Understanding ActiveCampaign Software Pricing: A Comprehensive Cost Guide

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Wondering about the cost of ActiveCampaign software? You’re not alone. It’s a common query among businesses looking to boost their marketing efforts. ActiveCampaign is a leading player in the world of email marketing and automation tools, but how much does it really cost?

Before you dive in, it’s important to understand that the price of ActiveCampaign varies based on your needs. There’s no one-size-fits-all price tag. The cost depends on factors like the size of your contact list and the features you require. So, let’s break down the pricing structure to give you a better idea.

Understanding the Pricing Structure of ActiveCampaign Software

ActiveCampaign software doesn’t have a fixed price. You might be wondering, “Why is that?” It’s because their pricing model is dynamic, meaning it adjusts based on several aspects, chief among them the size of your contact list and the specific features you need from the software.

The structure is divided into four plans: Lite, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise, each catering to different business types and sizes. Let’s dig a little deeper into each plan and its inclusions.

Lite is the entry-level tier, providing essential features such as sending unlimited emails, marketing automation, and chat and email support. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

Then we have the Plus tier, adding additional features like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), lead scoring, and custom branding. This helps your expanding business to keep up with a growing customer base.

On the higher end of the spectrum, you’ll find the Professional and Enterprise plans which are tailored for larger enterprises. The Professional plan introduces machine learning capabilities, while the Enterprise plan includes dedicated support, custom reporting, and a service level agreement.

But how does your contact list size fit into all of this?

Starting with a list of 500 contacts, pricing begins at $9 for the Lite plan, $49 for Plus, $129 for Professional, and $229 for Enterprise. These costs increase as your contact list size grows. For example, a contact list of 10,000 will have a starting price of $111 for Lite, $199 for Plus, $279 for Professional, and $399 for Enterprise.

As you can see, the more you need from ActiveCampaign, the more you’ll invest in this incredibly versatile software. It’s a scalable solution that grows with your business, ensuring you only pay for what you truly need.

Factors That Affect the Cost of ActiveCampaign

One key factor that influences the cost of ActiveCampaign is the size of your contact list. It’s an important element that you can’t ignore, as pricing flexibly adapts to your ever-increasing list. As your database grows, so the fees correspondingly scale with it. But don’t sweat it, this pricing method ensures you’re only charged for what you’re aptly using and not a penny more.

Nevertheless, the depth of the feature set you require also plays a pivotal role in cost determination. The more advanced your needs, the higher priced plan you may need to lean towards. The Lite plan offers basic features like email marketing and unlimited sending. The Plus plan includes everything in Lite, but adds CRM with sales automation and contact and lead scoring.

Stepping up to the Professional plan, it allures you with features such as site messaging and machine learning capabilities. And the Enterprise plan, suited for more established businesses, offers custom mail server domains, dedicated account reps, and free design services alongside all features in the lower plans.

Finally, another determinant of ActiveCampaign’s pricing is the duration of your subscription. Opting for an annual commitment can result in significant savings. For instance, choosing yearly payments as opposed to paying monthly can save you up to 30%. It’s worth it to estimate your long-term usage of the software and calculate whether the annual option would indeed be more cost-effective.

Remember that different businesses have different needs. Choose the appropriate features and the right number of contacts required. However, make sure not to compromise on essential features that can greatly enhance your marketing results. Always weigh out your options and consider the degree to which investing in a higher-priced plan could pay dividends down the line. It’s a balance between cost, features, and the number of contacts that will guide you towards the perfect plan for your business.

Pricing Tiers of ActiveCampaign

Understanding the pricing tier breakdown for ActiveCampaign allows you to make an informed decision. Knowing how much it’ll cost you yearly or monthly can influence whether this software is the right fit for your business.

ActiveCampaign’s pricing structure is divided into four tiers. These are:

  1. Lite
  2. Plus
  3. Professional
  4. Enterprise

The Lite plan starts at a low-cost, ideal for small businesses or single entrepreneurs. It’s a scalable option that’s kept affordable. Expect to see standard features such as:

  • Email marketing
  • Newsletter creation
  • Marketing automation

Moving to the Plus plan gets costlier but provides more comprehensive features. This plan suits small to medium-sized enterprises, offering functionalities like CRM and lead scoring.

The mid-range Professional plan is significantly costlier, yet it offers high-value marketing automation and machine learning capabilities. Business looking for advanced CRM and attribution will find it beneficial.

Finally, there’s the Enterprise plan. It’s the most expensive tier and includes all features. It’s meant for large organizations needing a one-stop solution.

Choose the plan that fits your needs, and don’t be afraid to upgrade later once your requirements increase. Remember, the price detailed for each tier is starting and will increase according to your contact list size.

