Unlock Free ActiveCampaign Premium: Your Step-by-Step Guide

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If you’re looking to upgrade your ActiveCampaign account without spending a dime, you’re in the right place. We’ll show you how to get ActiveCampaign Premium for free on your own account. This guide is designed to help you unlock all the premium features without breaking the bank.

What is ActiveCampaign?

Now that you’re thinking about upgrading your account, you may find value in understanding more about ActiveCampaign. ActiveCampaign is a leading email marketing and marketing automation platform, offering your business the tools to stay connected with your customers effectively. Even as a casual user, you’ll appreciate its variety of features and straight-forward interface.

A basic rundown reveals ActiveCampaign as an all-in-one marketing platform. It’s a tool that allows you to create engaging email marketing campaigns using a simple drag-and-drop email builder. Imagine reaching out to your audience with personalized, beautifully designed emails that reflect your brand’s identity. You’ll never have to worry about professional designs or layouts again.

In addition, it encompasses powerful marketing automation features for you. With it, you get the leverage to automate the process of reaching your audience; it means less time invested in manual tasks and more time growing your business. From drip campaigns to segmentation and audience targeting, it offers the value of automating marketing efforts at a higher level.

Think about it: you get customer experience automation with CRM, sales automation, and even machine learning capabilities for predictive sending and win probabilities. All helping you stay ahead of your competitors.

Not just that, ActiveCampaign offers insightful analytics. Aren’t you curious about your audience’s interaction with your emails? ActiveCampaign provides broad, useful metrics like click-through rates, open rates, bounce rates, and even user behavior statistics within your emails.

There’s so much more to ActiveCampaign and its potential as a game-changer for your business. As we delve deeper into activating the premium features for free, you’ll discover how to harness the platform’s full potential. Stay tuned while we reveal the steps to upgrade your ActiveCampaign account into a powerful marketing toolbox.

Why Upgrade to ActiveCampaign Premium?

Picture this: You’re already making good use of ActiveCampaign’s standard features. You’ve gotten the hang of the drag-and-drop email builder and you’re setting up compelling marketing campaigns. But you can’t help but wonder what unlocking the premium features could do for your business. This urge is hardly surprising because ActiveCampaign’s premium pack offers a suite of powerful upgrades that could potentially accelerate your business growth.

What really sets ActiveCampaign Premium apart from the free version is the rich set of advanced features that aren’t readily available on the standard edition. These upgrades offer more in-depth marketing capabilities and data-driven insights to level up your marketing game.

  • Better Analytics are a key asset for understanding what works for your customers. Premium subscribers enjoy detailed contact and list reporting that’s unparalleled. With these analytics, you’ll be able to effectively segment your target audience and make data-driven decisions.
  • Deep Data Integration makes ActiveCampaign Premium stand out. This means that not only can you track individual page views, but you can also analyze overall site performance. This unified view of data can significantly improve your ability to strategize future marketing initiatives.
  • The Customer Success Commitment of ActiveCampaign offers 24/7 support to premium users and a protected sending reputation. This means your brand won’t be lumped in with sketchy sites or penalized for their behaviour.
  • ActiveCampaign Premium also includes Custom user permissions. Quite literally, you hold the reins to who can see and do what within your account. It’s an extra layer of security and control for your business.

ActiveCampaign Premium provides you with advanced marketing automation tools beyond the basic drag-and-drop builder. By that I mean, you’re getting into the realm of site messaging, machine learning capabilities, predictive content and sending. This is where the real power lies.

How to Get ActiveCampaign Premium for Free

You might be thinking, “Sure, upgrading to ActiveCampaign Premium sounds fantastic. But is there a budget-friendly way to unlock these features?” Yes, there is! You can get ActiveCampaign Premium for free on your own account. All you need is a trial run. Here’s how it works:

First, navigate to the ActiveCampaign website. You’ll see an option for a free trial on the home page. It’s here that you’ll start the process to get your hands on a taste of premium.

Next, sign up for this free trial. You’ll need to fill in some basic details like your name and email. It’s also important you verify your email address to prevent any future mishaps or delays.

