Step-by-Step Guide: Printing and Customizing ActiveCampaign Reports

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You’ve been using ActiveCampaign for a while now, haven’t you? It’s a powerful tool that helps streamline your marketing efforts. But now, you’re probably asking, “How can I print a report from ActiveCampaign?” Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this. It’s a common question among users.

ActiveCampaign, as robust as it is, can sometimes be a bit tricky. Especially when it comes to pulling reports and getting them printed out. But don’t fret. We’re here to guide you through the process.

Why printing reports from ActiveCampaign is important

ActiveCampaign is way more than a simple tool. It’s a dynamic platform that consolidates customer data, marketing strategies, and automation in one place. But even with all its power, understanding the importance of printing reports from ActiveCampaign is where you’ll unlock its full potential.

Let’s dive into why these printed reports matter.

ActiveCampaign accumulates a wealth of data. Every interaction, every click, and every open email contributes to a pool of insights ready to be analysed, interpreted, and most significantly, leveraged. But without printing or exporting these insights, they become ephemeral, changing and fading with each new action performed. With printed reports, you are making these fleeting pieces of data tangible. It’s all about visualising and capturing data at specific moments in time.

Thinking about the bigger picture, ActiveCampaign reports act as tangible checkpoints in your marketing strategies. They enable you to gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns, to identify patterns and trends, and importantly, to pinpoint areas for improvement. Moreover, these reports come in handy when communicating key results to stakeholders or when sharing insights across your team.

Let’s consider a scenario. Imagine you’ve launched an email campaign promoting a new product. With ActiveCampaign’s advanced reporting features, you can access metrics like open rates, click-through rates or the quality of user engagement. By printing and analysing these reports, you can determine if your campaign has met your expectations. Do note, assessing real-time data can be tricky and often leads to premature or even inaccurate conclusions. That’s where your printed report proves its worth, providing the snapshot of the campaign’s impact.

Lastly, printed ActiveCampaign reports back up your data offline. In the unfortunate event of a data breach or loss, hard copies of your reports safeguard your key data, ensuring that information remains accessible and safe.

Understanding the report options in ActiveCampaign

Navigating through the numerous report options available in ActiveCampaign can feel overwhelming. But don’t worry, this section breaks down the most widely used report options.

A good starting point is Contacts. The Contacts report shows the total number of contacts accumulated over a defined period. With options to filter by tag or location, you can find out who your target audience is and better tailor your campaigns.

Another important report to consider is the Campaign Reports. It’s a treasure trove of significant data containing insights into your email marketing strategies. You’ll find information about each campaign’s performance including open and click rates, unsubscriptions, and bounces. This lets you draw a clear picture of your campaigns’ effectiveness.

The Automation Reports give insights into your most and least effective automations. This report can help you understand which automations are generating engagement or sales and those that might need tweaking.

Businesses heavily reliant on sales would benefit from looking at the Deals Report. This report allows you to track the performance of deals, giving visibility on deal wins, losses, and revenue generated.

Remember these are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of ActiveCampaign’s report options. Next, you’ll learn how to export these reports in a printer-friendly format for your easy reference.

Step-by-step guide to printing a report from ActiveCampaign

Unlocking the full potential of ActiveCampaign is only a print option away. Armed with the knowledge of the variety of report options, you’re ready to use that information and turn it into something tangible. Here’s how.

First, choose your desired report. Make your selection from Contacts, Campaign Reports, Automation Reports, or Deals Reports. It’s your call depending on what info you need at the moment. Each of these reports shed light on different aspects of your marketing strategy.

Next is running the report. From the report’s detail page choose the “Run Report” button. ActiveCampaign does the heavy lifting from there. It gathers all relevant data about your contacts, campaigns, automations, or deals depending on your chosen report.

After running the report, you’ll have access to a report preview page. This page lets you see all the data ActiveCampaign has collected. Use the report preview page to confirm the information. Also, do a quick check if the results align with what you want to see.

Now the moment you’ve been waiting for – the printing

On the report preview page, locate the “Print” icon. It’s typically on the right side of the screen. Click on it to open your operating system’s print dialog box. ActiveCampaign has made it all very intuitive so you barely have to figure anything out.

Once the print dialog box is open, choose your printer and your preferences, like color, double or single-sided, etc. This is also where you decide how many copies you need.

Finally, press the “Print” button. Your comprehensive, detail-packed report is now printing. It’s time to make the move from digital data collection to having physical copies in your hands. You have successfully printed a report from ActiveCampaign.

It is worth noting, software and platforms needed for these steps should be updated to ensure compatibility and smooth action. Frequent evolved versions not only provide new features but also help resolve bugs and security issues.

When done right, printed reports will serve as a vital reference point providing you with valuable insights on the effectiveness of your campaigns, and pinpointing areas for improvement. Aim to make these reports a key part of your marketing strategy reviews. That’s how you leverage data insights for improved marketing outcomes.

