Unlocking ActiveCampaign Premium: Your Step-by-Step Guide to a Free Trial

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Why ActiveCampaign Premium?

ActiveCampaign Premium is a must-try for every marketer. In today’s digital landscape, standing out from the crowd can be challenging. This top-tier email marketing tool provides you with every weapon you need in your arsenal to get this job done.

Of course, the question arising here might be: why ActiveCampaign Premium? Isn’t the basic package enough? The answer is no. While the basic package does offer some robust features, Premium takes things to an entirely new level. This is not just an upsell, but as you delve deeper into it, you’ll find numerous advanced features worth exploring.

Among these advanced features, functional adaptability takes center stage. ActiveCampaign Premium allows you to customize your email marketing strategy to suit the unique demands of your business. This means greater control over your content, empowering you to create targeted campaigns that resonate with your audience and result in increased conversions.

Let’s not forget about the Advanced Reporting tool either. This feature enables you to track your campaigns’ success, giving you critical insights into what’s working and what needs improvement. It’s an invaluable asset for data-driven decision making.

The list doesn’t end here! To further sweeten the deal, ActiveCampaign Premium offers a multitude of additional resources. You get access to the priority support feature, which prioritizes your requests, ensuring speedy resolution. For businesses operating host webinars or online events, the Webinar Feature is an alluring inclusion.

Hopefully, it’s clear now why trying ActiveCampaign Premium is so much more than just the basic package. To help you navigate this journey and make an educated decision, you get to gauge and experience these features firsthand through a free trial. So, stay tuned for the upcoming sections as we guide you through the steps of procuring your own ActiveCampaign Premium free trial.

Benefits of a Free Trial

As a savvy online marketer, you know that any tool is only as beneficial as its practical application. That’s where trying ActiveCampaign Premium through a free trial shines.

The free trial of ActiveCampaign gives you firsthand experience of the tool. You’ll witness the functional adaptability and advanced reporting features it offers. It allows you to test the tool’s effectiveness within your own business model without any monetary commitment.

Moreover, it’s not only about testing the advanced features. You’ll see how priority support works – how effectively and swiftly your queries and problems get addressed. It’s about understanding if the tool aligns with your ease of use and suits your level of expertise.

With active webinar feature, you’ll get a taste of how engaging and interactive your marketing campaigns can actually be. Facilitating an interactive platform for your customers adds value to your marketing strategy. That’s exactly what this feature can do and you get to trial run this through the free version.

Plus, during your free trial, you’re not alone. Priority support from ActiveCampaign ensures any teething issues are swiftly ironed out. This commitment to customer service stands out.

While the basic package of ActiveCampaign offers its own set of robust features, the step up to the Premium version indeed brings new elements into play. Key improvements include functional adaptability and advanced reporting.

Here’s what it means for you:

  • Functional adaptability ensures the software molds according to your marketing needs.
  • Advanced reporting provides the analytics needed for you to make informed decisions.

You’ll witness how these advanced features bring a marked difference in your email marketing strategies. Remember, all this comes without any financial obligation for the trial period. This first-hand experience will provide an insight into the capabilities that ActiveCampaign Premium has to offer.

Step 1: Visit the ActiveCampaign Website

Getting your hands on ActiveCampaign Premium begins with a simple, yet crucial step: visiting the ActiveCampaign website. This couldn’t be any simpler. All you have to do is fire up your favorite web browser – be it Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or any other – and key in the following URL: www.activecampaign.com.

As soon as you hit the enter key, you’ll be whisked off to the digital realm of ActiveCampaign. Here, you’ll not only find comprehensive info about the platform’s offerings but also crucial details about the free trial of ActiveCampaign Premium. It’s important to soak up as much of this useful information as possible. The more informed you are the better positioned you’ll be to fully exploit the benefits of ActiveCampaign Premium.

The homepage design is clean, modern, and user-friendly. But don’t get distracted! Keep your eye on the prize – getting the free trial of ActiveCampaign Premium. Right on the homepage, you’ll see a visibly placed Try it Free button. This is your marker, your call to action. But don’t click on it just yet.

Before you get to this stage, it’s wise to familiarize yourself with the additional resources available on the website. You might be interested in the priority support section or browse through the wealth of knowledge compiled in webinars. ActiveCampaign takes pride in education – it offers a variety of resources to help users get the most out of its platform. You’ll also find useful information about functional adaptability and advanced reporting two key features of ActiveCampaign Premium.

Step 2: Sign up for an Account

Congrats on making the smart move towards trialing ActiveCampaign Premium! Your next vital move is setting up an account. Do not worry – it’s not a complex process. In fact, it’s pretty straightforward.