Bear in mind, this free trial lasts for 14 days. During this time, you’ll have unrestricted access to ActiveCampaign Premium. Explore the platform, use the advanced features, and see if it’s the right fit for your business. Make sure you make the most out of these 14 days!

What happens after the trial? You might be wondering, “Do I get the boot once my time is up?” Here’s the good news: ActiveCampaign offers flexible subscription options. The value of these subscriptions lies in the range of features they offer. It’s much more than just a means to keep your access to ActiveCampaign Premium.

Step 1: Sign up for a Free ActiveCampaign Trial

For starters, it’s essential to kick off your journey by signing up for the Free ActiveCampaign Trial. Don’t shy away from grabbing this golden opportunity to access premium features at no cost for the next 14 days!

To sign up:

  • Head to the ActiveCampaign website.
  • Click the ‘Try it Free’ button.
  • Choose ‘ActiveCampaign Premium’ for your trial.

Here, the trick lies in selecting ActiveCampaign Premium instead of other options. Why miss out on exploring the many additional tools that come with this package for free?

During the trial, you get to take an extensive test drive of the marketing automation platform’s capabilities. From smart drag-and-drop email builder to deep data integration, ActiveCampaign throws open all its doors! But that’s not all. Swift customer support, crafty analytics, customized user permissions – everything you need is there at your disposal.

ActiveCampaign’s user-friendly nature makes it easy for you to navigate through the platform. There’s no steep learning curve here – a perfect setting for exploring its features while also completing your daily marketing tasks.

But remember – while the ActiveCampaign trial version gives you access to all of its features, they are not persistent. The moment your trial ends; the features become locked again. Take this as a test drive of a luxurious car. You can experience the ride, but without a purchase, it won’t remain yours forever.

It’s not an issue, though, as ActiveCampaign offers flexible plans once the trial wraps up. This way, you can seamlessly continue with the premium features, depending on your preferences and budget.

After experiencing the power of an email marketing and marketing automation tool like ActiveCampaign, you might likely consider the upgrade worthwhile. But let’s not rush – give yourself time during the trial period to truly understand the benefits. Perhaps, the free trial might make it clear that ActiveCampaign Premium is exactly what your marketing strategy needs.

Step 2: Utilize ActiveCampaign’s Referral Program

ActiveCampaign’s referral program is an excellent way to enjoy the Premium version – for free – for an extended period. By simply inviting your friends, colleagues, or any potential user, you can earn points. These, in turn, allow you to extend your Premium usage without coughing up any additional cash.

It’s vital to understand how this program works. For every successful referral you make, ActiveCampaign rewards you with points. For instance:

Number of ReferralsPoints Earned
1100 Points
5500 Points
101000 Points

The more referrals you make, the more points you accumulate. It’s a straightforward and effective system to keep enjoying the superior tools that ActiveCampaign Premium provides.

When you’re ready to refer, go to your account settings and click on the ‘Referral’ tab. Here you’ll find a unique referral link that you can share through email, social media, or any communication platform of your choice. When the people you’ve invited sign up for the trial through your referral link, you’ll start earning points. The key here is to stay proactive and spread the word about ActiveCampaign to as many potential users as possible.

Another aspect to note here is that your referrals, too, get the benefit of the 14-day free trial. So, they can test out whether ActiveCampaign works for them without spending a dime. This way, the referral program doesn’t only benefit you, but also offers great value to those you bring on board.

Getting ActiveCampaign Premium for free by leveraging the referral program isn’t just a way to save money. It’s a great opportunity to gain in-depth insight into the numerous features this leading email marketing and marketing automation platform provides. Sure, the 14-day trial period might be just enough to scratch the surface, but using the service for a prolonged period can give you a chance to explore the hidden gems and take full advantage of the platform.

Step 3: Make the Most of ActiveCampaign’s Discounts and Special Offers

At the heart of a smart shopper’s quest for savings is the delightful discovery of discounts and special offers. ActiveCampaign doesn’t disappoint in this regard as it routinely holds promotions that let users slash costs.

How can you benefit from these savings opportunities? The key is to always stay updated with ActiveCampaign’s marketing communications. Regularly check your emails for updates and keep an eye on the company’s social media channels. ActiveCampaign often announces special offers and discounts in these platforms. Are you a part of any online communities discussing marketing automation? It might not hurt to join in, as sometimes insider information about deals and promos gets passed around in such forums.

