Step-by-Step Guide: Canceling Your ActiveCampaign Subscription Effectively

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So, you’ve decided to cancel your ActiveCampaign subscription. Maybe it’s not meeting your needs, or perhaps you’ve found a better alternative. Whatever your reason, you’re not alone. Many others are also looking for ways to get rid of their ActiveCampaign subscriptions.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process step-by-step. We’ll make sure you know exactly what to do to cancel your subscription without any hitches. Say goodbye to being unsure or stressed about the process. You’re about to become a pro at managing your subscriptions.

Whether you’re a seasoned user or a beginner, you’ll find our guide simple and easy to follow. So, let’s dive right in and start the process of cancelling your ActiveCampaign subscription.

Why people cancel their ActiveCampaign subscriptions

There’s a myriad of reasons why you may consider pulling the plug on your ActiveCampaign subscription. While the platform offers a host of beneficial features, several factors can prompt users to cancel their subscriptions.

Financial Constraints

Often, users find themselves under the weight of hefty fees. ActiveCampaign, though a versatile platform, does not come cheap. Especially for small businesses or independent marketers that have a limited budget, the cost may seem overwhelming.

Complexity and Usability

Every user’s technical skills and comfort levels aren’t identical. As much as some find ActiveCampaign’s robust features convenient, others feel it’s overcomplicated. If users find it hard to navigate the platform or utilize its features optimally, cancellation becomes their preferred choice.

Shifting Needs

Business needs can shift over time. Maybe you’ve grown beyond the scope of what ActiveCampaign can offer. Or, your operation downsized, and now the platform feels like overkill. When the platform no longer aligns with your business needs, you’re prompted to cancel your subscription, seeking more suitable alternatives.

Exploring Alternatives

Finally, the allure of trying new platforms can ignite the cancellation process. The availability of other marketing software with innovative features or better pricing often leads users to switch.

Remember, your reasons for wanting to cancel the ActiveCampaign subscription are valid. The next section would walk you through a step-by-step guide on how to cancel your subscription.

Steps to cancel your ActiveCampaign subscription

Ready to move on from your ActiveCampaign subscription? Fear not because we’ve got you covered with this quick guide. Whether you’re switching gears or tightening up the budget, cancellation doesn’t need to be headachy. Let’s dive into the process step by step.

Start by logging into your account. You’ll be landing on the main dashboard which is your command center. From there, click on the ‘Settings’ option. It’s generally located at the bottom of the navigational panel on the left-hand side of the dashboard.

Next up, find and select the ‘Billing’ section. This section houses your payment information and subscription details. By moving here, you’re one step closer to waving goodbye to your ActiveCampaign subscription.

You’ll spot an option that reads ‘Cancel your Subscription’. You guessed right, that’s your gateway to freedom! Hitting that button brings up a pop-up screen. Oftentimes, they ask you to provide reasons for cancellation. They do this just to gather feedback so don’t feel obligated to pen down a lengthy response. Few words, if you want to share, and you’re good to go.

After confirming your cancelation, there is one more step left. ActiveCampaign implements a firm **double verification system **to ensure subscribers don’t cancel in error. So you’ll receive an email. Clicking on the link in that email will seal the deal for you – and voila, you’re off the ActiveCampaign hook!

An important point worth noting is that all data held within your ActiveCampaign will no longer be accessible once your subscription is canceled. So it’s not a bad idea to export your data beforehand.

Keep in mind that canceling your subscription doesn’t exempt you from pending charges. If you’ve used any of their services within the current billing period, you’ll still be responsible for settling the bill. So you might want to hold off on the celebration till you’re cleared of all dues.

There you have it. It’s as straightforward as that. No nebulosity, no barriers – just you taking control.

Step 1: Log into your ActiveCampaign account

Imagine you’re knocking on the door of ActiveCampaign itself. It’s not really a physical door though, just a digital one. Your login credentials? That’s your VIP access, your key to get started. So, grab your login details – the email and password you assigned when you first registered for your account.

