Understanding ActiveCampaign Dot Com Pricing: Is The Enterprise Plan Worth It?

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Wondering about the cost of ActiveCampaign Dot Com? You’re not alone. It’s a common question among businesses looking to optimize their email marketing strategies.

ActiveCampaign Dot Com is a robust platform offering a range of pricing options. It’s tailored to fit different business needs and budgets. But how much does it really cost?

ActiveCampaign Dot Com Pricing Tiers

As you delve deeper into the ActiveCampaign Dot Com Pricing, it’s crucial to note that it’s dubbed as a versatile solution that accommodates various business demands and budgets.

It mirrors its extensive functionality into its pricing packages hence, the broad spectrum of options. Let’s dissect each tier and find out what might suit your business.

Lite Package

Primarily, the Lite package is ideal for businesses that are just dipping their toes in the realm of email marketing. It’s priced at $9 per month with a yearly billing cycle. Here, you get access to functions such as unlimited sending, email marketing, send-time optimization. This package is perfect should you need to have a taste of the platform’s potential.


Mature enterprises often go for the Plus plan, which costs $49 per month. It widens the room for expansion, allowing for CRM with sales automation, contact and lead scoring and, deep data integrations. It’s like a big brother to the Lite package, assisting in automating much of your online activities.


ActiveCampaign understands you might be striving for a feature-heavy solution. The Professional package comes in at $129 monthly, focusing on integrating serious marketing tools such as predictive sending, predictive content, customer attribution and path to purchase. It pushes the envelope to provide what you need for a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.


If your corporation demands more personalized services, the Enterprise package priced at $229 monthly, aims to graft its tools onto your business. It offers a custom domain, custom reporting, in-depth onboarding, and a dedicated account rep. It might seem like a pricey option, but if you’re wearing the big boy pants, it’s worth every penny.

That’s a quick review of the ActiveCampaign Dot Com pricing tiers. Depending on your financial muscle and marketing agenda, there’s undoubtedly a package that aligns with your needs. Play around with the options, match them with your goals, and you’ll make a practical choice.

Free Trial and Basic Plan

If you’re unsure about which direction to take, ActiveCampaign had your back. Offering you a free trial to test the waters before you make any financial commitments, you can decide which package is best for you. You’ll get 14 days to play around with all the features they offer, without the requirement of entering your card details. It’s a hassle-free way to kick the tires without any risk.

Now if you’re a small business or just starting out on your venture, the ActiveCampaign Lite Plan would be up your alley. Despite being the basic package, it’s not short on features. Priced at only $9 per month, you’ll get access to the essentials including an unlimited number of emails.

Plan NameCost per monthFeatures Included
Free Trial$0Full access for 14 days
Lite$9Unlimited emails

With the Lite Plan, you’re not only subscribing to email services. They’ve thrown in tools essential for contact & lead scoring, segmentation, and even an option to send SMS in case email doesn’t suffice. Now, how’s that for value? And as your company grows, so does ActiveCampaign’s services, making it highly scalable.

However, do note that the Lite Plan only allows for single users – if you need multiple user accounts, you might have to look to the bigger packages. But for a basic plan, it’s hard to beat the value that ActiveCampaign brings to your marketing campaign.

As you see, ActiveCampaign is dedicated to finding a suitable plan for businesses of all shapes and sizes, allowing everyone to utilize its robust features. You can literally watch your business grow with the right tools, without breaking the bank. Time and time again, they’ve proven their commitment to providing scalable and affordable services, which makes them a preferred choice amongst marketers.

Plus Plan

Advancing further into ActiveCampaign’s spectrum of pricing plans, you’ll encounter the Plus plan. Designed for established businesses aiming to achieve greater depths in automation and integration, it’s priced comfortably at $49 per month.

Capable of scaling your business, the Plus plan is at the sweet spot of ActiveCampaign’s pricing tiers. It equips mature businesses with a Customer Relation Management (CRM) system that delivers robust sales automation. Plus, with comprehensive deep data integrations, you’ll be able to interlink across a variety of tools, streamlining your business operations.

This package offers everything present in the Lite plan, combined with CRM, sales automation, and most importantly, deep data integration. These data integrations are crucial for any business aiming to maximize its marketing efficiency and connect its diverse toolset.

If you want to feel the depth of the Plus plan, ActiveCampaign offers a free trial. Explore the possibilities and then make a decision. It’s a step above the Lite plan and brings new tools and features for businesses ready to climb the ladder.

For businesses willing to invest, there’s the potential to make your processes smoother and more efficient with the integration feature of the Plus plan. The price difference with the preceding Lite plan is justified by the notable rise in features and functionalities.

Consider this: unlimited emails, contact and lead scoring, and segmentation are part of both the Lite and Plus plans. However, the Plus plan provides these and adds more. Think about it – SMS, integrations with your favorite tools, customer and user permissions, and the ability to create custom user roles. Just imagine how it can upgrade your game and take your business to the upper echelons.

