Mastering Formatting in Email Marketing: A Guide to ActiveCampaign

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If you’re struggling to keep your formatting intact when using ActiveCampaign, you’re not alone. It’s a common issue many users face. But don’t worry, there’s a solution, and it’s simpler than you might think.

ActiveCampaign is a powerful tool for your marketing needs, but it can sometimes be tricky when it comes to preserving the format of your content. Whether it’s emails, campaigns, or automation, maintaining the original format is critical for effective communication.

Why preserving format is important in ActiveCampaign

When you’re using ActiveCampaign, every detail counts. It’s the small things, like consistent fonts and colors, that can make a difference in how your audience perceives your messages. That’s why preserving format is crucial in ActiveCampaign.

Firstly, preserving format presents your brand image consistently. The formats you set – the fonts, the text size, and the colors – they’re all part of your brand identity. They provide a visual representation of your business, making your emails and campaigns instantly recognizable to recipients. Imagine, for instance, changing your logo’s color in every email or campaign. It would confuse your audience, wouldn’t it?

Secondly, ActiveCampaign is all about automation. For maintaining a fluid system, consistency in formatting is key. As you set the rules for automation, you’d want to make sure your recipients receive messages in the same format every time. Your credit would drastically decrease if the format of your messaging changes unpredictably.

Last but not least, preserving format also means maintaining the readability of your content. It does not matter how engaging or informative your content is – if it’s challenging to read due to inconsistent formatting, your message could get lost.

Maintaining consistency in ActiveCampaign does not merely revolve around creating visually appealing emails or campaigns. It also relates to maintaining a consistent brand image, making sure your automated emails are reciprocated effectively, and preserving the quality of your content. Remember, preserving format may seem like a small step, but in marketing, every tiny detail can hold substantial weight.

In the next section, let’s explore the simple yet effective ways to preserve your format in ActiveCampaign. You might find it easier than you think.

Common formatting issues in ActiveCampaign

When working with ActiveCampaign, you’ll often confront several common formatting issues. These can range from inconsistent font styles, broken layouts to improper alignment of images. Such issues can significantly affect your automation efficiency and content readability.

A frequent issue you may encounter is inconsistent font styles and size. This can result from copying and pasting text from other sources, leading to dilemmas in maintaining a uniform style throughout your campaign. It’s a little detail perhaps, but remember, every detail counts in ActiveCampaign.

Broken layouts are another common hurdle one could face while working with ActiveCampaign. You might have crafted a beautifully laid out campaign, but without maintaining proper formatting, it might appear distorted in various email clients or devices, resulting in a poor user experience.

Moreover, the improper alignment of images and text can also pose a challenge. Even if you’ve selected the right images, not positioning them appropriately can divert the reader’s attention from the crucial content.

Don’t forget about the bells and whistles like link formatting. Mistakes here can take readers to the wrong webpage or produce broken links, affecting your campaign’s credibility negatively.

It’s noteworthy to mention HTML conflicts on the list too. Using pre-constructed HTML, or copying code from other sources, can introduce undesired styles or elements that distort your campaign’s visuals.

Let’s sneak into the next section where we’ll deal with these common roadblocks. We’ll arm you with some practical tips and tricks to tackle these issues head-on, with strategies to preserve formatting using ActiveCampaign.

Tips for preserving formatting in emails

Sometimes, it’s the trivial things that matter! Believe it or not, your emails’ formatting can immensely impact your recipient’s reading experience and overall interaction with your content. Here are some key tips to master formatting within ActiveCampaign.

One major tip that can help you preserve your formatting while using ActiveCampaign involves using built-in design templates. These templates already include the necessary HTML and CSS codes required for the proper display of content on different devices and email clients. By using such a template, you’ll ensure uniformity across the board.

Another prominent trick would be to avoid copying and pasting directly from outside sources like Word or Google Docs. These applications often have hidden formatting characteristics that can disrupt email layout. Instead, insert the raw text into ActiveCampaign, then format from there by applying necessary styles (bold, italic, links, etc.) only using the platform’s features.

Don’t overlook the power of the ‘Clear Formatting’ function present in the editor tool. This feature ensures that no underlying rogue formatting elements will hamper the layout of your emails. Utilize this function before you format your text within ActiveCampaign whenever you’re suspecting some disruptive hidden formatting aspects are present.

Another significant consideration is to preview and test your emails before hitting send. ActiveCampaign provides a neat preview function to show you exactly how your email would look on different devices. Make use of this feature to identify and fix any formatting inconsistencies before they reach your audience.

On some instances, working around image formatting might prove to be challenging. In that scenario, consider setting the width or height in pixels explicitly. This can help to maintain consistent image size across all email clients, ensuring that your visuals communicate effectively alongside your text.

By implementing these tips, you’ll be able to preserve your formatting, delivering professional, consistent, and visually pleasing emails through ActiveCampaign. You’re not just sending an email; you’re creating an experience. And with proper formatting, that experience transforms into a powerful engagement tool for your audience. So, let’s dive deeper into each aspect in the subsequent sections and understand them in more detail.