Open your preferred web browser and go straight to the ActiveCampaign website. Look for the sign in button frequently located at the top right corner of the website. You’ll be redirected to the login page – this is where you’ll enter your credentials.

As you enter your username and password into the appropriate fields, keep your focus. A single typo can throw you off course and prevent you from accessing your account. However, if you run into a snag, don’t panic. There’s always the option to recover your forgotten password via the “Forgot Password” link.

Are you now logged in? Good job! This is your initial step towards canceling your subscription. You’re now back in your account, familiar yet a bit strange knowing you won’t be here much longer. But do remember, your account isn’t quite deactivated yet. You’ve simply unlocked your access, readying for the deeper dig in your account settings.

While you’re here, take a precautionary step. Have a look around your account. Any important data you might need? Export it. Once you cancel your ActiveCampaign subscription, all your data won’t be accessible anymore. So it’s better to have a backup.

As you move your way through, you’re another step closer to saying goodbye to your ActiveCampaign subscription. Pro tip: make sure to examine your subscription and billing details before moving forward to the cancellation process. The road to cancellation continues as you navigate to the ‘Settings’ and ‘Billing’ sections. The specifics of these processes will be covered in the subsequent sections of this guide.

In this journey of transition, remember, you’re not alone. These step-by-step instructions are here with you, steering you forward. So gear up, your journey is just beginning.

Step 2: Navigate to your account settings

So, you’re logged into your ActiveCampaign account. That’s the first hurdle done and dusted. Now, what?

In order to get through the cancellation procedure smoothly, navigate to your account settings. Look towards the bottom left of your screen. Spot that cogwheel icon that represents ‘Settings’? Yeah, that’s where you wanna click.

In one swift move, you’ll be transported to a plethora of account management tools. But don’t let that intimidate you—it’s not as complicated as it looks. Here, you’ve got access to everything from user management to personalization features. But remember, your mission here is to discontinue. So, steer your gaze towards the tab labeled ‘Billing’.

Before we go any further, let’s take a pause. Exporting data is vital. Cancelling your ActiveCampaign subscription means losing access to your data. Therefore, exporting your data becomes an imperative step in this process.

ActiveCampaign provides a comprehensive tool to export your contacts, campaigns, and automation data. Click on ‘Contacts’, select the contacts you wish to export, hit the ‘Options’ button, and there you find ‘Export’. Choose the format you want your data in—be it CSV or Excel—and kickstart the export process. Then, do the same for campaigns and automation.

Make sure you’ve exported all your data before heading back to the ‘Billing’ section. And remember, a haste decision to cancel the subscription doesn’t waive you off from pending charges accrued within the current billing period.

So to ensure a seamless transition out of ActiveCampaign, take careful steps. Navigate with precision, export with foresight, and tread about with knowledge.

Step 3: Find the billing section

After successfully logging into your ActiveCampaign account, you’ll find yourself on your account dashboard. Now, your goal is locating the ‘Billing’ section in your settings. Knowing precisely where to look helps speed up the process.

To start off, take a close look at the navigation menu on your left-hand side. Here, you’ll find several options, but your focus should be on the ‘Settings’ feature. The ‘Settings’ button is a vital destination in this process because it houses key account management options. It’s right at this location that you’ll find what you’re looking for—the ‘Billing’ section.

On hitting ‘Settings,’ a dropdown menu pops up. The billing section should be visibly nested within this menu. It’s crucial to remember that ‘Billing’ manages all payments related to your subscription. This realization is why you’re seeking it out – it’s where you have the power to pull the plug on your ActiveCampaign subscription.

In the ‘Billing’ section, the ‘Cancel Subscription’ option will become noticeable. This option is your ultimate goal as it culminates in cancellation of your ActiveCampaign subscription. By clicking it, you’ll initiate the process of disabling your active subscription—be ready with a brief reason for cancellation to provide when prompted.

Although this is an important action, ensure you have trimmed down your outstanding dues. Remember, cancelling your subscription doesn’t exempt you from paying any pending charges from your service use within the current billing period.

Additionally, don’t forget the necessity of exporting vital data prior to cancellation. As explained in Step 2, having a secure backup of your data provides a safety net in case you decide to revive your subscription or need any information from your previous campaign records.

