Step-by-Step Guide: Removing the ActiveCampaign Sidebar in Microsoft Word 2016

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If you’re using Microsoft Word 2016, you’ve probably noticed the ActiveCampaign sidebar. It’s a handy tool for integrating your email marketing, but what if you don’t need it? Or what if it’s simply taking up too much of your screen space?

Don’t worry, you’re not stuck with it. You can indeed remove the ActiveCampaign sidebar from your Word interface. This guide will show you how to do just that.

So, if you’re ready to declutter your Word workspace and boost your productivity, read on. We’ve got the simple, step-by-step instructions you need to banish that sidebar for good.

Why Remove the ActiveCampaign Sidebar?

Let’s take a moment to delve deep into why you might want to remove the ActiveCampaign sidebar from your Microsoft Word 2016 workspace.

While this nifty hover bar is a valuable tool for integrating email marketing software right within your MS Word workflow, it may not be necessary for every user. It’s purpose is to enhance productivity by providing you with quick access to your email templates and campaigns. However, if you’re not leveraging this feature, it simply becomes an obstruction. The sidebar can inadvertently dominate valuable screen real estate, making your work document feel cramped.

In addition, not everyone uses Word for email marketing purposes. If you’re frequently typing reports, flyers, or other non-marketing related content, you may find the ActiveCampaign sidebar to be irrelevant. It’s also true that some people prefer a minimalist workspace, free from unnecessary tools. For them, a simple, uncluttered workspace boosts creativity and focus.

Moreover, interacting with the sidebar can cause unintended interruptions. Accidentally clicking on the ActiveCampaign sidebar might navigate you away from your document, breaking your workflow and causing frustration.

Here is a quick gist of how removing the ActiveCampaign sidebar can be beneficial:

  • Maximizes screen space
  • Avoids accidental interruptions
  • Maintains a clean, minimalistic workspace
  • Eliminates irrelevance for non-marketing users

Now that you’ve had a closer look at why you might want to remove the ActiveCampaign sidebar, let’s proceed to the steps you can take to declutter your Word workspace. Stay tuned to learn how to regain control of your screen space and reduce distractions while working on Word 2016.

Step 1: Accessing the Word Options

Dabbling into Word’s technical depths may feel eerie at first – it’s a vast space with a multitude of settings and options. But don’t worry! We’re only here for one specific change, and I’ll guide you directly to it. Your primary stop – Word Options. Here’s how to get there swiftly.

First, fire up your Microsoft Word 2016 application. This task might seem overly elementary to mention but remember – we’re covering all bases here. Next, direct your attention to the top left corner of your screen. Here, enclosed in orange with a white ‘W’, you’ll find the File menu.

Go ahead, click on it, and a dropdown menu should sprawl. Your eyes should fixate on the bottom left-hand side where the Options button resides. We’re not concerned with other items on this list – keep your focus sharp.

Utilize a handy feature of modern software design – visual cues – to help you. The Word options button comes with a distinctive gear icon. It’s the universal symbol for settings or options in many software. Click on this gear-like icon, and like magic, the Word Options dialog box will pop up on the screen!

In the next section, we’ll navigate through this dialog box maze to deactivate the ActiveCampaign sidebar – aren’t you curious? Don’t skim over the list; there’s no rush. Enjoy their power, but remember, all controls come with responsibility. That’s it, well done! Now, on to Step 2.

Step 2: Navigating to the Add-ins Tab

Now you’ve made your way into the Word Options dialog box, let’s venture to the Add-ins tab. This tab contains a list of all add-ins currently active on your Word 2016. ActiveCampaign might be running stealthily among these, and removing it’s exactly what we’ll do next. If you’re not sure where to find the Add-ins option, don’t worry. Here’s a straightforward path to get you there.

First, look at the left-hand side of the Word Options dialog box. You’ll see a list of options neatly lined up there. Run your eyes down this list until you come across a tab labeled ‘Add-ins‘. This is where you need to be. Take your trusty mouse, or swipe with precision if you’re more the touch-screen type, and click directly on this tab.

The moment you land upon the Add-ins settings screen, you’ll be met with a string of information. Don’t get entangled in any unnecessary confusion. We’re here for one thing only – to disable the ActiveCampaign sidebar. Among the list of active add-ins, you need to locate ‘ActiveCampaign’. Don’t feel overwhelmed as you’re not alone. Many users find this interface somewhat cluttered.

The next part of the journey will take you through identifying the ActiveCampaign sidebar in the add-ins list and disabling it. While we’re still in the Add-ins tab, let’s familiarize you with key features here. Understanding these features will power you through the next steps with confidence.

  • Active Application Add-ins: Here’s where you’ll find add-ins that are loaded and currently running.
  • Inactive Application Add-ins: These are add-ins installed but not running.
  • Document Related Add-ins: You’ll find add-ins associated with the current document here.

Remember, attention to detail is your ally at this stage. So keep a keen eye out and breeze through the process. We’ll continue the dissection in the next section.

