Step-by-Step Guide: Integrating Mailchimp & LinkedIn Ads for Superior Marketing Automation

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In today’s digital marketing world, it’s all about integration and automation. And that’s where integrating Mailchimp with LinkedIn Ads comes into play. This powerful combination allows you to streamline your marketing efforts, making them more efficient and effective.

With Mailchimp’s robust email marketing capabilities and LinkedIn Ads’ wide professional network reach, you’re set for a marketing automation powerhouse. I’ll guide you through the process, showing you how easy it is to connect these two platforms.

This integration not only simplifies your marketing tasks but also helps you target your audience more accurately. So, ready to take your marketing automation to the next level? Let’s dive into how you can integrate Mailchimp with LinkedIn Ads.

Why integrate Mailchimp with LinkedIn Ads?

A combination of Mailchimp and LinkedIn Ads can catapult your marketing efforts to new heights. It infuses your strategy with a level of precision and efficiency that is hard to match.

Streamlined Marketing is Essential. In today’s high-speed digital environment, saving time is as important as saving money. Integrating Mailchimp with LinkedIn Ads does just that – it eliminates the time-consuming process of switching between platforms, resulting in a streamlined workflow.

Personalization Makes a Difference. Incorporating Mailchimp with LinkedIn Ads allows you to make your campaigns more personal. You’re able to access LinkedIn’s unique demographic data to design highly targeted campaigns. That’s why better personalization leads to improved customer engagement and brand loyalty.

The Benefits of Automation are Undeniable. With this integration, you’ll automate many of your marketing tasks, leaving more time to focus on strategy and analysis. The automation process turns hectic manual tasks into seamless, automatic operations.

So it’s clear that integrating Mailchimp with LinkedIn Ads offers an array of advantages, including time saving, better marketing personalization, and more extensive automation. These factors help you capture your audience’s attention more effectively and run highly targeted campaigns. Not to mention that the automation features free up time for thinking big-picture instead of managing day-to-day operations.

Maintaining competitive edge demands a blend of efficiency, personalization, and automation. Integrating Mailchimp with LinkedIn Ads lets you harness these elements in one place.

In the next section, we’ll go step-by-step through the process of integrating these two powerful tools. So please, feel free to continue reading.

Benefits of integrating Mailchimp with LinkedIn Ads

By merging Mailchimp with LinkedIn Ads, you’re essentially intertwining two powerful marketing platforms and reaping the immense advantages of this collaboration. Let’s delve into some of the key benefits of this integration.


The symbiosis between Mailchimp and LinkedIn Ads is a time-saver. Instead of having to flick between tabs, micromanaging your marketing efforts, you can conveniently have it all under one roof.

Enhanced Personalization

One vital benefit that’ll surely capture your interest is the opportunity for enhanced personalization. Mailchimp has dynamic content creation tools that assist in crafting personalized ads, letting your audience feel more connected to your brand.


The term marketing automation might be the buzzword of the moment – and for good reason. Automation features provided by the integration allow for effortless crafting of ad campaigns, reminders, follow-ups, and so forth. This ultimately takes a chunk of work off your plate and let’s you focus on other pertinent areas of your business.

Time SavingAll tools under one roof easing the effort of switching between tabs
Enhanced PersonalizationDynamic content tools for personalized ads
AutomationEffortless crafting of ad campaigns, reminders, follow-ups, etc.

Before we get into the specifics of how to actually integrate these two platforms together, it’s critical to note that these are just the tip of the iceberg. Remember, the evolution of technology means there’s usually more beneath the surface, waiting to be utilized. This integration between Mailchimp and LinkedIn promises to do just that, offering marketers like us a more robust, refined toolset to engage more effectively with our audience.

Step-by-step guide to integrating Mailchimp with LinkedIn Ads

Follow these simple, concise steps that I’ve outlined below to integrate Mailchimp with LinkedIn Ads effectively for better marketing automation. No formal coding knowledge is required. Let’s dive right in.

Start by logging into your Mailchimp account. Navigate to the section titled ‘Integrations’. Here you’ll find a broad range of third-party platforms that Mailchimp supports, including LinkedIn. Click on the LinkedIn option to start the process.