So far, you’ve logged into your account, located the ‘Billing’ section, and spotted the coveted ‘Cancel Subscription’ button. The next section will guide you further on the cancellation process. Keep this momentum going.

Step 4: Select “Cancel Subscription”

Once you’re in the “Billing” section, it’s time to locate the option titled “Cancel your Subscription”. This is where you’ll initiate the process to cut ties with ActiveCampaign.

When you’re ready, go ahead and click on “Cancel your Subscription”. A new page will open up, giving you one last chance to reconsider your decision. Remember, once you choose to cancel, it’s a definitive action. You should think through if there might be any future need for the services.

ActiveCampaign might prompt you to provide a reason for your cancellation. Though it’s not mandatory, your feedback can be helpful for them to improve their services.

Keeping Your Data Safe

Before you confirm the cancellation of your subscription, it’s strongly advised to export your data. This is the data collected over your usage period, anything from customers’ contact details to campaign strategies.

To handle this properly:

  1. Navigate to the “Contacts” section in your account.
  2. Click on the “Export Contacts” option.
  3. Wait for the export to be complete and securely download your file.

This simple process ensures you won’t lose vital information. Even if you’re certain that you won’t need this data in the future, it’s good practice to have a secure backup.

Also remember that canceling your subscription won’t exempt you from any current charges. If you’ve used the service within the current billing period, you’ll still need to pay for it. No refunds are applicable for the cancellation.

So, keep in mind these potential costs, have all your data saved, be fully sure. Then you’re set to officially pull the plug on your ActiveCampaign subscription.

Step 5: Follow the prompts to confirm cancellation

Once you’ve selected “Cancel Your Subscription”, the cancellation process isn’t quite done yet. As with most digital services, ActiveCampaign requires you to go through a few last verification steps. This is standard; it’s their way to ensure that no one else but you is making changes to your account.

A series of on-screen prompts will guide you through the final steps of canceling your subscription. These prompts vary slightly, but generally, they cover three key aspects:

  1. Finalize your reasons for leaving: Some services, ActiveCampaign included, appreciate your feedback on why you’re leaving. They’ll give you the chance to provide this during the cancellation process. You’re usually not required to fill this in, but doing so can help the company improve in the future.
  2. Confirm you understand the ramifications: When you choose to cancel, the service will often remind you of what you’ll lose. ActiveCampaign is no different. You’ll usually see a detailed rundown of all the services you’ve been utilizing and reminders about the data you’ve stored. They’ll want you to acknowledge and understand the implications of your cancellation.
  3. Final cancellation confirmation: This is the ultimate “are you sure?” step that ensures you’re aware of your decision and its implications. It usually involves clicking an ‘I Confirm’ or ‘I Understand’ button.

During this process, remember that each step is designed to verify your choice to cancel. ActiveCampaign, like other services, takes these steps to protect its customers from unauthorized changes – your security is their priority.

Remember, you can always reach out to ActiveCampaign’s customer service if the cancellation process makes you uncomfortable or poses any questions. Their team of professionals can guide you through the process and provide clarity for any issues that may arise. Do not hesitate to contact them and clear out your concerns.

As you follow the on-screen prompts, keep in mind why you’ve decided to cancel. Each confirmation and pop-up acts as another line of protection against accidental or fraudulent cancelations. You’ve made it this far – follow through to see it to the end. Even though this seems like the end, there’s still a few things left to manage after cancellation, but that’s for another step.

What happens after you cancel your ActiveCampaign subscription

Post-cancellation pointers are as critical as the cancellation process itself. Once you’ve input the final “Cancel Subscription,” your access to ActiveCampaign services will discontinue immediately. There’s no grace period or ‘unwind’ time.

In the immediate aftermath of the cancellation, you ​won’t be able to access any of your data stored on ActiveCampaign’s servers. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Campaign reports
  • Contact records
  • Automations
  • Custom forms

That’s why exporting all necessary​ data before hitting the final ‘Cancel Subscription’ button is vital. Having an external data bank means you can still make analytical decisions and keep in sync with your clients’ data.

