Step-by-Step Guide: Downloading and Launching ActiveCampaign on Your Mac

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If you’re looking to streamline your email marketing efforts, ActiveCampaign is a tool you’ll want on your Mac. It’s a powerful platform that can help you automate your marketing, sales, and customer service tasks. But how do you get it on your Mac?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, you’ll learn the step-by-step process to download and install ActiveCampaign on your Mac. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie, we’ll make sure you’re up and running in no time. So let’s dive right in and get started on maximizing your productivity with ActiveCampaign.

Step 1: Go to the ActiveCampaign website

In your quest to learn how to download ActiveCampaign on Mac, you’ll first have to navigate to the ActiveCampaign website. It’s simple, requiring no clever hacks or clandestine shortcuts.

Begin by opening your preferred browser. Whatever it is – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Edge- just ensure you launch the updated version. Type straight into the browser’s address bar at the top.

But don’t rush to download anything yet. Your digital adventure with ActiveCampaign begins when you see the inviting blue-and-white homepage donned with smiley faces and a compelling tagline!
There are multiple tabs on the homepage – Services, Pricing, Resources- yet move your mouse cursor to the right-hand side, where it flaunts an elegant ‘Login’ button.

Soon you might ask – why go to the login page before downloading? This page is not just for folks who already have an account, but also for those who are at the doorstep, hoping to catch a look at what lies beyond – automation excellence!
Under ‘Login’, there is an option to create a new account! This isn’t the culmination point or the end-all; it is the beginning of your journey with ActiveCampaign on Mac.

So create an account right there and then, considering it’s simplicity and lucidity. Just a few keyboard taps, and you will officially be an ActiveCampaign user.

Thus, step one is all about visiting the ActiveCampaign website – your gateway to a marketing automation wonderland. Once you approach this website with conviction, it gets you halfway to downloading ActiveCampaign on your Mac!

Notably, websites like these imbibe their users with power, helping them soar heights unknown in their endeavors. So, embrace the process, and let your journey into the automated world commence. It’s indeed an exciting new world where your business grows, nurtures, and thrives through every interaction and opportunity.

Step 2: Click on the Pricing tab

Now that you’ve braced yourself for the world of marketing automation, your next step is to click on the Pricing tab and this journey moves further down the rabbit hole. Yes, you’re right, there’s no stopping now. It’s time to check what ActiveCampaign has to offer for the price you’re about to pay. After all, it’s about getting value for your hard-earned money.

What you’ll notice when you tap on the tab is an array of pricing plans to choose from. Ranging from their “Lite” plan to the more robust “Enterprise” package, Active Campaign gives you options tailored to fit various business needs. Here’s the breakdown of the pricing:


Remember, these price points are given on a per month basis, billed annually. It’s all about finding the perfect fit for your company’s unique needs. You could be a small-scale business, a budding start-up, or a giant corporation. ActiveCampaign has a solution for everyone.

Also, they offer a 14-day free trial. This trial could give you an idea of how well the software aligns with your marketing strategy. Keep in mind, you won’t need to enter any credit card details for it.

Soaking in the details of the Pricing tab will give you a better insight into your investment. Take your time here, you’re investing in a tool that could shape your marketing campaigns, so being thorough pays off in a big way.

Step 3: Choose the plan that suits your needs

Your journey through the marketing automation wonderland isn’t complete without picking the right ActiveCampaign plan. This decision, crucial as it may seem, shouldn’t intimidate you. Instead, consider it as a suite of tools that’ll provide the fuel your business needs to soar.

ActiveCampaign has four plans: Lite, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise. Think of these as a progression of capabilities, with each plan offering more sophisticated tools.

