Step-by-Step Guide: Adding Extra Licenses to Your ActiveCampaign Account

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Why Add Additional Licenses to ActiveCampaign?

So, you’ve got your ActiveCampaign platform set up and running, but you start to wonder if additional licenses might boost your business’s outreach potential. You’re definitely not off base with this thought. There are plenty of reasons why businesses of all sizes decide to add more licenses to their marketing automation and CRM software.

First off, let’s consider the expansion of your business. As the team grows, you’ll need more hands on deck to manage customer relations, sales, and marketing ventures. With each new team member comes the inevitable requirement for an individual license. This allows everyone in your business to have access to necessary customer data, enabling them to engage with your audience in a meaningful way.

Aside from simply growing your team, enhanced customization is another key reason. ActiveCampaign is a dynamic platform. The more licenses you add, the more you can fine-tune the platform to meet specific needs. This could involve unique sales funnels for diverse products, distinct marketing strategies for separate regions and customer groups, or streamlined operations among different departments.

Moreover, as you scale, so will your client base. By adding more licenses, you’ll effectively give your team the resources they need to manage and maintain customer relationships on a grand scale. Remember, the bottom line is customer satisfaction – the more attention you can give to each client, the better your business will fare.

For larger companies, there’s the economic aspect of adding more licenses. By bundling together, you’ll often benefit from enterprise-level discounts. Once you’ve reached a certain point, adding more licenses should actually save you money. Furthermore, you’re able to distribute the roles and workload uniformly across all team members, fostering an environment of collaboration and efficiency.

As you can see, adding more licenses to your ActiveCampaign account goes far beyond simply expanding your marketing resource. It paves the way for more refinement in your strategies, an increased outreach to customers, and potential cost benefits for your business. With these benefits in mind, your next step will be understanding how to add these additional licenses.

Steps to Add Additional Licenses

Now that you’ve recognized the numerous benefits of adding more licenses to your ActiveCampaign platform, let’s guide you through this process step by step. It’s relatively straightforward, so no worries if you’re not a technical wizard.

Get Started by Logging In: First off, kickstart the process by logging into your ActiveCampaign account. Reach out to the front page, click on the sign-in button, and use your correct credentials to log in.

Navigate to Settings: Once you’ve gained access to your account, proceed to the Settings section. It’s typically placed at the bottom part of the left side menu. Click it open and, within that, look out for the Billing option.

Explore the Billing Section: You’ll land on a page that displays the active plans and a section marked as Licenses. Here’s where you’ll be managing your licensing needs. Remember, the more licenses you have, the more prospects you’ll reach, and the more fine-tuned your business processes will be.

Choose the Right Plan: Now, delve into the details of your business requirements and select the most viable plan. ActiveCampaign provides a variety of options, adjust to match resources to outreach and efficiency needs. Some larger companies can even take advantage of enterprise-level discounts and better workload distribution with more licenses.

Purchase and Validate Plan: After choicing a plan that fits your unique needs, follow the prompts to pay and validate. Once verified, you’ll instantly gain the additional licenses.

Just like that, you’ve boosted your ActiveCampaign resources. With these licenses at your disposal, you’re geared for enhanced customization, better management of customer relationships, and possibly enjoy economic benefits – all without being a tech guru.

Note, ActiveCampaign boasts a reliable customer service team. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you encounter any difficulties in your license addition process. You’re never stranded with ActiveCampaign, they understand you’re forging pathways to business growth and refinement.

Let’s keep forging ahead.

1. Log in to your ActiveCampaign account

A key first step in enhancing your ActiveCampaign platform is to log in to your ActiveCampaign account. This might seem self-explanatory, yet you’d be surprised how often it’s glossed over. So let’s walk through it step by step.

Start by opening your preferred browser. Navigate to the official ActiveCampaign login page. Remember to always verify that you’re on the correct site — cybersecurity can never be taken too lightly.

