Ultimate Guide: Adding and Paying for Multiple Users in ActiveCampaign

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Looking to scale up your email marketing efforts? You’re likely considering ActiveCampaign, a powerful tool that’s perfect for businesses of all sizes. But you’re not alone in this endeavor, and you’ll need to add multiple users to your account.

You might be wondering, “How do I pay for multiple users on ActiveCampaign?” Well, you’re in the right place. We’ll guide you through the process, step by step, ensuring you understand everything clearly.

Understanding Multiple User Roles and Access Levels in ActiveCampaign

After getting a sense of how to set up the payment for multiple users, it’s time to delve deeper into the topic of user roles and access levels in ActiveCampaign. You might be wondering why it’s important to understand this. Well, each user in your ActiveCampaign account has a specific role to play and a distinct level of access within the platform. It’s not just about adding users, but also effectively managing them to ensure a smooth workflow throughout your marketing campaign operations.

With ActiveCampaign, you can easily assign various roles to the users depending on their responsibilities within your organization. There are four main user roles including Admin, Manager, User, and Sales. An admin holds the highest level of access, capable of controlling account settings and user management. On the other hand, the Sales users have a more specific role – they can only access deals, pipelines, and the contacts associated with those deals.

Let’s talk about access levels. In simple terms, access levels determine what areas of the ActiveCampaign platform a user can view or edit. There’s Full Access, View Only, and No Access. Full Access allows a user to view and edit certain areas of the platform while View Only means the user can only view certain sections but cannot make alterations. No Access, as the name suggests, restricts the user from viewing or editing.

So, before you rush into adding users to your ActiveCampaign account, take a moment to understand and determine the roles and access levels most suitable for each to maximize efficiency and organization.

The next exciting part, now, will be learning how to actually assign these roles and manage user access levels within ActiveCampaign. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through this process in the next sections, just keep reading.

Choosing the Right Pricing Plan for Multiple Users

As you continue to learn more about user roles and access levels in ActiveCampaign, a key aspect to consider is the selection of the right pricing plan. With multiple users in your account, you’re potentially dealing with various roles such as Admin, Manager, User, and Sales. That’s a significant number of people needing access, with different requirements for each role. So, how do you hone in on the optimal pricing plan?

Your choice should primarily hinge on your specific needs ‒ the volume of users you intend to add, the level of user access required, and your budget. ActiveCampaign offers four main pricing tiers: Lite, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise, each accommodating a different maximum number of users.

Let’s dig deeper into each pricing tier:

  • Lite Plan: Starting from $9/month (billed annually), this plan supports up to 3 users. It’s a good place to start if you’re a small team.
  • Plus Plan: Ranging from $49/month (billed annually), it permits up to 25 users, perfect for growing or mid-sized teams.
  • Professional Plan: With prices from $129/month (billed annually), this plan accommodates 50 users and is ideal for larger teams.
  • Enterprise Plan: Starting from $229/month (billed annually), it allows unlimited users. If you run a substantial enterprise with numerous collaborators, this plan would be most fitting.

Here’s a handy comparison table:

PlanStarting Price per Month (Annual Billing)Max User Count

But don’t rush into picking a plan. Integrate the knowledge you’ve curated about your team’s needs, roles, and access levels. Run a fine-toothed comb over each plan’s offerings, and then make your choice. After all, it’s not just about accommodating everyone – it’s about finding a plan that best suits your commercial needs while promoting efficiency and organization within your team.

Adding and Managing Users in ActiveCampaign

So, you’ve decided on your ActiveCampaign pricing plan. Now let’s dive into the process of adding users to your account and finding ways to efficiently manage them.

First things first: how do you add a user in ActiveCampaign? It’s simple. From your dashboard, navigate to the settings menu. Here, you’ll find an option to add users. Input the relevant details like the user’s name, email address, and user role. Then, choose the access level that aligns with the user’s role. Remember, you’ve worked hard to settle on the right plan. Don’t rush through adding users and assigning roles. Each decision should reflect the team’s work efficiency goals.

Managing your users in ActiveCampaign is just as easy. Have a good handle on your team’s roles and responsibilities? Make the software support that. ActiveCampaign lets you restrict or allow access to specific areas based on the users’ roles.

Take a look at the table below to understand how you can assign different access levels:

User RoleAccess Level
AdministratorFull Access
SalesAccess to Contacts, Deals, and Sales pipeline
MarketingAccess to Campaigns, Lists, and Marketing pipeline
SupportAccess to Contacts, Support details, and Support pipeline

Again, the key to successfully managing your team in ActiveCampaign is to be thoughtful in your access level assignments. Keep those efficiency and organization goals front and center.