The next step involves connecting your LinkedIn Ads account. You’ll be prompted to enter your LinkedIn Ads credentials. It’s a secure process, and any data shared remains strictly between LinkedIn and Mailchimp. Once you’ve entered your credentials, hit ‘connect’.

Now that you’ve connected both accounts, it’s time to start setting up your ad campaign. In this stage, you’re defining the nature of your campaign. Choose your campaign objective, target audience, budget, and schedule. Remember, the goal here is to personalize your campaign as much as possible for better engagement.

Often overlooked, but highly impactful, the custom audience feature is your friend. With Mailchimp’s custom audience feature, you can segment your LinkedIn Ad audience. This means you can tailor your ads to different audience segments based on previous engagement or even demographic data.

Don’t worry if you get stuck somewhere. Mailchimp provides plenty of resources and customer support to help you navigate the integration process.

Table markdown for the process summary:

Log in to MailchimpNavigate to ‘Integrations’, and select LinkedIn
Connect LinkedIn Ads accountEnter LinkedIn Ads credentials and connect
Setup ad campaignDefine campaign objective, target audience, budget, and schedule
Use custom audience featureSegment your audience for targeted ads

Do bear in mind, setting up the integration is just the beginning. The real magic happens as you dive deeper into exploring this powerful combo and learn to wield it more effectively. Stay tuned to learn more about put these tools to work for you.

Connecting your Mailchimp account with LinkedIn Ads

Diving straight into step one, you’ll need to ensure that both your Mailchimp and LinkedIn accounts are up and running. If you don’t have them yet, I’d suggest setting them up first before proceeding.

Once your accounts are ready, it’s time to make the magic happen. Staring the integration process doesn’t necessitate a tech guru’s skills. I’ll guide you through it.

Start by logging into your LinkedIn account. Look for the Tools option in your account settings. Here you’ll find a drop-down that leads you to Partner Connect (don’t worry if you don’t see this immediately, LinkedIn consistently updates their interface). On the Partner Connect page, you’ll find Mailchimp listed.

By now, the ball’s rolling and we’re almost there. Select Mailchimp and you’ll be asked to log into your account. This is simply to link the two platforms. Rest assured, your login credentials won’t be stored.

Once logged in, LinkedIn will request permission to access your Mailchimp account. A simple “Allow” gets the work done, granting LinkedIn the necessary access. This is necessary for both platforms to communicate and share data, essential for automating your marketing efforts.

It’s crucial to note that you should review and understand what access permissions you are granting. Taking care of privacy, especially with customer data, is paramount.

Upon approval, you’ll be redirected back to LinkedIn. Poof! The integration is complete. Without any real need for manual input, LinkedIn will promptly begin syncing with Mailchimp, allowing for a seamless marketing experience.

With everything set, you’re ready to unleash the true potential of LinkedIn Ads. Leveraging Mailchimp’s robustness with LinkedIn’s reach is the ultimate power move. You’re now all set to set up your first personalized LinkedIn Ad campaign.

Remember, although we’ve bridged the gap between the two marketing giants, there’s so much more available to explore with this newfound integration. Platforms evolve, add new features, and enhance their offerings with time. So, don’t stop here. Keep yourself updated and unlock the potential of your marketing strategy.

Setup and configuration of LinkedIn Ads campaigns in Mailchimp

Once you’ve successfully connected your Mailchimp and LinkedIn accounts, it’s time to set up your first LinkedIn Ad campaign inside your Mailchimp dashboard. This task is simpler than it sounds and I’m here to guide you through it, step by step.

First, navigate to the “Campaigns” tab in Mailchimp. From there, create a new campaign. You’ll then have the option to select “LinkedIn Ad“. Once you’ve selected this, you’ll be prompted to name your campaign and select a LinkedIn account.

When choosing your account, ensure it’s the one you want to link. If you’ve more than one LinkedIn account, it’s crucial to select the right one. After confirming the account, you’ll proceed to Ad Set creation. Here, you can decide who you want to target, how much you want to spend, and when you want your ads to run.

In the “Audience” section, you can select one of your Mailchimp Audiences to be your target. Remember, effectual targeting is a key to any successful ad campaign. Thus, you can segment your audience based on geographical locations, age groups, or any other parameters you’ve access to in your Mailchimp Audience data.

