Step-by-Step Guide: Deleting Your ActiveCampaign Account Safely

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Looking to declutter your digital space? If you’ve been using ActiveCampaign and have decided it’s time to part ways, you’re in the right place. This guide will walk you through the process of deleting your ActiveCampaign account, step by step.

Don’t worry, it’s not as daunting as it might seem. Whether you’re moving to a new platform or simply want to start from scratch, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn how to delete ActiveCampaign quickly and without any hitches.

Steps to Delete ActiveCampaign Account

Dealing with digital clutter might seem daunting. But deleting your ActiveCampaign account is a simpler process than you’d think. And you’re in control of the process.

To start, log in to your ActiveCampaign account. If you’ve forgotten your login details, don’t worry. Use the ‘reset password’ button to regain access. Once you’re in, begin by navigating to the settings page.

From the settings page, you’ll spot a sequence of options. What you’re looking for is the ‘Account Settings’ menu. In case it’s elusive, make use of the search box to ease your search. When you find it, click to open the sub-menu.

Proceed to pinpoint the ‘Cancel Account’ button. It’s not hidden in some obscure corner of your settings. Instead, it’s prominently positioned to serve its purpose. Remember your journey with ActiveCampaign is honoring your individual choices and respecting your decisions.

In most cases, you’ll be prompted to select a reason for cancelling. This is where you get to air out your parting experiences with ActiveCampaign – good or bad, it’s your call. Make sure not to bypass this stage. Your feedback facilitates improvements.

With your chosen reason in the feedback box, hit the final ‘Cancel Account’ command. But, don’t rush through it. It’s best to take your time. Confirm you’re ready to part ways with the platform before you make your move.

Each step of the deletion process is designed to ensure your comfort and convenience. To help you remember them, here’s a summary in a simple format:

Steps to Delete AccountDescription
LoginGain access to your account by filling in your details
Navigate to settingsUse the site’s menu to go to your settings page
Find ‘Account Settings’Use the search option to locate this sub-menu
Click ‘Cancel Account’This action is located in your ‘Account Settings’
Give feedbackSelect an exit reason from the drop-down menu
ConfirmDouble-check your decision and make the final confirmation

This digital house-cleaning process is part of your decluttering journey.

Step 1: Backup Your Data

Before you hit the ‘Cancel Account’ button, there’s an essential task you need to complete – backing up your data. Why? Because once your ActiveCampaign account is gone, it’s indeed gone, along with any campaign results, customer contacts, templates, and personalized settings. So, it’s vital to safeguard your records before initiating the cancellation process.

Doing a backup isn’t as daunting as it might seem. In fact, ActiveCampaign makes it reasonably easy for you to export your contacts and data. Just make sure you’ve allocated enough time to undergo this crucial step properly. Also, have a dedicated storage space, either on your computer or on a cloud service platform. A proper backup strategy can save you a world of trouble further down the line.

How to Backup ActiveCampaign Data

To back up your data on ActiveCampaign, simply navigate to the ‘Contacts’ section. From there, you can observe an ‘Export’ option, which is exactly what you need. Click on ‘Export’ and select the data you want to save. You’ll be offered to export lists, tags, and custom fields. Opt for everything to be sure you’re not missing out on any crucial details.

Post-selection, you’ll be required to choose your preferred file format. There are three different options to choose from – CSV, XLS, or TXT. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

After some time (depending on the amount of data), you’ll receive an email with a download link. Clicking on this link will allow you to download your exported data and save it on your chosen device or cloud service.

By taking the time to backup your data, you’re safeguarding your business records and contacts. So, even after you’ve released yourself from ActiveCampaign, you’ve still got access to that crucial information. Now, you’re all set and ready to take the next step in your decluttering journey. But remember, each step is a transition and not the end of the journey.

Step 2: Cancel Your Subscription

After backup and securing your data, the next step in deleting your ActiveCampaign account is cancellation of your subscription. But remember, timing is everything. Canceling in the middle of your billing cycle means you’ll still be charged for the full month. It’s better to use up your subscription days and then initiate the cancellation process.

