Understanding ActiveCampaign Pricing: A Comprehensive Cost Breakdown

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In your search for the perfect email marketing tool, you’ve likely stumbled upon ActiveCampaign. It’s a powerful platform that offers a wide range of features, but you’re probably wondering, “How much does ActiveCampaign cost?”

Well, you’re in the right place. We’re going to break down the cost of ActiveCampaign, so you can see if it fits into your budget. Remember, investing in the right tool can make a significant difference in your email marketing results. So, let’s get started.

ActiveCampaign offers a variety of pricing plans to suit businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation, there’s a plan that’s tailored to your needs. Stick around to learn more about the costs associated with this robust email marketing tool.

ActiveCampaign Pricing Plans

As you dive deeper into the world of ActiveCampaign, you’ll find that it has various pricing plans tailored to businesses of all sizes. These tiered plans are designed to cater to different requirements, and they increase in price depending on the features you need and the number of contacts you have.

ActiveCampaign’s pricing structure includes four packages: Lite, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise.

The Lite Plan

This entry-level plan comes at a modest price of $9 per month (billed annually). It’s an excellent starting point if you’re new to email marketing or are operating within a tight budget. You’ll get access to basic features such as email marketing, subscription forms, and chat and email support.

However, it’s important to note that this plan does not include CRM or any advanced features.

The Plus Plan

Moving up, the Plus plan offers you more advanced features priced at $49 per month (billed annually). This plan gives you access to CRM, contact scoring and tools to help with marketing automation. If you’re a rapidly growing business, this could be your choice.

The Professional Plan

The next step up is the Professional plan, priced at $129 per month (billed annually). The perks? You’ll get machine learning capabilities, advanced reporting and site messaging. It’s suited for businesses ready to take their email marketing strategy to the next level.

The Enterprise Plan

ActiveCampaign’s top-tier plan is the Enterprise, priced at $229 per month (billed annually). This plan comes packed with the most advanced features like custom reporting, a dedicated account rep, and advanced onboarding and training sessions. It’s designed for large-scale businesses needing extensive features and support.

Let’s break down the cost-effectiveness of these plans:

PlanPrice / Month (billed annually)Features
Lite$9Basic marketing tools, Subscription forms
Plus$49CRM, Contact scoring, Marketing automation
Professional$129Machine learning, Advanced reporting, Site messaging
Enterprise$229Custom reporting, Dedicated account rep, Onboarding & training

Small Business Plan

Now’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, breaking down ActiveCampaign’s most common pricing plan for small businesses – the Plus Plan. This plan is second on the tier, coming after the basic Lite Plan. It’s priced quite reasonably at $49 per month and it’s packed with more expansive features, broadening your email marketing experience beyond the basics.

Considering your business might be expanding, we reckon that you’ll need more than just basic email marketing tools, and that’s where the Plus Plan shines. The plan is designed in a way that it fits small and growing businesses just like yours. This isn’t just about increasing your number of contacts, it’s about upgrading your entire marketing campaign.

Here are some of the key features you get with the Plus Plan:

  • CRM with sales automation: This takes customer relationship management to the next level. This feature helps automate your sales processes, making it a more seamless experience, thus saving you invaluable time.
  • Contact and lead scoring: It’s important to know which leads are valuable and who you should be spending your marketing efforts on. With this feature, you’ll be able to score your contacts and leads to prioritize your actions.
  • Deep data integrations: These provide you with insights into how your marketing efforts are doing. The better you understand your strategies, the better you can adapt, improve, and grow.
  • Custom user permissions: This is an important feature for larger teams. With custom user permissions, you’re able to control who has access to what information within your marketing campaign.

The Plus Plan truly is a step up from the Lite version, providing everything you need to take your small business to the next level. If you’re ready for growth, let ActiveCampaign give you the marketing boost you need. Remember, the cost might increase as your needs expand, but the results certainly will too.

