Maximizing Your 14-Day ActiveCampaign Premium Free Trial: How Long Does It Last?

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You’ve signed up for ActiveCampaign’s premium service, and you’re loving every bit of it. But there’s one question that’s been nagging at you: “How long do I keep my free ActiveCampaign premium?”

Well, you’re in the right place. We’re going to break down everything you need to know about the duration of your free ActiveCampaign premium. You’ll learn how to make the most of your free trial and understand what happens when it ends.

Stay tuned as we unravel the ins and outs of ActiveCampaign’s premium service. We’re sure you’ll find the information invaluable, whether you’re a newbie to email marketing or a seasoned pro.

What is ActiveCampaign’s premium service?

ActiveCampaign’s premium service is a suite jam-packed with advanced features, tailored to help you achieve the very best in email marketing and CRM. It’s designed to supercharge your business strategies, enabling you to scale up, maximize profits, and optimize engagement.

The service delves way beyond the basic features, diving deeply into powerful tools for automation, reporting, predictive content, split testing, and more. It’s packed with systematised functionalities that drive sophisticated marketing strategies across multiple channels. With this service, it’s easy to create personalized customer experiences and target specific segments for better performance.

ActiveCampaign’s Premium service does not simply improve your email marketing game. It revolutionizes the entire customer journey. With its tools, you can map out your user experience and act on real-time analytics and insights to alter the course as needed. This level of detailed customization gives you control of your customer relationships, boosting customer retention rates and increasing your bottom-line.

Moreover, this powerful platform integrates smoothly with your other tools. You’ll experience seamless connections with popular apps, CRM platforms, and ecommerce solutions. It’s a comprehensive platform designed to foster efficiency and productivity in your email marketing efforts.

Now it’s clear what the premium service of ActiveCampaign holds for your business, let’s dive into how long you can access these features without a cost commitment in the following section. Here’s a hint: it’s not forever, but it’s enough time to explore and fall in love with the capabilities this service provides.

How long is the free trial period?

When you’re eager to take ActiveCampaign’s premium service for a test drive, you’re naturally curious about length of the free trial period. Knowing how many days you have to experience the suite of advanced features will help you devise a plan for your trial run.

It’s good news: ActiveCampaign provides 14 days for the free trial of its premium service. These two weeks give you ample time to explore all the features, from automation and reporting capabilities to predictive content and split testing tools. The best part? You are not required to enter any credit card information to start the trial.

Let’s delve a bit more into what this means for you.

What to Do Within the Trial Period

With 14 days of full access at your disposal, you have the chance to test the effectiveness of advanced email marketing and CRM strategies. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can achieve:

  • Day 1-3: Get acquainted with the overall system and set up your email strategies.
  • Day 4-6: Initiate automation and observe the results.
  • Day 7-9: Explore predictive content and begin split testing.
  • Day 10-12: Analyze reports and adjust strategies accordingly.
  • Day 13-14: Try out integrations with other tools and observe improvements in efficiency and productivity.

After the Trial Ends

Once the trial period ends, ActiveCampaign’s premium features are not gone forever. You will have the option to choose a monthly or yearly subscription. Remember, as with most software services, choosing a yearly plan often equals bigger savings.

You will likely find that ActiveCampaign’s premium features—such as personalized customer experiences, targeted segmentation, and efficient integrations—provide powerful enhancements to your email marketing and CRM strategies. It’s not just about email marketing, it’s about creating transformative customer experiences. Considering all these benefits, it might be worth investing in this service when the free trial period ends.

Making the most of your free trial

ActiveCampaign’s 14-day free trial offers you a golden opportunity to stretch your marketing muscle and really delve into the platform’s impressive range of features. From initiating automation to exploring predictive content, your trial period is a chance to unlock the power of advanced email marketing and CRM strategies.

Day one sees you setting up and formulating your email strategies. Sending the right emails to the right people is the first stepping stone to creating personalized customer experiences. Start off by trying out ActiveCampaign’s own templates, mix and match different elements, until you arrive at designs that best represent your brand.

Fast forward to day three, where you’ll find yourself deep-diving into automations. Apply automated workflows to your email strategies and watch as they work their magic, saving you time and ensuring consistency. Take this time to test, iterate and refine your approaches.

By the eighth day, you’re now perfectly poised to explore predictive content. Harness the potential of artificial intelligence to understand the needs of your customers and tailor content that they’ll find irresistible.

On the eleventh day, it’s all about reporting and analytics. Analyze campaign performances to see what works and what needs reworking. Use these insights to fine-tune your strategies moving forward.

Throughout this journey, make sure to experiment with ActiveCampaign’s efficient integrations with other platforms like Facebook, Shopify, or WordPress. Discover new ways to enhance your operations and build bridges between different tools.

Remember that this trial period is all about exploration and discovery. So, don’t hesitate to try out different things. After all, you’re in a risk-free environment. And as the trial period nears its end, take a step back and assess the benefits and added value ActiveCampaign’s premium service brings to your business. This will help you better decide if a monthly or yearly subscription to this suite of advanced features is in harmony with your long-term marketing goals.