Here’s a clear cut table that delineates the features and pricing on a monthly basis. However, with an annual commitment, you’ll experience a discount.

PlanStarting Monthly PricePrimary Features
Lite$9Email Marketing, Newsletters, Marketing Automation
Plus$49CRM, Lead Scoring, Marketing Automation
Professional$129Advanced CRM and Attribution, Marketing Automation
Enterprise$229Complete Solution

Note: The pricing is indicative, actual prices may vary.

In the following sections, we’ll delve into how the size of your contact list impacts the cost. We’ll also discuss how selecting a package with additional features could give you more bang for your buck.

Basic Plan: Cost and Features

Dipping your toes into ActiveCampaign? The Lite plan should be your go-to. Let’s break down the features and costs for you to get a better understanding.

On this budget-friendly tier, you’ll enjoy a breadth of email marketing, basic marketing automation, and customer lifecycle reporting. With the ability to send unlimited emails, you can target customers effectively. Plus, you’ll gain access to valuable newsletter tools, allowing your emails to become more than just messages.

Most significantly, you’re granted 3 users at this level. The beauty of the ActiveCampaign Lite plan lies in its scalability: as your contact list multiplies, your plan scales to suit. So, whether you’re a small business or a one-person show, this plan is built for you.

There are some limitations though. The Lite plan doesn’t include CRM or Sales automation which are paramount for bigger businesses. But don’t let that dissuade you. For a modest operation with minimal members, this missing element is unlikely to impact your operations significantly.

It’s important to remember that ActiveCampaign’s pricing program is determined by the number of contacts you have. Below is a markdown table to showcase the starting monthly prices.

Contacts RangeMonthly Price (Lite Plan)

Take a look at your contacts list, and you can figure out how much you can expect to pay. Make sure to note that prices are subject to change and always double check ActiveCampaign’s site for the most recent information.

Regardless of the size stage of your business, ActiveCampaign’s Lite Plan permits a seamless, cost-effective entry into email marketing and engagement. With adaptable pricing and feature-packed offerings, it embodies an appreciated balance of value and flexibility. Next, we’ll be delving into the Plus program, loaded with features and benefits for more demanding enterprises.

Plus Plan: Cost and Features

After getting acquainted with the Lite plan, you might find yourself wondering: Does ActiveCampaign offer robust features suitable for my growing business? Meet the Plus plan. It’s a comprehensive solution packed with advanced marketing and automation tools.

Unlike the Lite plan, the Plus plan integrates CRM and Sales automation. This feature is a game-changer for businesses that need to manage their customer relationships and sales processes efficiently. CRM and Sales automation help streamline your workflow and exponentially increase your productivity.

The Plus Plan also introduces contact and lead scoring. This capability helps you identify your most active and engaged contacts. By pinpointing your high-value leads, you can strategically allocate your marketing resources.

For businesses seeking to expand their reach, the Plus plan also encompasses SMS marketing. No longer are your marketing efforts confined to emails, take your messages directly to your customers’ pockets.

Consider the Plus Plan if you need more holistic view of your marketing and sales data. It includes advanced reporting and analytics to provide deeper insights into your business scenario.

Here’s a glance at the starting monthly prices for the Plus plan according to the number of contacts. Note that the pricing scale based on the size of your contact list.

Number of contactsCost per month
Up to 500$125
Up to 1000$135
Up to 2500$155

With the Plus plan, ActiveCampaign ensures an extensive platform for your growing operations. It does more than just email marketing; it’s a comprehensive toolkit designed to escalate your marketing and sales outcomes. Dive in and explore the possibilities.

Professional Plan: Cost and Features

As you dive deeper into the world of ActiveCampaign, it’s time to level up and explore the Professional Plan. This expanded tier offers the tools to optimize your marketing to its furthest potential.

The Professional Plan is perfect if you’re seeking features like Machine Learning, Predictive Sending and Win Probability. These advanced tools are designed to give your business the competitive edge it needs in today’s dynamic market scenario.

Machine Learning allows automated insights from your data while Predictive Sending and Win Probability aids in understanding the best time to send emails and predict deal outcomes respectively. With these features, you’re not just responding to market trends—you’re setting them.

Let’s not forget the addition of On-site Messaging feature which takes customer engagement and lead nurturing to the next level. Interacting with your customers in real-time, catching them at the peak of their interest can make a significant difference in conversion rates.

Now let’s get down to brass tacks—cost. The Professional Plan starting price is based on your number of contacts. So you pay for what you need, and no more.

Number of ContactsStarting Cost per Month
Up to 500$159

With ActiveCampaign’s Professional Plan, you’re not just purchasing a service, you’re investing in the growth of your business. This plan is a dynamic powerhouse that moulds itself around your marketing needs, delivering standout results that will take your marketing strategies to the next level.

