Understanding ActiveCampaign Software Pricing: A Breakdown for Every Business Size

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If you’re on the hunt for an all-in-one marketing solution, you’ve likely stumbled upon ActiveCampaign. It’s a powerful tool that can streamline your email marketing, sales automation, and customer relationship management. But the big question on your mind is probably, “What’s the cost of ActiveCampaign software?”

Pricing for software like ActiveCampaign can be a bit complex, as it’s often based on the number of contacts you have and the features you need. But don’t worry, we’re here to break it down for you. In this article, we’ll dive into the different pricing tiers of ActiveCampaign and help you understand which one might be the best fit for your business needs.

Pricing Tiers of ActiveCampaign

The heart of deciphering ActiveCampaign’s pricing structure revolves around its tiered options. They’ve been thoughtfully designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes. There’s a perfect fit wherever your business lands in the spectrum of marketing needs.

ActiveCampaign offers four distinct pricing tiers: Lite, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise. To understand better, let’s break each one down:

Lite – Starting at $9 per month

Your stepping stone into ActiveCampaign’s offerings begins with the Lite package. At just $9 per month, you get features such as unlimited sending, email marketing, chat and email support, and access to marketing automation. It’s a great starter package for small businesses or those just setting foot into the realm of automated marketing.

Plus – Starting at $49 per month

The Plus tier takes things up a notch. For $49 per month, you get everything from the Lite package along with CRM with sales automation, landing pages, customer/user accounts, integrations and more. This package is tailor-made for growing businesses with expanding marketing needs.

Professional – Starting at $129 per month

Businesses looking for advanced functionalities like predictive sending and win probability should opt for the Professional tier. Priced at $129 per month, you’ll receive everything from the preceding packages along with features like conversion tracking, site messaging, and in-depth onboarding consultation.

Enterprise – Starting at $229 per month

Enterprise is the top-of-the-line package with features exclusive to this level. From custom domain and reporting to machine learning capabilities, it’s suited for large businesses needing tailored, advanced solutions.

Each tier’s price is based on the number of contacts. As your contact list grows, so too will the cost – but don’t fret! ActiveCampaign ensures their offerings scale gracefully with the needs of your business.

Remember, ActiveCampaign is all about customizing your experience. They’ve attempted to create packages that hit the sweet spot between functionality and cost-effectiveness, giving you great value at each level.

Clearly, there’s a wealth of information to digest here, and it’s important to consider your individual business needs before deciding on a specific package.

Understanding the Cost Structure

When considering ActiveCampaign as a fruitful marketing solution for your business, it’s crucial to dig deeper into its pricing tiers. Each tier has a unique cost based on the number of contacts your business maintains. Therefore, understanding the cost structure can help you identify the most cost-efficient choice for your business.

The pricing tier begins with the Lite package. This package is tailor-made for small businesses or startups who are new to the world of digital marketing. While it’s the most inexpensive tier, it doesn’t compromise on providing an array of essential marketing features.

Scaling up from the Lite package, the Plus package caters to the growing businesses ready to leverage more advanced marketing tools. It’s pricier than Lite but comes with a set of additional features, proving its worth for businesses in expansion mode.

If you’re seeking advanced functionalities, the Professional package is your go-to. This package presents more progressive marketing features and automation than the first two tiers. It’s an excellent fit for businesses that have a mature marketing outlook and need superior tools to push their marketing efforts.

Lastly, the Enterprise package, the most expensive tier, is designed for large businesses that require bespoke solutions. This package offers all ActiveCampaign features, along with top-tier customer service.

Each of these tiers is priced according to the number of contacts your business has. As your list of contacts grows, you’ll move up in the pricing structure. For instance, for 500 contacts, you could expect to pay around $9 for the Lite package, $49 for the Plus, $129 for the Professional, and $229 for the Enterprise.

To put it in perspective, here’s a markdown table of the pricing structure:

Number of ContactsLitePlusProfessionalEnterprise

ActiveCampaign’s diverse pricing tiers enable a customized, cost-effective marketing solution for different business sizes. Make sure to consider your individual needs, features required, and the number of contacts before selecting a specific package.

Essential Plan

When you’re ready to take your marketing strategy to the next level, explore the Essential Plan. As your business grows, you’ll discover that basic features may not be enough to fully maximize your marketing potential. Active Campaign’s Essential Plan provides you with more advanced features necessary for your development.