But remember: all these deals won’t matter unless you make the most out of them. Each time an offer comes along, consider how it aligns with your business needs. Are you planning to subscribe longer-term? Watch out for subscription discounts. Need to add more contacts? Keep an eye out for promos that offer a bump in contact limit at no extra charge.

Another factor to remember is timing. Some of ActiveCampaign’s finest discounts and offers are seasonal. They may show up during holidays or end-of-year sales. Be ready and have your budget prepared during these times.

The key is to be proactive. Don’t wait for the deals to come to you, go out there and find them! Grab every opportunity to extend your ActiveCampaign Premium coverage without breaking the bank.

So there you have it – your third step to getting ActiveCampaign Premium for free. In succeeding steps, we’ll talk about different strategies you can use to promote your referral link more effectively, and even delve into ways to monetize your usage of ActiveCampaign itself. But those are stories for another time.

Step 4: Take Advantage of ActiveCampaign’s Bundles and Packages

Here’s another pro tip for you: pay attention to bundles and packages. ActiveCampaign regularly releases bundle offers and packaged plans providing special pricing on comprehensive toolkits. It’s an excellent way to purchase superior features at discounted prices, and often times they’re just as affordable as the lower-tier plans.

To catch these offers, stay alert. Make sure you’re signed up to ActiveCampaign’s newsletters and follow their social media profiles. Their marketing team is known for dropping these gems in the most unexpected times. So, being aware could mean the difference between grabbing a high-value package for a fraction of the cost or missing the bus completely.

Moreover, ActiveCampaign is renowned for its customer-centric approach. They offer different packages tailored to the needs of many marketers. For instance, they designed the ‘Small Business’ or the ‘Enterprise’ bundle just to cater to your specific needs. If you’re a small business owner trying to streamline your marketing efforts or a large-scale entity trying to better your existing solution, ActiveCampaign has a plan for you. These offers typically include premium features and better value propositions.

But there’s more to it. Beyond these packages, they often throw in additional services as part of their bundle packages. These may include expert training sessions, dedicated account managers, or even early access to their latest features. Making the most of these additional perks not only helps you enrich your ActiveCampaign experience but also amplifies your overall marketing operations.

Remember, going the extra mile in understanding the pricing structure and the available bundles could save you more than you might anticipate. It’s not just about securing the best price – it’s also about harnessing the full potential of ActiveCampaign and accelerating your marketing automation. So, never miss out on these offers and make the smartest purchase for your business.


You’ve now got the know-how to leverage ActiveCampaign’s referral program and score Premium for free. It’s all about being proactive, spreading the word, and keeping an eye on the company’s communications. Don’t forget to follow ActiveCampaign on social media and join relevant online communities. These are goldmines for discounts and special offers. Remember to check out the bundles and packages too – they’re a smart way to get more bang for your buck. With this knowledge, you’re well on your way to maximizing your ActiveCampaign experience without straining your budget. Make the most of these strategies to unlock all the advanced features and benefits that ActiveCampaign Premium has to offer. It’s time to elevate your marketing automation game to the next level!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign is a top-tier email marketing and marketing automation platform. It offers features like an intuitive drag-and-drop email builder, automated marketing capabilities, and robust analytical tools.

What are the benefits of ActiveCampaign Premium?

ActiveCampaign Premium offers a series of advanced features. These include in-depth analytics, deep data integration, exceptional customer support, custom user permissions, and sophisticated marketing automation tools.

How can I get ActiveCampaign Premium for free?

You can achieve ActiveCampaign Premium for free by actively participating in their referral program. Encourage others to use ActiveCampaign and you’ll reap the benefits.

How can I stay updated with ActiveCampaign’s offers and discounts?

Staying updated with ActiveCampaign’s marketing communications involves regularly checking emails, following the company’s social media accounts, and participating in online communities around marketing automation.

How can I maximize my savings with ActiveCampaign?

Maximize your ActiveCampaign savings by being proactive – take advantage of their referral program, stay up-to-date with their promotions, and consider their bundled packages and expert training sessions.

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