However, if you’re looking for even more capabilities like machine learning and advanced reporting, you might want to explore the Professional plan. This comes at a higher cost, but it’s worth considering if advanced features are what you’re after.

That’s the range for small businesses, but ActiveCampaign offers two more pricing tiers to suit your business at every stage. Don’t rush, take your time and make the right decision for your business needs.

Professional Plan

Moving up in the pricing tier ladder brings you to ActiveCampaign’s Professional plan. With this plan, you’re not just taking a step up, you’re leaping into a whole new realm of features specially designed to automate processes, streamline operations and boost your marketing strategies.

How so? Starting from $129/month, the Professional plan opens doors to a bevy of features not included in the lower-priced plans.

Consider the machine learning capabilities, a standout feature in this tier. Machine learning allows for predictive content and predictive sending. Your marketing campaigns can benefit from predicting what content will engage specific customers and when is the best time to engage them.

Another exemplary feature of the Professional plan is the advanced reporting. In today’s world, data is pivotal in decision-making processes. Advanced reporting gives you a bird’s-eye view of your campaigns, provides insightful data and aids in tracking your marketing goals.

Let’s have a quick look at the pricing details:

Professional Plan
Monthly Price$129
Key Features– Machine Learning
– Advanced Reporting

However, like its preceding plans, the cost of the Professional plan also increases based on the number of contacts. This makes it important to consider your contact base size before committing to this pricing option.

Of course, besides machine learning and advanced reporting, this plan offers all the features of the previous plans. This further includes social data enriching, in-depth onboarding, automation strategy consulting, and 3 one-on-one training sessions per month.

ActiveCampaign flexibility in each pricing tier offers you the opportunity to align your business needs with their package features. Whether it’s the Professional plan or any other, their array of features caters to various types and sizes of businesses. As you look deeper into the Professional plan, you’ll see direct parallels between its capabilities and the opportunities for your business growth. The choice to upgrade seems very clear.

Enterprise Plan

Beyond the Professional plan, ActiveCampaign offers an all-inclusive Enterprise plan. With cost starting from $229 per month, this plan provides an extensive range of advanced features suited for businesses with larger-scale needs.

In the Enterprise plan, you gain access to a plethora of advanced tools and functionalities. Unlimited users can leverage the benefits of this plan, making it the ideal choice for large teams. There are custom mailserver domains and more powerful insights through CRM with sales automation. You’ll also get contact and lead scoring, coupled with deep data integrations.

One standout feature of the Enterprise plan is the powerful machine learning capabilities for predictive sending and content along with custom reporting options. It ensures you’re sending your messages at the right time to the right people, resulting in boosted engagement and conversions.

To ensure a smooth user experience, ActiveCampaign provides a dedicated account representative in the Enterprise plan to streamline your needs. You will have access to phone support and uptime SLA, ensuring a robust customer service experience.

Additionally, this plan accommodates an increase in the number of contacts, but let’s not forget that the price increases accordingly. Here’s a simplified illustration of the cost increase based on the number of contacts:


Leveraging the Enterprise plan means enhancing your email marketing game with automated, strategic practices that deliver tangible results. It’s a great plan for businesses seeking to establish themselves as industry leaders with a powerful email marketing strategy. You’ll be on the path to boosting your customer engagement and driving business growth at a larger scale.

Additional Costs

While the core pricing for ActiveCampaign gives you a solid understanding of the platform’s affordability, it’s also crucial to consider some potential additional costs. These costs can vary widely, depending on your specific business needs and how you plan to use the platform.

An additional cost you might encounter is geared towards the number of contacts in your marketing database. Light reminder: as your business grows and your contact list expands, you’ll need to move to a higher-level plan. That said, the scalability offered by ActiveCampaign can in fact be a big advantage! Having a plan that grows with your business ensures you’ve always got just the amount of power you need.

