Step-by-Step Guide: Activating Plagiarism Feature in ActiveCampaign for SEO Success

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Ever wondered how to keep your content original and avoid any accidental plagiarism? ActiveCampaign’s got your back. This advanced marketing automation tool isn’t just about sending emails and running campaigns. It’s also got a nifty plagiarism feature that you can turn on to ensure your content is always unique.

But how do you activate this feature? It’s not rocket science, but it’s not exactly spelled out in the user manual either. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to walk you through the process step by step. So, sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of ActiveCampaign’s plagiarism feature. Trust us, it’s a game-changer.

What is the Plagiarism Feature in ActiveCampaign?

Let’s delve into what the plagiarism feature in ActiveCampaign does and why it’s so important. Think of it as your personal proofreader, ensuring the originality of your content.

So what exactly does it do? It scans your prepared text and compares it against a vast global library of digital content. If it finds matches, it alerts you so you can modify your content and avoid unintentional replication. You see, it points out duplicate content helping you retain originality.

You may be wondering why the emphasis on originality. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? Well, in the world of digital marketing, originality equates to authenticity. Authenticity builds trust, and trust builds brand loyalty. That’s why it’s crucial to keep your content original, and ActiveCampaign’s plagiarism feature helps you do just that.

There’s also the issue of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you’re writing content for the web, you know how brutal Google’s algorithms can be regarding duplicate content. If the search engine detects plagiarized content, your page ranking can take a hit, potentially lowering your visibility and reach.

This is where the plagiarism feature shines again, playing guard to your SEO efforts. By ensuring your content is original, not only are you making certain that your readers find the content unique and refreshing, but you’re also in Google’s good books.

It might come as a surprise, but the plagiarism feature in ActiveCampaign isn’t heavily advertised. Nevertheless, by understanding what it does and why it’s vital for your content strategy, you can make changes before a problem arises. Few other tools offer such a safeguard. Now let’s break down how to activate this bellwether feature! You won’t find these steps in your ActiveCampaign manual, so pay close attention as we move forward.

Why Use the Plagiarism Feature?

You might be wondering, “What’s the advantage of this plagiarism feature, and why should I bother using it?” That’s what we’re here to delve into.

The significance of the plagiarism feature lies in its protection of your unique content. Regardless of whether you’re crafting eye-catching emails, informative blog posts, or compelling whitepapers, originality is of the utmost importance. Unique content builds trust with your audience. It fosters strong relationships and cultivates customer loyalty, all of which significantly aid in your brand development journey.

The ActiveCampaign plagiarism feature offers you a safeguard against repeating already existing content. It works by scanning your texts and juxtaposing them against a sweeping global library of digital content. If there’s any match – you’ll be the first to know. This function guarantees that your material is always one of a kind, giving your brand that desired edge in the fiercely competitive digital marketing world.

One can’t overlook the vital influence of original content on Search Engine Optimization(SEO). SEO should be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy, but duplicate content could sabotage it. Search engines like Google abhor copied content. They may penalize your website, leading to lower rankings. Lower rankings could mean a lower brand visibility, which might impact your brand reach negatively.

Even though it’s not advertised widely by ActiveCampaign, the plagiarism feature is an invaluable tool that could play a crucial role in defining your content strategy. Protecting your brand reputation, enhancing SEO rankings, fostering audience trust – these are just a few of the benefits at your disposal when you choose to use this feature.

Step-by-Step Guide to Activating the Plagiarism Feature

Just like the name suggests, Activating the Plagiarism Feature in ActiveCampaign isn’t a daunting task. Once you’re familiar with this user-friendly tool, you’ll appreciate its importance in safeguarding your unique content.

Here is a simple, direct tutorial for enabling this valuable feature in ActiveCampaign:

1. Sign in to Your ActiveCampaign Account
To kickstart the process, you’ll need to log into your ActiveCampaign account. Remember, you can’t access the plagiarism feature without first gaining access to your account dashboard.

2. Navigate to the ‘Campaigns’ Section
You’ll see a toolbar on the left side of the screen. Click on ‘Campaigns’. This will open up various categories.

3. Visit the ‘Advanced Settings’ Subsection
In the “Campaigns” section, look for ‘Advanced Settings’. This subsection contains several tools designed to enhance your content’s originality and SEO ranking.

4. Click the ‘Plagiarism Check’ Toggle
The ActiveCampaign dashboard has a ‘Plagiarism Check’ toggle. You’ll find this tool under the ‘Advanced Settings’ tab. It’s usually set to ‘Off’ by default. To activate it, simply click on it. A green light signifies that the tool is ‘On’, hence activated.

5. Save Your Settings
After switching on the plagiarism feature, remember to save the changes. There’s a ‘Save’ button that’s strategically placed at the bottom of the screen. Don’t forget to click it.


  • Check if the plagiarism tool is active each time you are creating new content.
  • Changes made without saving get lost once you navigate away from that page.

On a side note, use the ‘Help’ button or contact ActiveCampaign’s Customer Support whenever you’re stuck. They offer quick, professional assistance, ensuring you never miss out on this platform’s benefits.