It’s time to enter your login credentials. If you have saved your username and password in a password manager, feel free to use it now. It not only quickens the process, causing less delay but also promotes better security. If you don’t use a password manager, consider making the switch for increased protection against potential phishing attacks.

On your successful login, you’ll gain access to the ActiveCampaign dashboard. This is where the magic happens. The dashboard should display different menus and options, tailored to your account settings and selection. From here, you’re able to navigate to the next stage.

As you proceed, if you face difficulties or see error messages, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance. ActiveCampaign has a strong and proactive customer support team that’ll help you sort out the issues. They’re available 24/7, ready to aid you in getting the most out of your ActiveCampaign experience.

Remember, this process is made to be straightforward. As a non-tech person, you’re not at a disadvantage. In fact, ActiveCampaign gains popularity for its user-friendly interface and easy-to-follow navigation. So, as you kick-start your quest of adding more licenses, remember; don’t rush. Take your time, follow the steps, and enhance customization with ActiveCampaign today.

2. Navigate to the “Settings” menu

After logging into your ActiveCampaign account, you’re ready to make your way to the integral “Settings” menu. This important function serves as a control panel, housing pertinent features and functionalities that enhance user experience and aid in effective account management.

The “Settings” menu is typically found on your dashboard’s left-hand side, right on your home screen, making it convenient to locate and access. The user-friendly interface of ActiveCampaign aims to ensure all options are within easy reach, creating a seamless navigational experience for users of varying technical skills.

At this point, you may see a series of options within the “Settings” menu. Through a quick scan, your eye will likely fall upon sections labeled ‘Account Settings’, ‘Advanced Settings’, ‘My Settings’ and such. Don’t fret; each serves a unique purpose and can be understood with a little exploration.

Do take a moment to familiarize yourself with these various settings. Doing so now can save you valuable time later and can indeed streamline your ActiveCampaign experience. While this article primarily guides you to add licenses, it’s worthwhile to acquaint yourself with all available features.

For those less comfortable with software navigation or encountering any issue, remember that ActiveCampaign has an excellent customer service team on standby. With inherent expertise in platform specifics, they are more than willing to assist you in resolving your problems or pointing you in the right direction.

3. Select “Billing & Upgrade” option

Once you’ve landed on the Settings page, you’ll be welcomed by a very intuitive and user-friendly interface. The simplicity of the design makes the ActiveCampaign platform a favorite amongst business owners, marketers, and sales teams.

Take a moment to get familiar with the layout. Once you’re ready, start by looking for the tab or option labeled Billing & Upgrade. It’s positioned by the lower half of the tab list on the left-hand side, trailing the options like ‘Account,’ ‘User,’ and ‘Privacy.’ Ensure you’re not scampering through the list too quickly or you might miss it.

The Billing & Upgrade section is your gateway to manage account expenses, including subscription upgrades, downgrades, and cancellations. But importantly for our current task, it’s the place where you’d add additional licenses to your ActiveCampaign account.

As soon as you click on the Billing & Upgrade section, a new interface will open up. This area is dedicated to all-things billing. It’s neatly constructed with organized tabs and buttons, each signifying a different aspect of your account’s billing information.

Understandably, even the most user-friendly platforms can sometimes seem overwhelming and confusing. But don’t worry if you get stuck. ActiveCampaign’s customer service has got your back. You can reach out to them with your query, and they will guide you through the process. Just remember, adding licenses to your ActiveCampaign platform is a guaranteed course for improving your flexibility, customization, and overall customer relationship management.

In our subsequent section, we will learn how to choose the right ActiveCampaign plan based on your business requirements. So, continue reading further for more detailed insights.

4. Click on “Add Licenses”

Now that you’ve navigated through the Settings and Billing & Upgrade pages, the next step involves zeroing in on the “Add Licenses” option. As ActiveCampaign has designed its platform to be user-friendly, you’ll find this option quite effortlessly.