Post-cancellation, ActiveCampaign does not offer any backup or data retrieval services. There are no automated backups of your data available post-cancellation. Make sure you’ve saved your needed data to avoid unwanted surprises.

On the financial side, canceling your subscription doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for any pending charges. Let’s say your subscription billing cycle is from the 1st to the 31st of each month. If you cancel your subscription on the 20th, you’ll still have to pay for the full month. ActiveCampaign does not pro-rate or refund for partially used subscription periods.

Lastly, don’t assume that canceling your subscription will automatically stop all ActiveCampaign communications. You may need to opt-out of their email list separately, beyond just canceling your subscription. ActiveCampaign has an unsubscription feature at the bottom of their emails. Use this feature to ensure you’re truly free from all the platform’s services.

Knowledge is power and it’s always good to understand the implications of every decision. So, now that you’re armed with this info, you can make your move with certainty. So long as you tread carefully and pay attention to the details, you’re set for a smooth cancellation process.

How to contact ActiveCampaign support

If you’re met with challenges during the process of canceling your ActiveCampaign subscription, don’t fret. ActiveCampaign support is designed to help you through such periods. You’ll find the steps to reach them straightforward and easy.

One way to contact their support is through the Help icon in your dashboard. You’ll locate this icon in the lower left corner of your dashboard. Click on it and you’ll be directed to a help center with an array of articles that may answer your questions.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can request for a live chat. Navigate to the ‘Contact Support’ button located on the same page. But remember, live chat is only available during their operating hours: Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM Central Time.

Alternatively, you can reach them through email. Send a message to detailing your issue. Their email system operates 24/7, so don’t worry about the timing of your message.

Should you prefer a more personal touch, ActiveCampaign also extends phone support for their Professional and Enterprise plan subscribers. You can find the contact numbers in the ‘Contact Us’ page on their website.

Here’s a rundown of these options in a table:

Method of ContactDetailsAvailability
Help iconIn your dashboard24/7 access to help center, live chat during operating hours
PhoneContact numbers on the website ‘Contact Us’ pageOnly for Professional and Enterprise plan subscribers

In all these instances, make sure you have your account details on hand. It speeds up the process and ensures a smoother resolution to your problem.


You’ve now got the knowledge to confidently cancel your ActiveCampaign subscription. Remember, it’s crucial to export your data before you hit that ‘Cancel your Subscription’ button. Don’t forget, any pending charges won’t disappear just because you’ve ended your subscription. Once you’ve canceled, your access to services stops immediately and there’s no way to retrieve your data post-cancellation. Be aware of any potential costs tied to canceling and make sure to opt-out of ActiveCampaign’s email list separately. If you’re feeling unsure at any point, don’t hesitate to reach out to ActiveCampaign support. They’re there to help you through the process. With these steps, you’re fully equipped to take control of your subscription.

How do I cancel an ActiveCampaign subscription?

To cancel an ActiveCampaign subscription, log into your account, navigate to ‘Settings’, select the ‘Billing’ section, and click ‘Cancel your Subscription’. Provide a brief reason for cancellation to finalize the process.

Is it necessary to export my data before canceling a subscription?

Yes, it is crucial to export all your data before canceling your subscription as ActiveCampaign discontinues all access to services, including data retrieval, immediately after the cancellation is initiated.

Does canceling an ActiveCampaign subscription exempt me from pending charges?

No, canceling a subscription does not exempt you from pending charges. If you’ve used any services within the current billing period, you’ll still need to pay for them.

What is the cost of canceling an ActiveCampaign subscription?

The article doesn’t specify any cancellation fees. However, it emphasizes that you’re still liable for any services used within the current billing period.

How can I opt out of ActiveCampaign’s email list?

Opting out of ActiveCampaign’s email list is a separate process from canceling your subscription. Details on how to do this should be available within the emails you receive or by contacting ActiveCampaign support.

Where can I get assistance during the cancellation process?

You can contact ActiveCampaign support for any assistance needed during the cancellation process. The support team is there to guide you and answer your questions.

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