salesforce and Snapchat Ads accounts is crucial. Here’s how to get started. First off, let’s tackle Salesforce. As a robust CRM platform, it’s key to have your account neatly set up for an effective integration.

Salesforce requires you to create a profile on their website if you don’t have one yet. Start by visiting the Salesforce website and clicking on the ‘Start Free Trial’ button. This process will guide you through creating your user profile, setting a password, and providing contact information.

Switching gears to Snapchat Ads now. Much like with Salesforce, you’re going to need an active account here too. Visit the Snapchat for Business page and select ‘Get Started’. You’ll be asked to fill in details about your business including its name, address, billing info among others.

Here are some quick steps for each:

Salesforce Account Setup:

  • Visit the Salesforce Website
  • Click on ‘Start Free Trial’
  • Follow prompts to set up user profile

Snapchat Ads Account Setup:

The setup process could take anywhere from minutes to hours depending on how detailed you want your profiles to be. But remember – the more accurate your information is, the better results you’ll see when these platforms integrate together. So take your time and make sure everything’s just right!

These two platforms might seem distinct but believe me they can work harmoniously together when integrated properly! Your email campaigns are about to get supercharged!

Step 2: Linking Salesforce account with Snapchat Ads account

Now that you’ve got your Salesforce and Snapchat accounts set up, it’s time to link them together. This step is crucial in facilitating the smooth integration between the two platforms. Let’s dive right into how to get this done.

First off, you’ll need to navigate to your Snapchat Ads Manager. From there, click on ‘All Tools’ and select ‘Audience Match’. Here, you’ll be given the option to connect a new CRM; this is where you select Salesforce.

After selecting Salesforce, a prompt will ask for your login credentials. Make sure these details are correct as they’re necessary for establishing the connection between both accounts. Once logged in successfully, grant Snapchat access by clicking ‘Allow’. It’s worth noting that connecting these accounts doesn’t compromise any sensitive information stored in your Salesforce account.

The final step involves mapping out data fields from your Salesforce account onto corresponding fields within Snapchat Ads Manager. This allows for seamless data transfer between platforms when launching campaigns. Remember that each field should accurately reflect what it represents so no misleading or false information gets sent out.

To summarize:

  • Navigate to Audience Match in Snapchat Ads Manager
  • Connect new CRM and choose Salesforce
  • Log into your Salesforce account
  • Grant Snapchat access
  • Map out data fields

This process essentially bridges these two platforms together, creating an efficient workflow for future ad campaigns!

Step 3: Creating Custom Audience in Salesforce

You’re now at the heart of your Salesforce and Snapchat integration. It’s time to create a custom audience in Salesforce. This step is crucial in tailoring your email campaigns effectively.

First off, you need to understand what a custom audience is. In simple terms, it’s a group of people who share common characteristics that you’ve identified as valuable for your campaigns. These characteristics could be anything from their purchasing habits, age range, geographical location or even their interests.

Creating this audience might seem daunting but with Salesforce’s powerful tools, it becomes a walk in the park. You’ll start by navigating to the ‘Audiences’ tab within your Salesforce account and clicking on ‘Create Audience’. From there, you’ll specify the defining traits for your new audience.

Here are some bullet points to guide you:

  • Define your demographic (age range, gender)
  • Set geographical boundaries
  • Identify behaviors (purchasing habits)
  • Pinpoint interests

Once done defining these parameters, hit ‘Save’. Voila! Your custom audience has been created!

What’s next? Well…it’s time to import this information into Snapchat Ads Manager. Why? Because this will allow you to target specific audiences with more personalized ad content – directly increasing the effectiveness of your email campaigns!

Remember though: consistency is key here! Make sure that any changes or updates made in Salesforce are reflected in Snapchat Ads Manager too. This ensures that all data used across platforms is synchronized and up-to-date.

So there you have it! You’ve just created a custom audience within Salesforce – an instrumental move towards enhancing the success and reach of your email campaigns through integrated social media advertising!

Step 4: Creating a Snapchat Ad campaign

Now, you’re ready to dive into the heart of the matter: creating your Snapchat Ad campaign. This step is crucial in integrating Salesforce with Snapchat Ads for better email campaigns. Let’s break down this process and make it as simple as possible.

First off, head over to Snapchat’s Business Manager portal. Once logged in, click on ‘Create Ads’, then select ‘Instant Create’. This tool allows you to quickly set up an ad without much hassle.