On the Billing & Upgrade page, you’ll spot a section titled ‘Add More Users’. This is where you add licenses. You’ll see a button that says “Add Licenses”. Proceed by clicking this button.

As this process may vary slightly depending on business requirements, the “Add Licenses” page may present you with a spectrum of license options. This page streamlines your selection process by displaying the options in the form of a simple dropdown menu. Here, you’ll have the flexibility to add as many licenses as needed.

Noteworthy to highlight that the cost of each additional license is detailed alongside the respective option – granting you full transparency when making your selection. Do bear in mind that costs are billed monthly, so you’ll need to consider this when establishing your budget.

It’s doable to amend license numbers at any time. Making sure you have a proper balance, adjusting when necessary, can result in economic benefits for your business. This flexibility adds a layer of adaptability that’s crucial in a dynamic business environment.

If you encounter any bumps along the way, remember that ActiveCampaign’s customer service team stands ready to assist. They’re reachable via live chat and e-mail. So, don’t hesitate to reach out if you need further clarification on how to add licenses, or any other parts of the process.

The next section will guide you in purchasing and validating your chosen plan. You’ll be walked through the payment procedures, validation process, and will receive tips on how to make the most out of your ActiveCampaign experience.

5. Choose the number of licenses to add

Now that you’ve navigated to the Add Licenses section and chosen the right plan, the next step is to choose the number of licenses you want to add to your ActiveCampaign account. One thing’s for sure: this process is user-friendly and transparent.

You’ll come across a slider when you reach this milestone. It’s here that you can choose the number of new licenses you’d like to add. Remember, you’re not bound to a limited set of options; you’re the judge here. Whether you choose to add one, five, ten, or more licenses, it’s your business needs that decides.

Let’s talk flexibility! ActiveCampaign features unmatched flexibility in its licensing plans, letting you adjust the number of licenses anytime you need. You want to be able to adapt quickly to new situations to keep your business thriving. This platform offers you exactly that. Need to scale up quickly? Slide that cursor to the right. Need to cut back a bit? You can just as easily slide to the left.

Sure, it’s simple, but this kind of flexibility can be game-changing. It’s the exact solution that many companies need for a dynamic, fast changing, and ever-evolving business landscape.

Rest assured though, in case you’re feeling a bit lost or overwhelmed, ActiveCampaign’s customer service team is always there to help. They’re known for their swift responses and steady support. So do not hesitate to reach out to them, they’re only a call or an email away from easing your confusion and setting you on the right track.

With the number of licenses sorted, you’re ready to move forward to the check-out step. Remember, the platform will clearly indicate your total cost before you commit to anything, so it’s all pretty straightforward. With these steps, the endeavor of acquiring additional licenses becomes less daunting and more manageable. There’s one less hurdle between you and optimizing your customer relationship system. The uncharted territory of ActiveCampaign licenses is not so unfamiliar anymore, is it?

Note: The information in the article might alter due to constant updates and improvements on the ActiveCampaign platform. Therefore, when in doubt, always seek help from ActiveCampaign’s reliable customer service.

6. Review and confirm the purchase

Having chosen the desired number of licenses, navigated through the settings, and selected the most appropriate ActiveCampaign licensing plan, it’s now time to take a closer look at the final stage before you make the ultimate commitment. It’s important to note, ActiveCampaign demonstrates full transparency regarding costs and total charge. You’ll invariably find this attribute handy as it effectively eliminates any unforeseeable billing surprises.

The firm commitment to customer-centric billing is well reflected in the last stage of the license addition process. When you arrive at the concluding step, dubbed ‘Review and Confirm’, you’ll encounter a clear, concise summary of your selection.

With an understandable format and strict absence of any hidden charges, this summary includes:

  • The number of new licenses you’re adding
  • The associated costs for these licenses
  • Your invoicing cycle (whether monthly or yearly)

Let’s illustrate this with a simplified version of how this could appear:

Product/ServiceDescriptionBilling CycleCost
Additional Licenses5 extra licensesMonthly$50

Before pressing that final ‘Confirm’ button, this is your chance to ensure the contents match your intentions in terms of extra licenses and billing frequency. It’s like ActiveCampaign has provided a final checkpoint to guarantee full satisfaction.