Troubleshooting common issues when printing reports

Having trouble printing your report from ActiveCampaign? Don’t worry – it’s often a simple issue that can be resolved quickly. This section will help you identify and rectify these hiccups.

First and foremost, enable pop-ups in your browser settings. ActiveCampaign’s print dialog feature uses pop-ups. If they’re blocked, you won’t be able to print your report. Just locate your browser settings and adjust the pop-up permissions. No need for panic – it’s an easy fix.

Experiencing issues with print quality? You might want to check your printer settings. It’s crucial to set the right printing mode (color or black and white), paper size, and quality settings. Depending on your printer, you might also have advanced options to enhance the quality of your print. Don’t hesitate to tinker with these settings until you achieve the desired print quality.

Seeing incorrect or incomplete data? It’s possible you’ve selected a wrong date range or data fields in the report. Double-check the settings in ActiveCampaign to make sure they match your requirements. Remember, a little attentiveness can prevent unnecessary reprints.

If your issue still persists, we advise to clear the cache and cookies from your browser. Sometimes, remnants of previous browsing sessions can interfere with the current tasks. It’s like a digital reset for your browser, ensuring all underlying issues are wiped clean.

Can’t see the print button? Sometimes the layout might disrupt, causing the print icon to disappear or move to an unusual location. Switching the browser or device might just do the trick. Some users find better success with desktop versions rather than mobile ones.

In a world where digital marketing is more important than ever, your printed reports from ActiveCampaign are a vital resource. Be sure to keep these troubleshooting tips in mind to ensure a smooth, hassle-free printing experience.

Tips for customizing and improving your printed reports

Poring over digital data can sometimes feel overwhelming. Printing out reports from ActiveCampaign can help. You’re able to physically handle the information for a closer inspection. Customizing such reports is instrumental in providing insights tailored to your specific needs.

For the best possible outcome, consider the following tips.

Adjust Report Filters: You control the specific data in your reports. Dial down to specifics or get the big picture based on your current needs. Maybe, you’re only interested in tracking emails sent over a particular period. You can filter data by dates, specific campaign types, or other variables custom to your business for tailor-made insights.

Customize Data Columns: Don’t be bogged down by unnecessary information. Customize data columns so you only need to deal with relevant data. Remove the noise. Which metrics are you most interested in? Open rates? Click rates? Customize your columns to reflect these.

Sort Data: Sorting your data can be a game-changer. For instance, sorting contacts by the date added allows you to track long-term trends and identify loyal customers.

Export to Excel: Don’t forget that any report can be exported to Excel for further analysis. You can use Excel’s extensive functionality to sort, filter, and visualize data in ways that ActiveCampaign might not support.

As you venture into using ActiveCampaign’s print report function, remember to keep exploring, learning, and questioning. A fresh, curious mindset can lead to surprising insights and ideas, further improving your campaign effectiveness.

When printing out your ActiveCampaign reports, always remember the importance of accurate, relevant data. It’s not just about having the information in your hands; it’s about understanding it, dissecting it, and using it to drive your marketing decisions. Always double-check your settings and ensure that the outputted report aligns with your needs.


You’ve now got the skills to print a report from ActiveCampaign with ease. Remember, it’s not just about printing, but also about understanding the data and using it to enhance your campaigns. Customizing your reports, adjusting filters, and sorting data can make a world of difference. Don’t shy away from exporting to Excel for a deeper dive. These are more than just reports; they’re your roadmap to campaign success. So keep exploring, keep learning, and most importantly, keep using data to drive your decisions. Your effective use of ActiveCampaign reports can significantly boost your marketing efforts. So go ahead, print that report and let the data guide your path to success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I print a report from ActiveCampaign?

You can print a report from ActiveCampaign by first navigating to the reports you wish to print within the platform, then using the print option in your browser settings. This article provides a detailed step-by-step guide to assist you with the process.

Why is it important to print reports for campaign effectiveness?

Printing reports provide a tangible way to analyze campaign effectiveness. They offer valuable insights into various analytics metrics, enabling you to make more informed marketing decisions and strategize more effectively.

What are some common issues when printing ActiveCampaign reports?

Common issues when printing ActiveCampaign reports can include formatting discrepancies, missing data, or printer compatibility issues. The troubleshooting section in this article discusses possible solutions for these concerns.

How can I improve the quality of my printed ActiveCampaign reports?

To enhance the quality of your printed reports, you can adjust report filters, customize data columns, and sort data. Additionally, exporting these reports to Excel allows for further in-depth analysis.

Why is it important to have accurate data when printing reports?

Accurate data is crucial because it directly impacts the efficacy of your analysis and subsequent marketing strategies. Inaccurate or irrelevant data can mislead your insights and skew the understanding of your campaign’s effectiveness.

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