Another possible extra fee could be tied to training and setup. Even though ActiveCampaign sports a user-friendly interface, a bit of professional guidance in navigating its more complex features might well be worth the investment. This is especially true if you’re adopting their advanced plans like the Professional or Enterprise plans. Customized training sessions offered by ActiveCampaign are billed separately.

Beyond that, perhaps you’ll find yourself in need of additional users down the line. Unlike some other platforms, ActiveCampaign’s pricing does scale based on the number of users. Finding yourself needing extra hands on deck isn’t unusual, but do remember it may bump up your monthly cost.

It’s all about the most productive fit for your business needs. Keep these factors in mind as you tailor the most fruitful ActiveCampaign strategy for your goals. So, while the prices mentioned might seem like added expenses, they may very well pay for themselves in term of operational efficiency and value.

Comparing ActiveCampaign with other Email Marketing Tools

When choosing a digital marketing solution, it’s crucial to consider how ActiveCampaign stacks up against other top names in the field. Here’s a snapshot analysis comparing ActiveCampaign pricing and feature packs with two of its major competitors: Mailchimp and HubSpot.

ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp

Though both platforms offer email marketing capabilities, the starting price point and feature sets differ significantly. Mailchimp’s free plan is attractive but limited, focusing mainly on email dispatches. The real power kicks in only with the Standard plan which starts at $14.99/month.

ActiveCampaign’s Lite Plan, starting at $9/month, has no free tier but packs more in terms of automation features. It offers robust workflows not found in Mailchimp’s free and basic paid versions. However, CRM features are missing in the Lite Plan and can only be accessed with the higher-tier Plus Plan.

Here’s a quick comparison:

ComparisonActiveCampaign Lite PlanMailchimp Free and Essential Plans
Starting Price$9/monthFree to $9.99/month
Email Marketing✔️✔️
Marketing Automation✔️Limited

ActiveCampaign vs HubSpot

HubSpot, on the other hand, offers a ton of features even in its free tier, including CRM. However, its Start Plan – comparable to ActiveCampaign’s Lite plan – also begins at $9/month, making the pricing quite competitive. Yet, keep in mind that advanced features like predictive sending and machine learning are only available in ActiveCampaign’s higher-tier plans.

Refer to the table below:

ComparisonActiveCampaign Lite PlanHubSpot Start Plan
Starting Price$9/month$9/month
Email Marketing✔️✔️
Marketing Automation✔️

Thus, when making a decision, factor in your specific business requirements and the size of your contact list. See what additional features you may need and calculate the total investment before making your choice.


So you’ve seen how ActiveCampaign’s pricing structure works. From the Lite plan at $9 per month to the fully-loaded Enterprise plan starting at $229, there’s a tier to suit every business size and need. Remember, while the costs might go up with the number of contacts, additional users, and training, these are investments that can boost your operational efficiency and provide value in the long run. Plus, when compared to competitors like Mailchimp and HubSpot, ActiveCampaign offers a distinct blend of features and affordability. It’s clear that ActiveCampaign is a robust email marketing tool that’s worth considering, regardless of your business’s scale or budget.

What are the pricing plans offered by ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign offers four pricing plans. The Lite plan starts at $9 per month, offering basic email marketing features. The Plus plan costs $49 per month with advanced features like CRM and sales automation. The Professional plan, with advanced reporting and machine learning capabilities, is priced at $129 per month. Lastly, the Enterprise plan starts at $229 per month and offers the most extensive feature set.

How does the price change based on the number of contacts?

The pricing for ActiveCampaign plans increases with the number of contacts. While specific numbers can vary, the general rule is that more contacts translate to more costs.

What additional costs may be added to ActiveCampaign’s listed prices?

Besides the listed prices, there could be additional costs for more contacts, training and setup, and additional users. It’s best to consider these if thinking about getting the larger packages.

How do ActiveCampaign’s prices and features compare with its competitors?

ActiveCampaign’s starting prices are lower, but its offerings’ scope and sophistication can beat competitors like Mailchimp and HubSpot. ActiveCampaign provides a valuable range of features at each price point.

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