If in doubt, remember ActiveCampaign’s dedicated customer support, keen to assist, is only a few clicks away. With them at your disposal, you’d never have to feel stuck in the process. They are available to answer questions, clarify points, and even guide you through this final stage.

There’s an old saying, “measure twice and cut once”. This perfectly applies here. So take this time, review everything, and when you’re absolutely certain, go ahead to confirm the purchase.

Benefits of Adding Additional Licenses

The benefits that you’ll derive from adding additional licenses to your ActiveCampaign account can’t be overstated.

Primarily, additional licenses give rise to enhanced customization capabilities. Having more licenses means you’re able to create personalized experiences for your team. Your marketing and sales teams will have expanded access to tools and features, effectively empowering them to better shape the customer journey, in a way that aligns well with your brand.

Secondly, you’ll see improvement in your customer relationship management (CRM). Adding licenses often equals broadening the perspective on your customers. Each team member working with an additional license gains greyer depth of insight into customer behavior, allowing for a more tailored approach to each. That means no customer falls through the cracks – a golden rule in CRM.

Let’s not forget the economic advantages. When you factor in the cost of obtaining a completely new ActiveCampaign account versus simply adding extra licenses to an existing one, the latter is undoubtedly more cost-effective. And, there’s the bonus of shared resources among your team with additional licenses.

An increase in the number of licenses also contributes to a better distribution of workload among your team. More team members having access means better efficiency and productivity.

As a brief comparative analysis shows, the benefits of added licenses far outweigh whatever cost you incur. Have a look below:

ParameterNew ActiveCampaign AccountExtra Licenses
CRMLess EffectiveMore Effective
Workload DistributionLinearDistributed across team

This indicates that additional licenses can make your ActiveCampaign experience smoother, more cost-effective, and more efficient. You’ll find the real proof in the impact on your business performance!


You’ve now learned how to add extra licenses to your ActiveCampaign platform. It’s a simple process that doesn’t need a tech guru to accomplish. By following the steps provided, you’ll not only enhance your customization capabilities but also improve your customer relationship management. The economic benefits can’t be overlooked either. Remember, ActiveCampaign’s dedicated customer service team is always ready to lend a hand if you run into any hitches. Ultimately, adding more licenses to your ActiveCampaign account makes your experience smoother, more cost-effective, and efficient. So why wait? Power up your business performance with additional licenses today.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I add additional licenses to my ActiveCampaign account?

You can add additional licenses by logging into your ActiveCampaign account, navigating to the ‘Settings’ section, then following the prompts in the ‘Billing’ section to select and purchase your desired licenses.

2. Do I need any technical expertise to add licenses?

No, the article assures that adding licenses is a relatively straightforward process that doesn’t require any technical expertise.

3. What benefits will I get from adding more licenses to my ActiveCampaign account?

Adding more licenses on ActiveCampaign can enhance customization, improve customer relationship management, provide potential economic benefits, and help distribute workload more effectively.

4. Is adding licenses cost-effective?

Yes, the article provides a comparative analysis showing that the benefits of added licenses often outweigh the costs, making it a cost-effective choice for many businesses.

5. Can I seek assistance if I encounter any difficulties?

ActiveCampaign has a reliable customer service team available to assist if you encounter any difficulties during the process of adding licenses.

6. How will additional licenses affect my business performance?

Adding more licenses can make your use of the ActiveCampaign platform smoother, more efficient, and more cost-effective. This will most likely have a positive impact on your overall business performance.

7. Could you elaborate on the economic advantages of adding more licenses?

While the article doesn’t delve into specifics, it highlights that economy of scale and more efficient distribution of workload can potentially lead to cost savings and hence, economic benefits.

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