Enterprise Plan: Cost and Features

Scaling up to ActiveCampaign’s Enterprise Plan takes things a notch higher. With this plan, you’re looking at a whole new level of advanced tools that cater to larger organizations with more complex needs. Understandably, the price tag for the Enterprise Plan also reflects this uptick in service and features.

The starting rate for the Enterprise Plan ranges from $279 to $499 per month, based on the number of contacts you have. While this might seem steep, the added communication methods, security features, and advanced customer engagement strategies are well worth the investment.

One of the key features of the enterprise package is Custom Reporting. This service lets you delve deeper into the metrics, gathering more refined and specific data about your customer’s behaviors. It’s an indispensable tool for those who need to monitor sophisticated campaigns, with a keen eye on the fine print of engagement metrics.

Advanced performance reporting comes as another essential feature, allowing you to track and grasp the performance of every single campaign in real-time. Realising the importance of robust data security for enterprises, ActiveCampaign has integrated Advanced Security and Uptime. Hence, you get a dedicated account rep, phone support, in-depth onboarding, and free design services.

Moreover, the inclusion of Unlimited Integrations provides you with boundless connectivity options for your entire software stack, helping you keep all your marketing tools under one roof. The ability to unite your team, strategies, and tools into one cohesive unit can significantly streamline your operations.

Here’s a summary of the enterprise package starting rates, depending on your number of contacts:

Number of contactsPrice per Month

These are just starting rates—the price adjusts as your number of contacts increases. The Enterprise Plan is perfect for businesses ready to take a step towards optimizing their marketing strategies to boost growth on a larger scale. Leveraging these resources can help keep you a few steps ahead in the competitive playing field of digital marketing.

Comparing the Different Plans

When it comes to ActiveCampaign, it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. Here’s a little insight to help you gauge and compare the pricing plans of ActiveCampaign effectively.

First off, Lite Plan is the entry-level offering. It’s ideal if you’re a small business or a startup and provides essential tools for getting started with email marketing at $9 per month. A step above is the Plus Plan, priced at $49 monthly. This plan includes everything from the Lite Plan with CRM and sales automation added into the mix.

Next in line is the Professional Plan – often termed the sweet spot. It provides more advanced features like predictive sending and machine learning capabilities at $129 per month. It takes customer engagement up a notch and is perfect for medium-sized businesses.

Climbing up the ladder, you’ll find yourself looking at the Enterprise Plan. It offers top-tier features and advanced tools designed for large organizations having complex needs. Starting from $229 monthly, the plan includes standout features like Custom Reporting, Advanced Performance Reporting, Advanced Security and Uptime, Unlimited Integrations, and dedicated support.

Given below is a concise summary organised in a markdown table to help distill the information:

PlansPricing (per month)Ideal for
Lite$9Small businesses/startups
Plus$49Medium-sized businesses
Professional$129Medium to large businesses
Enterprise$229Large, complex organisations

With a clearer idea of how each plan stacks up, it’s about identifying which plan suits your business needs best. However, remember that it isn’t merely about the number of contacts or features. The effectiveness of the software depend on how well you use these resources. Though the Enterprise Plan is more expensive, it provides dedicated support and unlimited integrations which makes complex operations easier. If your business can leverage these advantages the return on investment can be significant.


So there you have it. ActiveCampaign offers a range of plans to cater to various business needs. Whether you’re a budding startup needing the basics with the Lite Plan or a large organization requiring advanced features with the Enterprise Plan, there’s something for everyone. Remember, it’s not about the cost, but about finding the right fit for your business. It’s key to choose a plan that matches your needs and to make the most of the resources available. With ActiveCampaign, you’re investing in a tool that can drive your business forward. So take your time, assess your needs, and make an informed decision. After all, it’s about getting the best value for your money.

What is the starting price for ActiveCampaign’s Lite Plan?

The Lite Plan, ideal for startups and small businesses, by ActiveCampaign starts at $9 per month.

How does the Plus Plan differ from the Lite Plan?

The Plus Plan, in comparison to the Lite Plan, provides features like CRM and sales automation. It is priced at $49 per month.

What additional features does the Professional Plan offer?

The Professional Plan, priced at $129 per month, offers advanced features such as predictive sending and machine learning capabilities.

Who should consider investing in the Enterprise Plan?

The Enterprise Plan, starting at $229 per month, should be considered by large organizations with complex needs. It offers custom reporting, advanced security, and unlimited integrations.

How should businesses decide on an ActiveCampaign plan?

Businesses should choose a plan that best matches their operational needs. They should aim to effectively utilize the resources that each plan provides.

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