What happens when the free trial ends?

As the clock ticks and 14 days of exploring ActiveCampaign’s premium services come to a halt, you may be wondering: what’s next? The end of your free trial doesn’t spell the end of your journey. Rather, it’s a junction that opens you to a world of extended possibilities.

Once you’ve used up the incredible 14-day free trial, your relationship with ActiveCampaign isn’t cut off. A decision point beckons. Here’s where you gauge whether the suite of advanced features on offer aligns with your long-term marketing strategy.

You start to put those findings to practical use, maximizing ROI for your email marketing and CRM efforts. You’ve tested various automations, explored predictive content, scrutinized comprehensive reports, and even attempted integration with other platforms like Facebook, Shopify, or WordPress.

At the trial’s end, two paths lie before you: You either upgrade to a paid plan or you cancel your account. Choosing to upgrade gives you continuous access to all the premium features you’ve come to appreciate. If your decision sways towards cancellation, your account becomes inactive. However, your settings, automations, and contacts remain intact within ActiveCampaign’s database for a whopping 90 days. This means you have plenty of time to change your mind or rethink your decision.

Despite the conclusion of your trial, ActiveCampaign remains an invaluable tool in your digital marketing toolkit. As you venture onwards, remember to routinely reassess your strategies, tweak your automations, forecast with predictive content, and analyze your reports to keep up with your evolving goals. There’s always room for optimization and much to gain as you explore further. ActiveCampaign is a tool that doesn’t just stop at just doing tasks, but continuously offers you ways to improve your marketing prowess.

After all, the power to harness advanced email marketing and CRM strategies stays in your hands. It’s always beneficial to remember the essential lessons from your trial; it forms the backbone of your journey as a savvier marketer.

So, what will your next move be with ActiveCampaign? The choice, as they say, is yours.

Options for continuing with the premium service

Once the 14-day free trial ends, you’re faced with a decision. You have to choose between continuing with the premium service or reverting to the normal service. If you’ve come to love the advanced features of ActiveCampaign, continuing with the premium service might be your best bet. However, that decision ultimately depends on the needs and goals of your marketing campaign.

One of the main appeals of ActiveCampaign’s premium service is the robust suite of advanced features. Users who choose to upgrade to the premium service can enjoy features such as advanced email strategies, automation, and predictive content, among others. Additionally, premium users can utilize ActiveCampaign’s integrations with platforms like Facebook, Shopify, and WordPress to enhance their marketing strategies.

Options for continuing with ActiveCampaign after the 14-day trial would typically be a part of any subscription model: monthly and yearly. The monthly subscription allows users to explore the service for an extended period without being tied down to a yearly commitment, but the yearly subscription is more cost-effective. Let’s look at an example breakdown:

CostMore expensiveCost-effective

Bear in mind, if it turns out ActiveCampaign is not the right tool for you, you can choose to cancel. In this case, your account will become inactive, but your settings, automations, and contacts remain intact for 90 days. This grace period provides you with the flexibility to rethink your decision or explore other marketing tools before fully committing.

Remember, ActiveCampaign is more than just an email marketing tool. It’s also a CRM tool that’s designed to help streamline your workflow and improve your marketing prowess. So, before you decide, make sure you’ve fully explored all that ActiveCampaign has to offer.


So, you’ve had a taste of ActiveCampaign’s premium service and its advanced features. You’ve set up email strategies, initiated automation, and explored predictive content, all within a 14-day trial period. Now it’s decision time. Will you go for a monthly or yearly subscription? Remember, if ActiveCampaign isn’t the right fit, you can cancel anytime. But don’t worry, your settings, automations, and contacts will stay safe for 90 days. It’s more than just an email marketing tool. It’s a CRM powerhouse that can transform your workflows and supercharge your marketing. The choice is yours. Make it count.

What is the trial period for ActiveCampaign’s premium service?

The trial period for ActiveCampaign’s premium service is 14 days. During this time, users can explore the advanced features of email marketing and CRM strategies, such as automation, reporting, predictive content, and split testing.

What are some activities suggested during the trial period?

The activities suggested during the trial period include setting up email strategies, initiating automation, exploring predictive content, analyzing reports, and testing integrations with other tools.

What happens after the trial period ends?

After the trial period ends, users can choose to upgrade to a paid plan or cancel their account. If canceled, the account becomes inactive but the settings, automations, and contacts remain intact for 90 days.

What advantages does the premium service offer?

The premium service offers advanced features such as advanced email strategies, automation, predictive content, and integrations with platforms like Facebook, Shopify, and WordPress.

What’s the cost for the premium service?

Users can choose between a monthly or yearly subscription. There is no specified cost in the article, but it does mention that the yearly subscription tends to be more cost-effective.

Can I cancel my account if ActiveCampaign isn’t the right tool for me?

Yes, you can cancel at any time. Your account will be inactive, but your settings, automations, and contacts will be kept for 90 days.

Is ActiveCampaign just an email marketing tool?

No, ActiveCampaign is more than just an email marketing tool. It also acts as a CRM tool that can streamline workflows and boost marketing prowess.

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