  • Lite is the entry-level plan. This version provides email marketing, newsletters, and basic marketing automation. However, it also includes chat and email support – think of it as a solid starter pack for smaller businesses or beginners in digital marketing.
  • If you are looking for more robust options, consider the Plus plan. It includes everything in the Lite plan but adds CRM with sales automation, lead scoring, and various other benefits. With this, you’re stepping up from foundations to upper-tier capabilities.
  • Professional comes next, offering impactful extras. This plan features site messaging, predictive sending, and win probability. It’s an ideal pick for businesses ready to level up their marketing game.
  • Finally, remember the most comprehensive, the Enterprise plan. Designed for larger businesses or those with complex marketing needs, it offers advanced features like custom reporting, in-depth onboarding, and account rep.

Consider your business size, goals, and marketing sophistication when choosing your ActiveCampaign plan. Analyze the strengths of each plan and correlate them with your needs for a match.

Remember, ActiveCampaign offers a 14-day trial for you to give it a test run, free of charge. And, the best part? You don’t need to put in your credit card details for the trial. Use these two weeks to check out the platform, experiment, and make an informed decision.

You’ve now entered the meaty part of your ActiveCampaign journey, so take your time and choose wisely. You’re just one step away from initiating the download process. Stay tuned for the next guide in this walkthrough: Installation and Setup.

Step 4: Click on the Get started button

After you’ve explored all the plans and pinpointed one that fits your business needs, it’s time to take the plunge. You’re now ready for the decisive step in the process of getting ActiveCampaign on your Mac: clicking the Get Started button!

Visit the pricing page of ActiveCampaign. Here you’ll see the Get Started button associated with each particular plan: Lite, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise. Simply click the button beneath the plan you’d like to try. It’s just that simple!

Remember, this Gateway button is your pass to the marketing automation wonderland specially curated by ActiveCampaign. With each click, you are one step closer to a tool that could revolutionize your approach to marketing.

Once your cursor hovers over the Get Started button, take a deep breath and click it. You’ll be led to a page where you can enter necessary details to create your ActiveCampaign account. While this may seem a bit daunting, don’t worry! The platform is incredibly user-friendly and will guide you through the process seamlessly. Just be sure to have all the information, like your company name and contact details, ready beforehand.

The ActiveCampaign journey begins with this ‘Get Started’ button, clicking it is a stride towards optimizing marketing campaigns and paving the way for success. Now that you’ve completed this key step, you’re ready to continue on your ActiveCampaign voyage.

Step 5: Fill in your information

Alright, look! You’ve made it this far. You’ve navigated through the ActiveCampaign website, you’ve browsed the pricing plans, and clicked on the ‘Get Started’ button. But what comes next in the process of downloading ActiveCampaign on your Mac?

it’s time to fill in your information. Don’t worry! It’s simpler than you might think. An ActiveCampaign form awaits your details and let’s break down what’s required.

With purpose, begin with the basics:

  • Your Email Address
  • Your First Name
  • Your Last Name
    Below these fields, there are checkboxes to indicate if you’re an agency or a marketing consultant. Make your selection accurately.

Next, you’d see a dropdown box asking about the number of contacts you have. You might be pondering about its relevancy. This information helps ActiveCampaign in understanding your business needs better, and optimizing their services accordingly.

While filling this form, you may notice a nifty feature on this page – ActiveCampaign’s progress bar. This is a visual indicator of how far you’ve come and how much farther you have to go in setting up your account. It keeps you informed and reassures you that you’re just a few steps away from accessing your marketing wonderland.

Should you fumble or have queries at this stage, remember that ActiveCampaign wants to make this process easy and accessible. They’ve used their platform to ensure every user can sail through this journey smoothly. Assistance is ever present, with an icon in the corner that you can click anytime for ActiveCampaign’s help center. Knowledgeable staff are on hand to support you through the process.

Step 6: Complete the payment process

Now that you’ve nailed down the specifics and filled out your digital form, it’s time to seal the deal. As any seasoned user can tell you, nearly every software or service, including ActiveCampaign, comes with a cost. But don’t lose sight of what you’re gaining — a highly sophisticated marketing tool designed to enhance your business and drive success.

The payment process isn’t rocket science. Though you may be hit with that inconvenient pang of parting with a few dollars, remember it’s a small price to pay for the marketing powerhouse you’re about to unlock.