The next topic will cover effective use of the plagiarism checker’s results for improved content strategy. Continue reading to understand how to interpret and apply these findings.

Understanding the Plagiarism Check Results

After you’ve successfully activated the plagiarism feature in your ActiveCampaign account, it’s time to delve into how to interpret and leverage the output of the plagiarism check to bolster your content’s strategy. Efficient usage of these results is the cornerstone in your quest for originality and uniqueness.

When you perform a plagiarism check on your content, ActiveCampaign will provide a detailed plagiarism report. This report gives you an idea about the originality of your text. It doesn’t just stop at identifying potentially plagiarized or duplicate content. The report is insightful, providing specific percentages of similarity with the exact sources of matching text.

Read through the report carefully. If you spot any areas within your content flagged as potentially plagiarized, ActiveCampaign will point you toward other published materials on the web that have striking similarity. It’s crucial to review these sources, understand why they were flagged, and determine whether you need to revise or rewrite those sections of your content.

Take full advantage of the insights granted by the detailed plagiarism report to improve your content. Revamping content doesn’t mean completely rewriting every flagged section. It includes making minor tweaks, adding relevant insights, rephrasing sentences, or even adjusting the overall tone while maintaining the core message.

Remember, the plagiarism feature in ActiveCampaign is more than just a tool to flag duplicates. It’s a robust platform that helps you ensure that your content remains authentic and original – leading to better engagement, higher SEO rankings, and improved online reputation.

Moreover, every time you address a flagged section, it’s suggested to rerun the plagiarism checker. This ensures that all changes made are still within the parameters of originality and authenticity. Don’t worry about running the checker too frequently. ActiveCampaign’s plagiarism feature is designed to handle regular checks without hampering your usual workflow.

The next topic we’ll dive into is the frequently asked questions addressed by ActiveCampaign’s Customer Support regarding the plagiarism check feature.

Additional Tips for Maintaining Originality in Your Content

In the journey towards creating engaging content, the need for originality becomes imperative. Now, you’ve got the hang of using the plagiarism feature in ActiveCampaign. How about taking it a notch higher? Here are some practical tips to keep your content fresh and unique.

1. Conduct Thorough Research

When you’re writing on a particular topic, put your effort into doing extensive research. Knowledge is power, isn’t it? Reading widely gives you diverse perspectives that can improve your understanding and inspire original content.

2. Develop a Unique Voice

Having a unique voice, style, or direction is significant in distinguishing your content from others. It’s also a way of developing a rapport with your audience. Be personable. Relate your content to real-life situations wherever possible.

3. Create a Content Outlook

Be intentional about the direction of your content. Plan a content schedule that outlines the topics to cover, deadlines, and targets. It’s part of the bigger picture that aligns with your overall content strategy.

4. Encourage Audience Engagement

Involve your audience. Ask for comments, feedback, and suggestions. When you create content that resonates with your audience’s interests and concerns, you’re fostering a community. It’s a great way to keep your material original and relevant.

5. Leverage the Plagiarism Feature

Lastly, don’t forget to make use of the plagiarism feature in ActiveCampaign. It’s not only an excellent tool for flagging duplicates but also serves as a guide to improve your content’s originality.

Following these guidelines will not just give you confidence in the uniqueness of your content, but it’ll also make noticeable improvements to your SEO rankings and viewer engagement. These steps may seem simple, but they’re powerful when incorporated into your content creation process.

Stay tuned as we delve into the FAQs associated with using the plagiarism check feature. It’s our way of ensuring you get the most out of this essential content tool.


You’ve now got the knowledge to activate the plagiarism feature in ActiveCampaign. It’s not just about turning on a feature, it’s about protecting your unique content and improving your SEO rankings. Remember, keeping your content original is crucial. Use the tips shared here to maintain that originality. Engage your audience, develop your unique voice, and create a content outlook. Make the most of ActiveCampaign’s plagiarism feature to safeguard your content. Stay tuned for our next post where we’ll answer your burning questions about this plagiarism check feature. With these tools and tips, you’re well on your way to creating high-quality, unique content that stands out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate the plagiarism feature in ActiveCampaign?

To activate the plagiarism feature in ActiveCampaign, follow the comprehensive step-by-step guide provided in the article. This guide simplifies the process and enables you to easily protect your unique content.

What are some tips for maintaining originality in content creation?

Maintaining originality in content creation involves a number of methods, such as conducting thorough research, developing a unique voice, creating a content outlook, and encouraging audience engagement. Utilizing the plagiarism feature in ActiveCampaign is also a beneficial method.

How does the plagiarism feature improve SEO rankings?

The plagiarism feature safeguards unique content, which is highly valued by search engine algorithms. Original content enhances SEO rankings as search engines reward uniqueness and penalize duplicated content.

How can I engage my audience more effectively?

Encouraging audience engagement can be achieved by developing a unique voice, creating a clear content outlook, and actively responding to audience feedback. These strategies create a sense of connection between the audience and the content creator, enhancing viewer engagement.

What’s the next topic in the series?

The next topic in this series will discuss more frequently asked questions about the plagiarism check feature in ActiveCampaign. This aims to provide more clarity on its benefits and functionality.

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