Maximizing Savings: When and How Often Does ActiveCampaign Have Sales?

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So, you’re wondering how often ActiveCampaign goes on sale? It’s a common question, especially given the platform’s reputation for providing top-notch email marketing services.

ActiveCampaign sales aren’t as frequent as you might hope. But when they do happen, they’re worth the wait. It’s all about timing and knowing where to look.

Reasons to Wait for ActiveCampaign Sales

You might find yourself asking, “Why should I wait for ActiveCampaign sales?” Trust me when I say, waiting for those moments when ActiveCampaign goes on sale can indeed pay off. The benefits for your business capabilities can be significant. Let’s now delve into reasons why waiting can be a key strategy.

Thrifty Budgeting

There’s no denying the positive effect a good sale can have on your budget. Marketing expenses can rack up quickly. Managing and lowering costs, especially for small businesses or startups, is vital. So, when a sale hits, it’s your opportunity to access a high-quality email marketing tool at a reduced price.

High Return on Investment

Next on our list is the notable return on investment. With ActiveCampaign, that’s exactly what you’re getting. Leveraging its features during a sale period could lead to an even higher ROI than usual.

Access to Exclusive Features

Have you ever eyed the more advanced features of ActiveCampaign but shied away due to the steep pricing? Sales periods are your chance. You can gain access to high-performing automation, multi-user editing, and more at significantly reduced prices.

Plan Upgrades

Lastly, if you’re an existing user of ActiveCampaign planning to upgrade your subscription plan, sales periods can save you some serious dollars. Instead of upgrading immediately, consider waiting for the next sale to get more value for your money.

Remember, nothing stays on sale forever. So when you see an ActiveCampaign sale come your way, seize the opportunity.

Understanding ActiveCampaign’s Pricing Structure

Firstly, it’s imperative to delve into ActiveCampaign’s pricing structure. Without a clear insight into this, it’s tough to fully grasp the potential impact that sales can have on your wallet.

ActiveCampaign offers four distinct plans, each aimed at fulfilling different business needs.

  • Lite
  • Plus
  • Professional
  • Enterprise

The Lite plan is the starting point. It’s meant for smaller businesses looking to dip their toes into the world of email automation. While it may not have all the bells and whistles, it includes the core features you’ll need such as email marketing, unlimited sending, and chat & email support.

For growing businesses, the Plus plan tends to be a popular choice as it offers more robust features like CRM with sales automation, contact & lead scoring, plus custom user permissions.

More advanced requirements? Welcome to the Professional plan. It boasts machine learning capabilities like win probability and predictive sending. For companies requiring top-tier service, the Enterprise plan is the go-to—with custom reporting, in-depth onboarding, dedicated account rep, and more.

However, these enhanced features come at an incremental cost. Here’s a quick look at the starting prices:

PlansStarting Price per Month

These costs are calculated based on 500 contacts, and the price increases as you grow your contact list. ActiveCampaign’s flexible model ensures you’re only charged for what you use.

Doing the math on potential savings during a sale illuminates just how beneficial waiting for an ActiveCampaign sale can be. For instance, assuming ActiveCampaign does a 20% off sale, you could save $36 per year on the Lite plan. For an Enterprise plan, annual savings would skyrocket to over $500.

The trick is staying alert for these sale opportunities. Take the plunge when the time is right—ensure you’re getting the utmost value without straining your budget. It’s all about striking a balance between great software features and smart financial decisions.

Tips for Finding ActiveCampaign Sales

Embarking on the quest for ActiveCampaign sales can indeed prove fruitful if you approach with savviness and strategy. Here are some proven ways to secure those coveted sales and save your finances.

Don’t underestimate the power of simply staying in the loop. ActiveCampaign, like many enterprises, seeks to reward loyal subscribers by revealing sales and discount events directly. You’re keen on staying updated with these opportunities.Sign up for ActiveCampaign’s newsletter, always reading the emails you receive. These often bring news of sales before public announcements.

ActiveCampaign’s social profiles should also be on your radar. Follow them on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They frequently post about current sales, product updates, and more. Staying connected in this way puts you at forefront to quickly act when a sale emerges.

Be sure to keep an eye on holidays and special events. Many companies, ActiveCampaign included, take advantage of these opportunities to offer sales. Look out for potential sales during holiday seasons such as Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year as they are often occasions for price cuts.

You can also turn to third-party discount providers. Websites like RetailMeNot, Groupon, and Honey can be your allies in finding ActiveCampaign sales. These websites specialize in collecting and sharing discounts for various products and services, including ActiveCampaign. While not always guaranteed, it’s potentially a rewarding route to explore.

Subscribe to blogs and forums that focus on digital marketing. Community members often share insights about sales in these spaces. Notably, the ActiveCampaign Community forum welcomes discussions on a vast range of topics, including any ongoing sales or deals.