Pricing tiers represent the progress path of a business. Moving to the Plus plan is a natural step up from the Lite plan for businesses eyeing the next level. But don’t stop here. Dive further. Have a look at the higher-tiered package, the Professional plan, designed for businesses that need high-powered tools and services. With ActiveCampaign, the possibilities continue to unfold.

Professional Plan

Next up on your consideration list could be the Professional Plan. With an enticing upgrade to $129 per month, this plan takes customer handling to the next level. On the surface, it could appear as a significant leap from the Plus Plan. But take a moment, delve deeper, and you’ll realize the extended features more than justify the pricing.

Boasting sales automation, deep data integrations, web personalization, predictive sending, and contact scoring, this plan’s an intelligent choice for businesses gearing for dynamic expansion. The predictive sending feature, for instance, can change the game for your email marketing strategy. It intelligently times your emails to land perfectly in your customers’ inbox, increasing the chances of your emails getting read.

Another essential feature is the contact scoring system. This algorithm grades your contacts based on interaction and engagement, helping you prioritize where to spend your time and resources.

Here’s a quick summary:

Sales AutomationStreamlines your sales process
Deep Data IntegrationEnriches customer profiles
Web PersonalizationBoosts customer engagement
Predictive SendingOptimizes email delivery
Contact ScoringHelps prioritize customer engagement

The Professional Plan also lets you access machine learning capabilities, and with it, predictive content. This sophisticated attribute identifies optimal email content to further engage your contacts. Plus, it includes training sessions to help you maximize the use of all these powerful tools.

Remember, with this plan, you’re not just buying a service, you’re investing in a tool that powers your business growth.

Take the Professional Plan for a test drive with a free trial and leverage all it has to offer. And if you’re looking for even more powerhouse features, find out what the Enterprise plan has in store.

Enterprise Plan

In your search for the most advanced email marketing solution, exploring the Enterprise plan from ActiveCampaign Dot Com might be just what you’re after. Catering specifically to large-scale businesses and advanced marketing teams, the Enterprise tier is replete with powerhouse features that make it stand out.

Priced at a significant $229 per month, it’s the crème de la crème of all the subscription options. The Enterprise plan takes everything the Professional plan offers and piles on a whole lot more. Advanced features like custom reporting and custom mail server domain are just a glimpse into its vast capabilities.

Imagine being able to generate detailed, in-depth reports, customized to your business’s unique requirements. This could sway decisions in ways you hadn’t previously considered. Now take the custom mail server domain, which lets you control deliverability, domain reputation, and ensure a higher deliverability rate.

Even more, imagine getting onboarding consultation and in-depth training – all part of the package deal with the Enterprise plan. You’d not only get access to incredible tools but also learn how to maximize their potential through targeted training sessions.

Why not throw in free integration setup to the mix too? Not well-versed in setting up integrations? That’s alright because the Enterprise plan includes free integration setup, so you won’t have to sweat it. Making the most out of your chosen CRM system has never been easier.

On top of all these detailed features, unlimited users and unlimited sending are added perks of the Enterprise plan. Be it a team of ten or a hundred, ActiveCampaign Dot Com doesn’t limit the number of users for Enterprise subscribers. Now everyone in the team can learn, grow and pitch in!

As you embark on exploring ActiveCampaign Dot Com’s plans, it’s essential to consider both your current needs and future plans. With the Enterprise plan, the possibilities are as expansive as they are empowering. Remember, it’s always possible to upgrade from your current plan if your requirements scale up.

Looking for even more? You may want to peek at the Free Trial to test the mighty Enterprise plan’s waters. With no closing thoughts, let’s carry on exploring.


So you’ve seen the scope of what ActiveCampaign Dot Com can offer, particularly with its Enterprise plan. It’s clear that this platform is more than capable of scaling with your business, offering advanced features at $229 per month. It’s all about aligning your needs with the right plan. Remember, you’re not locked into one tier. Upgrading is always an option as your business evolves. ActiveCampaign Dot Com’s flexibility and comprehensive features make it a strong contender in the marketing arena. So, when you’re planning your marketing strategy, don’t forget to consider ActiveCampaign Dot Com.

What is the cost of the Enterprise plan from ActiveCampaign Dot Com?

The Enterprise plan from ActiveCampaign Dot Com is priced at $229 per month.

Who is the Enterprise plan designed for?

It is designed for large-scale businesses and advanced marketing teams looking for advanced features.

What advanced features are offered in the Enterprise plan?

The Enterprise plan offers features like custom reporting, custom mail server domain, onboarding consultation, in-depth training, free integration setup, unlimited users, and unlimited sending.

Should current needs or future plans be considered when choosing a plan?

Both current needs and future plans should be taken into account when examining ActiveCampaign Dot Com’s plans.

Is it possible to upgrade from a lower-tier plan?

Yes, one can upgrade from a lower-tier plan as their business needs evolve and expand.

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