Strategies for maintaining formatting in campaigns

Crafting emails that are visually appealing and consistent can be quite the task. However, with ActiveCampaign, you’re perfectly equipped to ensure your messages always hit the mark. Here are some tactics to put into motion.

Embrace Built-in Design Templates

One great advantage of using ActiveCampaign is the built-in design templates. These tools are at your disposal, ensuring uniformity across all your emails. Remember, consistency is key when it comes to professional communication. Harness these templates and your recipients will appreciate your attention to detail.

Avoid Copying and Pasting from External Sources

While it may save time initially, copying and pasting from external sources might jeopardize your formatting. The culprit? Hidden formatting. This hidden foe dwells in the depths of external text, bringing unwanted changes to your emails. So, next time you’re thinking about that quick copy-paste, stop and consider the consequences.

Use the ‘Clear Formatting’ Function

If you’ve copied from an external source and fallen victim to hidden formatting, there’s still hope. ActiveCampaign’s ‘Clear Formatting’ function is your savior. It staircases you down from that mountain of formatting issues, placing you back on level ground.

Preview and Test Your Emails

We all make mistakes, it’s human nature. In the email world, errors can tarnish your messages and image. This is why previewing and testing are so crucial. Check that all your formatting is intact, your images are in their rightful places, and your links are functional. Nobody wants to send out an email filled with errors.

Set Explicit Width or Height for Images

Images can add life to your emails. But, they also run the risk of distorting your formatting. By setting explicit width or height for your images, you ensure they neatly fit into place without interfering with your text. Don’t let your message get lost amidst unruly imagery.

By following these strategies, you’ll be well on your way to maintaining professional, visually pleasing emails through ActiveCampaign.

Preserving format in automation

When talking about email marketing automation in ActiveCampaign, format preservation holds the key to creating consistent and professional emails. It’s not just about crafting compelling content, but also delivering a visually pleasing format that resonates with your brand’s identity. With automation, the task becomes a bit more challenging since you’re scheduling multiple emails simultaneously. However, ActiveCampaign can come to your rescue with its user-friendly formatting tools.

One of the main strategies for preserving format when dealing with automation is frequent usage of Built-in Design Templates. These templates come with their unique sets of formatting which are compatible with various devices and email clients. By consistently using these templates, not only do you ensure the visual appeal of your emails, but also uphold the uniformity across all devices.

Additionally, another impressive feature of ActiveCampaign is the ‘Clear Formatting’ function. Whenever you spot formatting inconsistencies or encounter hidden formatting code from pasted content, this function becomes your go-to-tool. It helps remove any unwanted or complicated coding that’s lurking in your email content, potentially harming the intended format and visual appearance.

Email marketing hinges highly on testing also. Thus, it’s considered best practice to utilize the ‘Preview and Test’ feature before scheduling automated emails. By sneak peaking at the emails’ appearance and working experience on various devices and browsers, you can tweak the format for better compatibility and user experience.

Another strategy often overlooked in the context of automation is the necessity to set explicit width or height for images. When dealing with multiple automated emails, the chances of certain images distorting the template’s format increase. Therefore, explicitly stating the dimensions for every image safeguard you against inadvertent distortion, thereby preserving the overall formatting.

Remember, your active campaign emails are a reflection of your brand. Hence, maintaining consistency, professionalism, and a visual treat to the recipients through preserving formats should be among your top priorities in email marketing automation.


You’ve now got the tools to maintain the integrity of your email formatting with ActiveCampaign. Remember, using design templates is key for consistency and cross-device compatibility. Don’t overlook the ‘Clear Formatting’ function, it’s your friend when it comes to eliminating unnecessary coding. Always preview and test your emails to catch any formatting errors before hitting send. And when it comes to images, setting specific dimensions will keep them looking sharp. By applying these strategies, you’re set to deliver professional, visually appealing, and well-formatted email campaigns. Keep your brand’s image strong and your audience engaged with your top-notch email marketing automation skills. Remember, in the world of email marketing, presentation is everything.

What are the key strategies for preserving email formatting in ActiveCampaign?

The article suggests using built-in templates for uniformity across devices, using the ‘Clear Formatting’ function to remove unwanted coding, previewing and testing emails before sending, and setting specific dimensions for images to prevent distortion.

Can built-in design templates help maintain email formatting?

Yes, using built-in design templates in ActiveCampaign helps maintain a consistent appearance and compatibility across different devices and email clients.

What is the function of the ‘Clear Formatting’ feature in ActiveCampaign?

The ‘Clear Formatting’ feature in ActiveCampaign removes any unwanted coding that could affect the formatting of your email content.

Why is it important to preview and test emails before sending?

Previewing and test emails before sending allows you to ensure their proper formatting and user experience. This step ensures that your audience receives a professional and visually appealing message.

How can setting explicit dimensions for images improve email formatting?

Setting explicit dimensions for images prevent their distortion on receiving devices, preserving the visual integrity and aesthetic appeal of your email content.

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