Overall, your pursuit of ActiveCampaign sales need not be a guessing game. Remain informed and connected, in touch with both direct and third-party channels. By doing so, you’re bound to stand at readiness, capitalizing on the sales as they arise.

How Often Does ActiveCampaign Go On Sale?

ActiveCampaign’s sales frequency varies throughout the year, and there’s no fixed schedule for their promotions. The frequency of ActiveCampaign’s sales may dip or peak based on numerous variables.

For instance, your chances to find a sale typically increase during prominent holidays such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or New Year’s. On these occasions, ActiveCampaign often offers considerable discounts on their CRM and email marketing services. Besides, other special events occurring throughout the year, like the company’s anniversary, can trigger notable sales too.

A more subtle yet potential time for sales are transitions between business quarters. Some businesses, like ActiveCampaign, might offer discounts during these transitions to boost their quarterly results. However, it’s not a definite rule and largely depends on the company’s strategic decisions.

You might be wondering about the magnitude of discounts during these sales. Well, it can vary, but during significant holidays, discounts can rise up to 30% or sometimes even more. For example, during the spring sale of 2020, ActiveCampaign offered a 50% discount for the first two months.

Table: Sample of Past ActiveCampaign Discounts

Black Friday 201930%
Spring Sale 202050%
New Year’s Sale 202125%

Keep in mind that these sales are fleeting, and you have to act fast to benefit from them. By staying informed and alert, you’ll be ready to snatch up the next ActiveCampaign sale as soon as it hits the floor. Sign up for their newsletter and follow ActiveCampaign on their social media channels to ensure you don’t miss out on their next big sale. With a vigilant eye and timely action, you can maximize your savings on ActiveCampaign services. Now, it’s about time you started waiting for that next big sale, isn’t it?

Remember, patience is a virtue when it comes to finding the best ActiveCampaign sales.

Where to Look for ActiveCampaign Sales

When in search of ActiveCampaign sales, it’s important to know where to find the best deal. Fortunately, several useful places will help you stay ahead of the curve.

First off is the ActiveCampaign Official Website. This is your one-stop-shop when considering sales and promotions. As a company with a robust digital presence, ActiveCampaign often hosts flash sales and offers on their site. They’ve streamlined their promotions for easy access.

Here are a few effective sources:

  • Newsletters: Signing up for ActiveCampaign newsletters is a smart move. These emails are often packed with exclusive offers and valuable insights about upcoming sales. So, keep a keen eye on that inbox!
  • Social Media Channels: Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn frequently broadcast news about ActiveCampaign promotions. Following these channels keeps you on top of any sales events.

Next up is specialized Discount Sites. Websites like RetailMeNot,, and TechRadar often feature ActiveCampaign promotional codes and sales. Over the years, such sites have grown into reliable sources for discounts and deals.

The ActiveCampaign Blog is another platform rich with information. It contains posts about the latest workflows, features, and yes, sales. Regular visits can ensure you’re always in the loop about upcoming sales.

Finally, consider Industry Events and Webinars. ActiveCampaign has been known to offer exclusive promotions at such events. These are unique opportunities that take place throughout the year.

Experience has shown that the above tactics are tried-and-true methods for finding ActiveCampaign sales. You can combine and leverage these channels for maximum benefit. By staying vigilant and proactive, you’re poised to snatch up the best savings possible.


So, you’ve learned that ActiveCampaign sales don’t follow a set pattern. They’re more likely to pop up around big holidays or special events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or the company’s anniversary. The discounts can be substantial, sometimes reaching 50% or more. To stay ahead of the game and snag these deals, it’s crucial to be proactive. Sign up for ActiveCampaign’s newsletter, follow their social media, and keep an eye on their blog. Don’t forget to check out industry events, webinars, and specialized discount sites. Remember, the key to maximizing your savings on ActiveCampaign is staying informed and acting quickly when a sale comes up. With the right approach, you can make the most of every ActiveCampaign sale that comes your way.

1. How often do ActiveCampaign sales take place?

ActiveCampaign sales occur at various times throughout the year with no fixed schedule. They are most likely to occur during significant holidays and special events, including Black Friday, Cyber Monday, New Year’s, and the company’s anniversary.

2. How much can I save during ActiveCampaign sales?

During ActiveCampaign sales, the discounts offered can range from 30% up to 50% or even more. Therefore, you have the potential to save a considerable amount on your purchase.

3. How can I stay informed about upcoming ActiveCampaign sales?

To stay informed about upcoming sales, you can sign up for ActiveCampaign’s newsletter and follow their social media channels. This way, you will be notified whenever there’s a promotion.

4. Where else can I find ActiveCampaign sales?

In addition to the company’s newsletter and social media channels, you can find ActiveCampaign sales on the official website, specialized discount sites, the ActiveCampaign blog, and at industry events and webinars.

5. How can I maximize my savings during ActiveCampaign sales?

To maximize your savings, you should act quickly when a sale is announced. The discounts are usually substantial, but they can disappear quickly as they’re often time-limited or available until stocks last.

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