To begin the cancellation process, log into your ActiveCampaign account. Navigate to the settings section. It’s found in the bottom left part of your dashboard. You’ll see a menu showing different categories like ‘Account Settings’, ‘Billing & Upgrade’, and ‘Users’. Click on ‘Billing & Upgrade’. It’ll bring up various options related to your billing information and subscription plan.

Among these options, look for the ‘Cancel Subscription’ button. This is what you’ll need to click to begin the cancellation process. A word of caution here though – this action is irreversible. That means once it’s done, there’s no going back. So, make sure you’ve completed all your tasks, transferred any necessary information, and are 100% ready before you hit that cancel button.

Upon clicking the ‘Cancel Subscription’ button, you’ll be redirected to a confirmation page. This page typically includes a brief survey about why you’re leaving ActiveCampaign. This feedback is entirely optional, but it helps ActiveCampaign improve their services for future customers. So, why not spend a minute or two sharing your thoughts?

But remember, canceling your subscription doesn’t immediately delete your account data. ActiveCampaign keeps it for a certain period according to their data retention policy. In case you want to completely remove your data from ActiveCampaign’s servers, you’ll need to request data deletion following the cancellation of your subscription.

Step 3: Remove Integrations

In your ActiveCampaign account, different integrations might be active. They’re partnerships between ActiveCampaign and other software. As you move toward deleting your account, it’s crucial to disconnect these integrations.

This step might seem non-essential but take note, skipping this step may lead to complications down the road. You might deal with unexpected data pop-ups or even breaches if the platform is still connected to your other business tools. In order to avoid these problems, make sure you’ve removed all integrations associated with your ActiveCampaign account.

Follow this simple process:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Apps & Integrations’ section.
  2. From there, you’ll see a list of all your integrations.
  3. Choose the integration you want to disconnect.

After selecting an integration, find the ‘Disconnect’ button (usually located towards the right side of the screen). Remember, disconnecting an integration is an irreversible action. Once you disconnect, you’ll lose all the settings and data, so it’s a smart move to double-check before clicking that button.

After successfully disconnecting, you’ll receive a notification. Repeat the process for all your other integrations.

Think of it as a cleanse to ensure that you’re leaving no loose threads.
As you’ve now removed all ActiveCampaign integrations from your systems, next, you’ll learn about how to request ActiveCampaign to erase your data.

Step 4: Delete Lists and Contacts

Congratulations on making it this far. Now, it’s time to get hands-on with the cleansing process before the actual deletion of your ActiveCampaign account. In order to maintain data integrity and privacy, it’s imperative that you initiate the deletion of lists and contacts from your account. Here is the step by step guide on how to do this:

  • Navigate to the ‘Contacts‘ section.
  • Click on the ‘Lists‘ tab.
  • Select the lists you want to delete.
    Please note that deleting a list is irreversible. This means once you’ve deleted a list, it can’t be recovered. So, ensure you’ve properly backed up all required data before proceeding with this step.

Now let’s move towards deleting contacts. ActiveCampaign also provides the facility to clean up individual contacts. Here’s how you can do this:

  • Navigate to the ‘Contacts‘ section.
  • Select the contacts you want to delete.
    Just like deleting lists, deleting contacts is also irreversible. Therefore, make sure you’re all ready for this step.

On a side note, if you’re facing issues with large-scale deletion or need any assistance, ActiveCampaign provides support for this procedure via email or a live chat feature. You can always count on their assistance in times of need.

You’re making solid progress in your account deletion process. In the upcoming sections, we’ll look into how you can request ActiveCampaign to permanently erase all user data, so be prepared for that. Remember, these steps are a crucial part of the whole process of deleting your ActiveCampaign account. So stick with it, as we continue to guide you through the next steps. Don’t stop here, there’s more to be done.