Priced per contact, the Essential Plan goes a step beyond the Lite package. The added functionality not only enhances your inbound marketing but paves way for sophisticated automation of your processes. For a business looking to fine-tune their marketing efforts, the Essential Plan is most fitting.

What makes this package shine is the array of advanced features. With the Essential Plan, you can gain access to features including:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools. These aid in managing and analyzing customer interactions and data.
  • Contact & Lead Scoring which allows for easy segmentation and targeting of your audience based on their interaction.
  • Sales Automation to automate follow-ups and streamline your processes.

These upgrades make it possible to manage and organize your growing customer base and potential leads more efficiently. Remember, every feature of the Essential Plan should provide value to your business. If you think your business could benefit from these advanced features, explore whether the Essential Plan fits with the growth of your business.

This plan varies widely in price, depending on the number of contacts. For example:

Number of ContactsPrice per Month

You can see that the more contacts you have, the more it costs.

Remember, understanding the Essential Plan is the key to deciphering if it’s the correct match for your business. Evaluating your needs and the features offered will assist in making an informed decision. Moreover, understanding that the cost is tied to the number of contacts is crucial for budgeting purposes.

Plus Plan

Next on our journey under the price spotlight is the Plus Plan. As a move above the Essential Plan, the Plus Plan offers an even broader range of features to grow and scale your business. This plan opens the door to several advanced features compared to the Essential Plan, further targeted towards businesses ready to go beyond just basic email marketing.

Highly valued features include CRM with sales automation, Facebook custom audiences, integrations with various ecommerce platforms, and even SMS marketing capabilities. CRM with sales automation gives your sales team a robust tool to personally follow up and nurture leads while other features enhance your online marketing reach.

Let’s take a look at the pricing structure. Pricing for the Plus Plan aligns with the number of contacts you possess. That means as your contact numbers increase, so does the cost. Let’s break it down:

Number of ContactsMonthly Cost (Billed Annually)
Up to 1,000$70

Clearly, it’s an investment, but it’s important to keep in mind that cost should be viewed against the value these features bring to your business. All the advanced features included in the Plus Plan are designed to provide significant returns in terms of lead cultivation, marketing automation, and sales growth.

Remember, every tier in ActiveCampaign’s offer brings a different array of tools and resources. Think not just about the initial cost, but about the long-term potential for your business. It’s vital to review these pricing structures and understand which offers the best return on investment for you, and if you’re ready to maximize the tools offered by the Plus Plan.

Understandably, the Plus Plan isn’t for everyone. But if your business resides in ecommerce or your marketing strategies heavily rely on Facebook and SMS, this might be the perfect fit for your needs. The value of these advanced features could very well justify the cost, leading you to an elevated level of marketing success.

Professional Plan

Moving up the pyramid of ActiveCampaign pricing, you’ll find the Professional Plan enveloped with top-tier qualities. If your business’s demands surpass what the Plus Plan offers, exploring the Professional Plan might be worth your time.

This plan retains the features of the Plus Plan, yet, it further enhances your marketing arsenal. Elements like predictive sending, predictive content, conversion reports, and analytics provide you superior control over your marketing strategies. With these tools under your belt, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of how your emails perform, ways to increase conversion rates, and the best time to send your campaigns.

The Professional Plan of ActiveCampaign also branches into on-site messaging activities. This feature serves as a catalyst to engage your customers in real-time on your website. You can offer personalized messages or prompt customer support to enhance user experience.

With a profound customer retention technology namely, “Win Probability,” the Professional Plan stands distinct. This feature furnishes you with an estimate of winning deals, thus helping predict and raise your profit margins.

However, the power of the Professional Plan doesn’t come without a price. For 500 contacts, it costs $159 per month. Depending on the number of contacts, the cost of the Professional Plan increases proportionally. Although the cost might seem steep compared to other plans, the advanced features can offset these costs by possibly delivering a higher return on investment.

As with the Plus Plan, the Professional Plan may not be the best choice for all businesses. The price to value ratio truly shines if your business requires advanced marketing automation, predictive analytics, or extensive customer retention strategies.

Moving beyond the Professional Plan, there are even more advanced options available with the Enterprise Plan of ActiveCampaign. This higher echelon offers the most comprehensive features, specifically tailored for businesses with large scale demands. So, let’s dive into those facets next.