Next up is choosing your objective. You’ve got several options here, ranging from website visits to app installs or even lead generation. Considering our main goal is enhancing your email campaigns, ‘website conversions’ might be a good fit for you.

Once you’ve selected your advertising objective, it’s all about crafting that perfect ad. You’ll need to provide some details about what you’re advertising, and then upload your creative assets – images or videos that represent your brand or product.

To optimize for SEO:

  • Make sure your ad text includes relevant keywords but avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Use high-quality images and videos.
  • Ensure there’s a clear call-to-action (CTA) directing users towards conversion.

Finally, set up the targeting for your ad by defining who should see it. Consider demographics like age and location as well as interest-based factors such as behaviors and lifestyles.


  • Narrowly targeted ads are more likely to reach people interested in what you’re offering.
  • Broadly targeted ads may reach more people but might not convert as effectively.

In summary? Take time planning out each element of the ad creation process —from selecting objectives through crafting compelling content— ensuring all aspects are optimized for maximum effect. It’s through this careful consideration that salesforce integration can truly shine alongside Snapchat ads aiding in better email campaigns!

Step 5: Analyzing and optimizing email campaigns in Salesforce

Now that you’ve integrated Salesforce with Snapchat Ads, it’s high time we took a deep dive into analyzing and optimizing your email campaigns. Salesforce provides an array of tools to help you fine-tune your efforts. Let’s explore how you can use these tools to maximize the impact of your campaigns.

Firstly, Salesforce Campaign Influence allows you to track the impact of your marketing activities on sales opportunities. With this tool, you’ll gain insights into which marketing activities are driving sales and which ones might need a tweak. You can also compare different campaigns through A/B testing within Salesforce itself.

Secondly, understanding your audience is key for any successful campaign. Luckily for us, Salesforce Contact Management gives a 360-degree view of each customer – their interactions, preferences, concerns – everything! By leveraging this data, you can segment your audience more effectively and tailor messages that resonate with them.

In addition to these robust features, don’t forget about email analytics offered by Salesforce Email Studio. It provides real-time tracking of open rates, click-through rates (CTR), unsubscribes & bounces right at your fingertips in easy-to-read reports & dashboards format.
Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Open Rates: The percentage of recipients who opened your email.
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): The percentage of recipients who clicked on at least one link in your email.
  • Unsubscribes: The number or rate at which people unsubscribe from receiving future emails.
  • Bounces: Emails that couldn’t be delivered to the recipient for some reason.

Lastly, it’s important not just to collect data but act upon it too! Use the insights derived from these analytics tools to refine and optimize future campaigns. Test new subject lines or content ideas based on what has worked well in the past.

Remember – there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to email marketing. Keep experimenting, analyzing, and optimizing to find what works best for your audience. Salesforce, combined with Snapchat Ads, provides a powerful platform to execute these tasks efficiently and effectively.


You’ve now taken the journey to understand the integration of Salesforce with Snapchat Ads for more effective email campaigns. It’s clear that this combination is a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.

With Salesforce, you’re able to harness customer data and leverage it for personalized email communications. Adding Snapchat ads into the mix allows you to tap into an engaged, youthful demographic that’s notoriously hard to reach through traditional channels.

Let’s remind ourselves of some key takeaways:

  • Combining Salesforce with Snapchat Ads enhances your ability to target specific audiences.
  • Personalized content boosts engagement rates significantly.
  • With better audience targeting, your ROI improves dramatically.

Incorporating these strategies isn’t just about boosting sales—it’s also about building stronger relationships with your customers. When they see that you understand their needs and interests, they’re more likely to feel connected to your brand.

Despite potential challenges in navigating new platforms or technologies, remember that mastering these tools can give you a competitive edge. So don’t be afraid to experiment and refine your approach as needed.

To solidify what we’ve learned let’s review some important statistics:

Key StatisticValue
Average Open Rate for Personalized Emails18.8%
Increase in Sales Conversions With Personalization20%
Potential Reach of Snapchat Ads (Daily Active Users)229 million

As you move forward, keep these insights top-of-mind:

  • Invest time in understanding both Salesforce and Snapchat platforms.
  • Continually track metrics and adjust strategies based on results.
  • Don’t forget the power of personalization – it truly makes a difference!

When all is said and done, integrating Salesforce with Snapchat Ads could be exactly what your email campaigns need for greater success.

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