Step 5: Deactivate Account and Confirm Deletion

After going through the necessary steps to ensure your data is safe, your subscription is canceled, and your integrations are extracted, it’s time for the last step of the process: deactivating your ActiveCampaign account. Manage this with care as it’s a non-reversible step. You can’t reactivate the account once it’s closed.

Head on over to the settings section of the site. From here, click on the menu and choose ‘Account Settings’. There’s an option labeled ‘Deactivate Account’. Make sure to read through all the warnings and implications. You need to know that executing this action will cut you off from all your contacts, campaigns, and data. It’s a permanent operation with no way back.

Selecting the deactivate option triggers a pop-up message. This message comes with a prompt for you to input your password. It’s a safety measure to prevent any accidental deactivations. Fill in your password and continue.

ActiveCampaign considers data security a high priority. They will delete all data immediately post-deactivation. It’s a way of ensuring no client data, personal or professional, is left vulnerable to potential breaches. Bear in mind, there’s no scope for retrieving this data later.

Next, you’ll receive a confirmation email. This email confirms that you’ve successfully deactivated your ActiveCampaign account. Beware of phishing attempts. Make sure the email is from ActiveCampaign’s official platform before you interact with it.

We’ve all been there, regrets can creep in post decision. In case you change your mind, there’s no way back. Remember that deleting an ActiveCampaign account is irreversible. However, you are always welcome to join the ActiveCampaign community again with a new account.

If you feel the need for further assistance or you’re running into any technical difficulties during this process reach out for ActiveCampaign’s stellar support team via email or live chat. They’ve made a prompt quality service commitment to ease your experience.

Finally, reflect on your reason for leaving ActiveCampaign. Do you feel like there’s something missing in their service model? They value customer experience and would appreciate your feedback. Utilize their exit survey to voice out your insights or concerns.


You’ve now got the knowledge to confidently navigate through the process of deleting your ActiveCampaign account. Remember, it’s crucial to back up your data before you start. You’ll want to cancel your subscription at the end of the billing cycle to avoid extra charges. Don’t forget to disconnect any integrations and delete lists and contacts to avoid complications. But be aware, once you’ve deactivated your account, there’s no going back. All data will be lost. So, make sure you’ve saved everything you need. If you’re ever unsure, ActiveCampaign’s support team is there to help. Lastly, your feedback matters. Consider sharing your experience through an exit survey. You’re now ready to close your ActiveCampaign account with confidence and peace of mind.

Q1: How do I back up my ActiveCampaign data before deleting my account?

A: Navigate to the ‘Contacts’ section, select the ‘Export’ option, choose the intended data to save, and finally choose your preferred file format for saving. You’ll receive an email with a link to download and save your data.

Q2: When is the best time to cancel my ActiveCampaign subscription?

A: It’s recommended to cancel your ActiveCampaign subscription at the end of your billing cycle to avoid charges for the full month. Remember, cancellation is irreversible.

Q3: How can I cancel my ActiveCampaign subscription?

A: Head to the settings section and click on ‘Billing & Upgrade’. After cancellation, remember to request data deletion.

Q4: Why is it important to disconnect integrations before deleting my ActiveCampaign account?

A: Leaving integrations connected can result in data complications and potential breaches. Disconnect them to avoid associated risks.

Q5: What is the process for deleting lists and contacts from my ActiveCampaign account?

A: First, back up all necessary data. Afterwards, you can delete lists and contacts as per the instructions in the article. For large-scale deletions, ActiveCampaign provides assistance.

Q6: What happens when I deactivate my ActiveCampaign account?

A: Deactivating your account leads to the irreversible loss of all data, including contacts and campaigns. ActiveCampaign will immediately delete your data post-deactivation.

Q7: How can I confirm that all my data has been deleted post-deactivation?

A: The article advises being cautious of phishing attempts, so for data deletion confirmations, you should ideally contact ActiveCampaign’s support team directly.

Q8: Is there a way to leave feedback for ActiveCampaign after account deletion?

A: Yes, ActiveCampaign offers users the opportunity to provide feedback through an exit survey post-account deletion.

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