Following this step, you’ll come to “Budget and Schedule“. Here you’ll define how much you’re willing to invest in your LinkedIn Ads campaign and the duration of the ad run.

Setting up a budget includes two key parameters:

  • The total budget for your campaign
  • The bid strategy (either automated or manual).

Regarding scheduling, two options are at your disposal: running your campaign continuously from a specific date, or setting a start and end date for a more precise schedule.

Lastly, it’s time to create your ad. Here you’ll get to choose the format of your LinkedIn ad – be it single image, carousel, video, text ad, or spotlight ad. Each one serves a different purpose, so choose based on what matches your campaign goals and audience preferences best.

Best practices for using Mailchimp and LinkedIn Ads together

Now that we’ve covered the basics of integrating Mailchimp with LinkedIn Ads, it’s time to delve into the best practices for making the most out of this powerful combination. Remember, integrating these tools is just the first step. It’s how you use them together that can truly drive your marketing automation to new heights.

Know Your Audience
The first step to any successful marketing effort is knowing your audience. LinkedIn offers a wealth of demographic and firmographic targeting criteria attuned to B2B marketers. Mailchimp helps contextualize that audience data for more personalized communications. Combining these tools can supercharge your understanding of your audience and your ability to reach them effectively.

Invest in Personalization
Once you’ve gotten to know your target audience, it’s not enough to simply reach out to them. You need to connect with them. Mailchimp’s powerful personalization features, from dynamic content to behavior-based automation, can help you deliver custom-tailored messages to your audience. When paired with the in-depth targeting capabilities of LinkedIn, personalization can majorly impact campaign performance.

Daily Dashboard Monitoring
Even with the best setup, ongoing performance monitoring and adjustments are critical to achieving the best results. Mailchimp’s comprehensive campaign reports offer detailed insights into your campaign. Simultaneously, LinkedIn Ads Manager provides campaign management and optimization capabilities. Make it a daily habit to consistently check your dashboards.

Experiment and Improve
The beauty of digital marketing is that it allows for constant experimentation and enhancement. Test various ad formats, target different audience segments, try different budget allocations. The results of these experiments can offer valuable insights, which can drive further improvements in your campaign.

It’s important to remember that these are guidelines, not hard and fast rules. What matters most is understanding the needs and preferences of your audience and delivering meaningful content. This requires a balance of analytics, creative thinking, and constant experimentation.


We’ve journeyed through the steps of integrating Mailchimp with LinkedIn Ads for a boosted marketing automation experience. It’s clear that understanding your audience and delivering personalized content is key. By connecting these two powerful platforms, you’re not just setting up an ad campaign. You’re investing in a strategy that allows for daily monitoring and continual improvement. Remember, it’s about knowing your audience and delivering what they want. So, don’t shy away from experimenting. With Mailchimp and LinkedIn Ads working in harmony, you’re equipped to take your marketing automation to the next level. It’s time to make the most of these tools and watch your business grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect Mailchimp and LinkedIn Ads?

In simple steps, you need to log into your Mailchimp account and find LinkedIn in the integrations store. Click on the ‘Enable’ button and follow the prompts to log into your LinkedIn account, approving the required permissions to allow Mailchimp access.

What’s the key to a successful Mailchimp and LinkedIn Ads campaign?

The key is understanding your audience’s needs and preferences. Personalise your ads to resonate with your audience and always deliver meaningful content. Monitor your performance daily and continuously seek ways to improve.

How can I improve my Mailchimp and LinkedIn Ads campaign?

Daily dashboard monitoring is essential for assessing your campaign’s performance. For effective improvement, you also need to keep experimenting with your strategies: try new things, test different content and audience settings, and learn from your results.

How does personalization influence my campaign’s success?

Personalization lets you connect more effectively with your audience. By catering to their specific needs and preferences, your ads become more relevant and engaging, which can significantly boost your conversion rates.

What are the best practices for using Mailchimp and LinkedIn Ads?

Some of the best practices include knowing your audience well, investing in personalization, monitoring your campaign’s dashboard daily, and readily experimenting with a learning mindset for constant improvement.

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