Enterprise Plan

Moving further up the pricing tiers, we have the Enterprise Plan, the highest level of ActiveCampaign’s offerings. With this plan, you’re not just buying software, you’re buying a complete digital marketing solution. It’s perfect for large corporations with high volume customer interactions or businesses that have highly specific needs which go beyond traditional email marketing.

This plan takes continuity of your marketing approach to a whole new level. It includes all features from the Professional Plan and adds a few more gems that could be exactly what your organization needs. Some of these features are custom reporting, custom mailserver domain, free design services, and even a dedicated account rep.

The standout feature of the Enterprise Plan is the one-on-one training that is included. This training can prove immensely beneficial for larger teams, ensuring everyone is on the same page, efficiently using the platform, and using all the features to their optimum levels.

What about the price? The cost of the Enterprise Plan is calculated based on the number of contacts just like the other tiers. Yes, the cost is considerably high compared to lesser plans, but the services offered align favorably with the price tag.

As the table below shows, pricing starts from $229 per month for 500 contacts, going up to $349 per month for 10,000 contacts. Remember, these are merely starting points and prices increase with the increase in contacts.

Number of contactsMonthly Price

Bear in mind that like the Professional Plan, the Enterprise Plan may not be suitable for all businesses. It’s ultimately about assessing whether the unique features of this plan can bring value to your business. For organizations that require extensive personalization, priority support, and a dedicated account rep, the Enterprise Plan is a fantastic option. Your decision should be based on where your organization stands today and where you aim to be in future.

Choosing the Right Plan for Your Business

Choosing the right plan for your business isn’t just about the cost, it’s also about what you’ll get for your money. You need to consider the unique needs and goals of your organization.

First, look at the features of the different plans. If you are a smaller business or just starting out with email marketing, the Lite Plan or the Plus Plan might be right for you. They offer basic email marketing services, such as sending email campaigns and newsletters, and allow for some automation, all for a reasonable cost.

However, if you’re a larger business with more complex email marketing needs, the Professional Plan or the Enterprise Plan could be a better fit. These plans offer a greater range of services, such as advanced automation, salesforce integration, predictive sending, and even one-on-one training in the case of the Enterprise Plan. Remember, the cost of these plans also increases with the number of contacts you wish to reach.

Next, work out the size of your contact list. All ActiveCampaign’s plans adjust their pricing based on the number of contacts, so knowing your number is essential. For instance, with the Enterprise Plan the value could be as low as $229 for 500 contacts, or climb up to $349 for reaching out to 10,000 contacts.

Lastly, consider the potential growth and scalability of your business. If you anticipate significant growth, you might want to invest in a plan that can grow with you, allowing you to add new contacts and leverage additional features as your business evolves.

Just take note, it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. The perfect plan will be largely dependent on the unique makeup of your business and its email marketing needs. Weigh your options and align them with your core objectives and capacity to maximize your investment in the ActiveCampaign software.

Number of ContactsLite PlanPlus PlanProfessional PlanEnterprise Plan


So, you’ve seen that ActiveCampaign’s cost varies based on your business needs and the number of contacts you have. The Lite and Plus Plans are great for smaller businesses, while the Professional and Enterprise Plans cater to larger ones with more complex email marketing needs. Remember, the Enterprise Plan starts at $229 per month for 500 contacts and climbs to $349 per month for 10,000 contacts. But don’t forget to factor in your business’s potential growth and scalability. In the end, the best plan for you will hinge on your business’s unique structure and email marketing requirements.

What is the focus of the article?

The article focuses on the pricing tiers of ActiveCampaign, with special emphasis on the Enterprise Plan. It guides businesses to choose a suitable plan based on their unique needs and goals.

Who can benefit from the Lite Plan and Plus Plan?

The Lite Plan and Plus Plan are particularly suitable for smaller businesses with uncomplicated email marketing requirements.

Which plan is suitable for large businesses?

For larger businesses with more complex email marketing needs, the Professional Plan and Enterprise Plan are recommended.

How is the pricing for the Enterprise Plan determined?

Enterprise Plan pricing is determined based on the number of contacts. It starts at $229/month for 500 contacts, escalating to $349/month for 10,000 contacts.

Is potential business growth a factor to consider when choosing a plan?

Absolutely. The scalability potential of your business should be considered when choosing a plan to accommodate future growth.

Does the perfect plan depend on the unique needs of a business?

Yes, the perfect plan essentially depends on the unique composition and email marketing necessities of your business.

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