You will be redirected to a secure payment page, where you’ll choose your preferred payment method. The options typically include credit or debit card, and sometimes PayPal. It’s a good idea to have your payment details ready to save time and keep the process seamless.

All that’s left to do here is enter your payment information, including the card number, expiration date, and security code. Make sure to double-check everything you input for accuracy. The last thing you need is a delay or denial of access because of a simple typing error.

On the same page, you’ll see a summary of your chosen plan or package, the total price, and subscription terms. Make sure to read and understand these before proceeding for complete clarity on what you’re buying. If you have a discount code, this is the place to input it before finalizing your payment. The price will update accordingly.

ActiveCampaign understands that you’re keen to get started, so rest assured – this step is quick, efficient, and designed to get you up and running in no time. It’s as straightforward as a payment process can be. Once your payment is authorized, you’ll see a confirmation message. However, the journey doesn’t end here. There are still a few more steps before you can start exploring your new marketing wonderland.

Don’t worry about keeping track of this step; ActiveCampaign helps you with a progress bar, and if there’s any hitch, their help center is always available. Keep going. The best part of your ActiveCampaign experience is yet to come.

Step 7: Login to your ActiveCampaign account

Moving on to the next critical step. You’ve come a long way from searching for the email marketing tool that suits your business needs, deciding on ActiveCampaign, and following the simple instructions on downloading and payment. Now, it’s time to take a deep breath, give yourself a pat on the back, and get ready to login to your ActiveCampaign account!

After your payment has been processed and you’ve received a confirmation, ActiveCampaign will direct you to the login page. On this page, you’ll see two fields where you need to input your username and password. Remember, these are the credentials you set up during the registration process.

Simply type your username or email in the first field and your password in the second. ActiveCampaign is one of those platforms that take user’s security seriously, so you might be asked to enter a one-time password (OTP) sent to your email or mobile number for additional verification.

Once you’ve entered your login details, click on the button that says ‘Log In’.

Congrats! You’ve just logged in to your ActiveCampaign account – the hub for all the magic that can help your company’s email marketing strategies. You might sense the excitement as everything starts coming together. If you’ve made it this far, we think you’re up for exploring ActiveCampaign’s user interface and dashboards next – the places where you’ll tap into the remarkable capabilities of ActiveCampaign!

Overwhelmed with options? Fear not! Most users agree that ActiveCampaign’s clean, intuitive layout makes navigation a breeze. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the layout. Look for the **’Help Center’**and ‘Progress Bar’ Icons on the top right of your screen to aid you in your exploration.

While we will delve into dissecting the dashboard in the next section, a quick tip to keep in mind is that Active Campaign’s most used features like ‘Contacts’, ‘Campaigns’, ‘Lists’ and ‘Templates’ are conveniently accessed from the left-hand side menu.

Step 8: Download the ActiveCampaign app for Mac

Finally, you’re at the exciting part! After successfully logging in to your ActiveCampaign account, you’re ready to download the app on your Mac. This procedure is simple and straightforward, so you’ll have it up and running in no time.

First off, look for the Download button. It is typically found at the bottom of the user interface, but website designs can vary so it might be placed elsewhere in the interface. Don’t fret if it’s not immediately visible; just take your time to carefully comb through the side menus or search the platforms’ help center for more detailed guidance on downloading the app.

When you locate the download button, click on it and a pop-up will appear. This pop-up carries information about different versions of the app suitable for various operating systems. Since you’re using a Mac, you’ll want to download the Mac-version. Click on the corresponding link to start the download process.

Keep in mind that the file size might vary based on factors such as the version of the app and the specifications of your Mac. So, ensure you have a reliable and reasonably fast internet connection to facilitate the download process.

Moreover, you’ll need sufficient storage space on your Mac to accommodate the app. As a rough estimate, reserve about 200MB of space for the ActiveCampaign app.