Step 3: Managing the ActiveCampaign Add-in

Once you’re in the Add-ins tab of the Word Options dialog box, you’ll see a big list of active add-ins. Your job now is to find the ActiveCampaign sidebar and manage it appropriately. Among the types of add-ins you’ll encounter, you’re mainly interested in two: COM Add-ins and Word Add-ins. The difference between these two can be crucial:

  • COM Add-ins – typically more powerful, integrated into Word at a deeper level.
  • Word Add-ins – usually less complex, offering a more streamlined interface.

ActiveCampaign typically falls under the category of COM Add-ins. Find it in the list, ensuring the checkmark beside it is unticked. If it’s not, that means it’s active, and we need to change that.

To do this, locate the COM Add-ins button at the bottom of the window, near the OK and Cancel buttons. Click on it to open an entirely new window. Here, you’ll find the ActiveCampaign add-in checked. Uncheck it, and click OK.

This process deactivates the ActiveCampaign sidebar. However, deactivation isn’t the same thing as removal. If you’re interested in completely eliminating the sidebar from your Word environment, you’ll need to perform additional steps.

To completely remove it, select ActiveCampaign from the list of add-ins again, and this time, click on the Remove button. A warning prompt will appear asking if you’re sure about removing the add-in. Confirm your selection, and the ActiveCampaign sidebar will be removed from Word’s list of active COM Add-ins.

ActiveCampaign should no longer be visible in your Word interface. However, remember that these steps only apply to Word 2016. If you’re using a different version of Word, the process might differ slightly. As always, if you encounter issues, don’t hesitate to seek out further guidance.

Stay tuned for the next part of our step-by-step guide, where we’ll talk about other potential issues with ActiveCampaign, and how you can avoid them in the future.

Step 4: Removing the ActiveCampaign Sidebar

Now that you’ve navigated your way through the Add-ins tab and located the ActiveCampaign sidebar, it’s time to get that pesky add-in off your Microsoft Word 2016 interface once and for all.

Select ActiveCampaign from your list of active add-ins. Then, find the Manage dropdown at the bottom of the Word Options dialog box. You’ll usually see it filled with the category of the add-in you just clicked. If not, change the value to COM Add-ins and hit the Go button. This will open another dialog box listing all COM add-ins.

Now comes the crucial part. Spot ActiveCampaign in the listed add-ins. Make sure not to mistake it for another since there could be many add-ins on your list. Once you’ve located it again, hit the Remove button against it. You should notice that ActiveCampaign disappears from the list and the sidebar is no more on your Word interface.

With that, ActiveCampaign has been successfully removed from your Word 2016. But this doesn’t mean you’re immune from other potential add-in hassles. Microsoft Word is known for its vast array of features and integrations with other software systems. Consequently, this can lead to multiple add-ins trying to take over your Word interface. So let’s tackle those next.

Step 5: Restarting Word and Verifying Removal

Having removed the ActiveCampaign sidebar, it’s time to establish whether your effort proved successful. Restarting Microsoft Word 2016 is an essential part of verifying that you’ve no longer have the ActiveCampaign add-in in your interface.

Please follow the sequential steps to ensure proper guidance:

First; it’s crucial to restart Word 2016, and you can do that easily by closing and opening the software again.

Second, once you’ve opened Word 2016, click on the File menu to access Options which will redirect you to the Word Options dialog box. This box is where you initially navigated to remove the ActiveCampaign from the active add-ins list.

Third, navigate to the Add-ins tab again. This time round, the ActiveCampaign sidebar should have disappeared from the active add-ins list.

As a little recap: the principal aim of this step is to confirm the ActiveCampaign sidebar has ceased to exist on your MS Word 2016. This check-up reduces the chance of facing information overload or even a cluttered interface while using this word processing software.

Evidently, the overarching goal isn’t just to provide you with a one-time solution, but enlighten you on managing your workspace for a hassle-free experience. This process educates you on how to disable, remove, and verify the removal of temporary add-ins that may limit your full utilization of Word’s capabilities.


You’ve now mastered the art of removing the ActiveCampaign sidebar from Microsoft Word 2016. By navigating to the Add-ins tab, locating and deactivating the ActiveCampaign add-in, you’ve ensured a clutter-free Word interface. Restarting Word 2016 and verifying the absence of the sidebar is your final step. Your Word experience should now be more streamlined, free from the distraction of unwanted add-ins. Remember, managing your add-ins effectively is key to optimizing your productivity with Microsoft Word. Don’t let unnecessary sidebars slow you down!

What is this article about?

This article provides a detailed guide on how to remove the ActiveCampaign sidebar from Microsoft Word 2016 to maintain a clutter-free interface.

How do I navigate to the ActiveCampaign Sidebar?

You can navigate to the ActiveCampaign sidebar by accessing the Add-ins tab within the Word Options dialog box. It’s listed under the active add-ins.

How do I deactivate the ActiveCampaign add-in?

You can deactivate the ActiveCampaign add-in by unmarking it in the active add-ins list, then clicking OK to apply the change.

How do I completely remove the ActiveCampaign sidebar?

You can completely remove the ActiveCampaign sidebar by selecting ActiveCampaign from the list of add-ins, then clicking the Remove button.

What is the final step after removing the ActiveCampaign sidebar?

The final step involves restarting Word 2016 to confirm that the ActiveCampaign sidebar has been completely removed and the interface is now clutter-free.

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