The ActiveCampaign platform allows for ongoing user management. If there’s a change in your team or their roles, update the access levels accordingly. After all, you have the control to ensure your team’s productivity remains unimpeded. Make use of it! ActiveCampaign is all about flexibility and adaptability. And your team should be, too. So, experiment and adjust as needed. That’s how you make the most of the resources at hand.

How to Pay for Multiple Users

When it comes to adding multiple users to your ActiveCampaign account, it’s vitality important to understand the payment process. Pricing for multi-user accounts is based on the tier of your ActiveCampaign subscription, and each additional user comes with an associated cost. Pricing details can be found on the ActiveCampaign website but let’s break it down.

In order to add and pay for multiple users on ActiveCampaign, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your ActiveCampaign account.
  2. Navigate to the Settings menu and select the Users option.
  3. Click on the Invite New User button.
  4. Fill in the requisite details for each new user you’d like to add.

When you’re adding these new users, it’s crucial to remember that the additional cost will be directly debited from the card attached to your ActiveCampaign account. It’s worthwhile to review your subscription and billing details prior to adding new users to avoid any surprises.

Should you opt for the Plus, Professional, or Enterprise tiers of the ActiveCampaign subscription, you can avail a certain number of free users. Here’s an easy table to help you visualize the scenario:

Subscription TierFree UsersCost per Additional User

Take advantage of these free slots before moving on to add other users.

The beauty of ActiveCampaign lies in its flexibility. Once you’ve added and paid for multiple users, you can continue to manage their roles and access levels as previously discussed. You can adapt, experiment, and fine-tune as your team grows, all under the umbrella of an efficient, organized system. It’s all about making ActiveCampaign work for you, and the platform certainly rises to the occasion.

Remember to make these decisions carefully, keeping in mind the needs of your team. Keep experimenting. Keep adjusting. Always know that with ActiveCampaign, your team’s organization is in great hands.

Common Questions and Troubleshooting Tips

Throughout your journey with ActiveCampaign, you might stumble upon a few roadblocks or have some queries. Do not to worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled some common questions and their answers along with some troubleshooting tips to help you navigate through.

Why can’t I add more users to my account? It’s paramount to note that the number of users you can add to your ActiveCampaign account may be limited based on the plan level you’ve subscribed to. Make sure to check whether you’ve reached the limit before adding more users.

I have a Lite plan, can I still add users to my account?
Certainly! Regardless of the plan level, ActiveCampaign allows you to add users. However, with a Lite plan, you can add up to three users.

What is the cost of adding an additional user?
The cost of adding an additional user depends on your subscription tier.

Subscription TierCost Per User
Lite$29 per user
PlusIncluded in Plan
ProfessionalIncluded in Plan
EnterpriseIncluded in Plan

Ensure to check the details of your plan to know the exact cost.

I’ve assigned a wrong user role, what do I do?
User roles and permissions can be modified anytime in ActiveCampaign. Navigate to the ‘Manage Users’ section, select the user in question and click on the ‘edit’ option to switch roles.

When you encounter issues, don’t panic. Most problems in ActiveCampaign can be resolved by checking your subscription details, access levels, and the number of users you’re permitted to add. Remember, balance is key, so regularly review and adjust your users and their access levels to ensure optimal system performance and to foster team productivity.


Mastering the art of adding and managing users in ActiveCampaign is crucial for your team’s productivity. It’s not just about adding users, but assigning the right access levels based on their roles. Your choice of subscription tier can even net you some free users. Remember, ActiveCampaign’s flexibility allows for careful decision-making and experimentation. Troubleshooting issues or wondering about the cost of additional users? The answers are at your fingertips. Regularly reviewing and adjusting your users and access levels ensures optimal system performance. So, don’t hesitate to dive in, explore, and make the most of what ActiveCampaign offers.

How do I add a user to an ActiveCampaign account?

In ActiveCampaign, adding a user is straightforward. First, click on Settings, then Users. From here, select “Add a User” and fill in the necessary information like email and name. Select the desired user type, set permissions, then save it.

What are the different access levels for user roles in ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign lets you assign different user roles, each with its own access level. The roles range from an Admin, who has complete access, to lower tiers such as the Manager and User, each with varying access to system functions.

What is the cost of adding additional users to ActiveCampaign?

The cost to add additional users depends on your subscription level with ActiveCampaign. Some tiers allow for free users, while others charge a fee per additional user. Details can be found on the platform’s Pricing page.

How do I modify the roles of users in ActiveCampaign?

To modify user roles in ActiveCampaign, navigate to Settings > Users. Find the user whose role you want to change, click on their email, then choose ‘Edit.’ You can now revise their user type and permissions.

How often should I review and adjust user roles and access levels?

For optimal system performance and team productivity, it is recommended to review and adjust user roles and access levels regularly. This ensures that suitable permissions are set, reducing system clutter and security risks.

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