While the app downloads, don’t navigate away or refresh the page. After the download finishes, find it in your Downloads folder, and double click on the .dmg file to start setup. Follow the installer’s instructions which typically involve dragging the app into the Applications folder of your Mac.

And there you have it. Without any need for complex technical knowledge, any user with an ActiveCampaign account can successfully navigate the download process. Once it’s installed, you’ll find that the app’s interface mirrors its online counterpart, providing a seamless transition for new users.

Step 9: Install the app on your Mac

Once the download is complete, it’s your turn to install the ActiveCampaign app on your Mac. It’s an extremely easy and straightforward process. Still, we guide your every step. Because your satisfaction is our top priority.

First off, locate the downloaded file. It’ll usually be in your ‘Downloads’ folder. You’ll recognize it by the ActiveCampaign logo or .dmg extension. Double click it and the installation process starts immediately. The beauty of Mac is that it automatically unpacks the .dmg files. You are almost there, you just have to follow a couple more steps.

Next, you’ll see a pop-up window with the ActiveCampaign.dmg file. It’ll ask you to drag the ActiveCampaign app to the ‘Applications’ folder. Sounds pretty straightforward right? That’s because it is. You only need to drag and drop the file. Your Mac does the heavy lifting.

The time it takes for the installation to complete varies. It depends on the speed of your Mac and the size of the application. Rest assured that it rarely takes more than a few minutes. In the meantime, don’t stress. You can still use your Mac for other tasks if you wish.

Once the installation is complete, you can either keep the downloaded .dmg file or trash it. You don’t need it anymore. The ActiveCampaign app is now installed and ready for use.

Your next step is to find ActiveCampaign in your ‘Applications’ folder and open it. You’re now ready to take full advantage of ActiveCampaign’s powerful and intuitive features. But we don’t stop here. You can trust that we will guide you through using the app as well. Stay tuned for the next steps.

Step 10: Launch ActiveCampaign on your Mac

Reaching this step means you’ve successfully installed the ActiveCampaign app on your Mac. It’s now time to take it for a spin and launch the app. It’s a straightforward process, just like launching any other application.

You’ll want to start by navigating your way to the ‘Applications’ folder. Among the sea of icons, you’ll spot the ActiveCampaign logo. It’s hard to miss with its distinctive design that features a blue, green, and white color scheme. Just give the icon a double click, and you’re all set!

After you’ve launched the app, it’ll prompt you to log in. Have your ActiveCampaign account credentials ready. If you don’t have an account, don’t worry! It gives you an option to sign up right there. The process is user-friendly and quick.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be greeted with the ActiveCampaign dashboard. It’s impressively organized, making it easier for you to locate various tools and features. Note: The look might vary slightly depending on whether you’re using the free version or a paid plan.

In case you need assistance with navigation, there’s a built-in tutorial to guide you through the system. ActiveCampaign understands that mastering a new platform can take time. So they provide interactive walkthroughs and tooltip hints to speed up your learning curve.


Now you’ve got all the knowledge you need to download ActiveCampaign on your Mac. You’ve learned how to locate the app, launch it, and log in using your account credentials. With the ActiveCampaign dashboard at your fingertips, you’re ready to dive in and explore. Don’t forget about the handy built-in tutorial to help you get the most out of the platform. Now it’s time to put that knowledge into action. So go ahead, fire up your Mac, and start making the most of ActiveCampaign. You’re on your way to mastering this powerful tool and taking your marketing game to the next level.

How do I launch the ActiveCampaign app on Mac?

Locate the ActiveCampaign app in your ‘Applications’ folder and double-click on the icon to launch it. You will then be prompted to log in with your ActiveCampaign account credentials.

What will I see after launching the ActiveCampaign app?

Once you’ve launched the app and logged in, you’ll be greeted with the ActiveCampaign dashboard. This dashboard is designed to be organized and user-friendly.

Is there a tutorial available for navigating the ActiveCampaign platform?

Yes, the ActiveCampaign app includes a built-in tutorial. This tutorial can assist you with navigating the platform and acquainting yourself with its features.

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