Start by hitting the ‘Sign Up’ button, which is typically located in the top right corner of the ActiveCampaign homepage. You’ll be directed to a new page. Here, you’re required to provide basic details like your email, preferred username, and password. Make sure to pick a strong, unique password for security purposes.

Once this is done, you’ll come across feedback forms as ActiveCampaign highly values its users’ opinions. Your replies can help shape the service to fit your needs better. There’s also a checkbox indicating agreement to ActiveCampaign’s terms and conditions. Going through and understanding these terms is advised before you proceed.

Your next click lands you on a page requesting your contact details like your name, phone number, and how many contacts you have. This info helps ActiveCampaign shape the trial version to best suit your needs.

Upon inputting these details, you’ll be all set to explore ActiveCampaign. Make sure to verify your email address after your account creation, as it’s an important step that’s often overlooked. An email verification link will be sent. It’s as simple as clicking this link. If it doesn’t appear in your inbox, check your spam folder.

Step 3: Navigate to the Pricing page

By now, you’ve successfully created an account and you’re almost there. To continue the process of securing your free trial of ActiveCampaign Premium, the next crucial step involves heading towards the Pricing page.

First and foremost, find and click on the default “Pricing” button. It’s typically located at the top right corner of the ActiveCampaign homepage. However, the placement could vary depending on the device or browser you’re using. It’s crucial to find and consistently rely on this button throughout your journey.

After opening the Pricing page, you’ll come across different plans offered by ActiveCampaign. Some of the popular plans to watch out for include Lite, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise. On your initial visit, details of these plans might appear confusing. That’s why it’s incredibly important to examine each ActiveCampaign package carefully.

You’ve got to understand what every package is offering. Specifically, examine:

  • What each plan includes
  • The differences between them
  • Which plan best suits your requirements

Remember, your ultimate goal is to acquire ActiveCampaign Premium. You’re not just browsing or window shopping. Your focus should entirely be on understanding what you might potentially get from the Premium plan.

Typically, the Premium plan includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Unlimited sending
  • Advanced reporting
  • In-depth onboarding
  • Free design services
  • Free social data
  • Phone support

Each plan has its own cost and set of benefits. Usually, the more advanced plans offer greater features but also come at a higher price. Although the Lite and Plus plans might sound tempting because of their lower cost, your focus should remain on the Premium package. This plan appears more expensive initially, but the added features and benefits in the long run make it worthwhile.

As you proceed with the process, make sure to highlight ActiveCampaign Premium amongst other packages. This plan, unlike the others, offers robust features that cater to the needs of a much wider user base. It’s essential to keep in mind all you stand to gain by opting for this plan.

Armed with this knowledge, you’re set to navigate the Pricing page. Always remember to review each plan closely and concentrate on the Premium package.

Step 4: Start your Free Trial

Upon reaching this point in the process, you’re now ready to take the leap and initiate your free trial. Yet, you may be wondering – how exactly to proceed?

Before starting, it’s paramount to reiterate the value proposition under the ActiveCampaign Premium plan. The plan promises Unlimited Sending, Advanced Reporting, In-Depth Onboarding, Free Design Services, Free Social Data, and Phone Support. You’re about to get a taste of these incredibly advantageous features, even more beneficial than the Lite and Plus plans.

To get started, click on the “Start Your Free Trial” button, usually conspicuously placed on the pricing page near the Premium plan section. You’ll be directed to the account creation page, and here’s where the excitement begins!

With the basic details handy and already in the system, you need to take a few more steps. But remember, they’re just as crucial as the steps taken before. To ensure a smooth sign-up process, double-check and confirm all your entered information. Be ready to provide additional data as the system may require it, particularly for businesses.

Sit back and prepare to marvel at the wonders of ActiveCampaign! With your free trial underway, you will have full reign to experience and explore all the services, tools and features embodied in the Premium plan. This includes the advanced tools and resources you aspired to gain.

And voila! With those steps, you’re efficiently navigating through the Free trial sign-up process. You’re on your way to achieving optimised results for your email marketing campaigns.

Remember, the free trial process for any premium package, not excluding ActiveCampaign Premium, is created to assist, not intimidate. It’s all about learning and exploring, so delve in and make the most of the opportunities that lay ahead. Think less about the finish line and more about the journey – because it’s the experience during the race that truly counts.

Step 5: Explore the Features

Upon signing up for the free trial of ActiveCampaign Premium, your next task is to utilize your time wisely and dissect the features that you now have at your fingertips. Do not rush this process. Understanding the features and how they function inside your specific context is pivotal not only for your decision-making but also for maximizing the full potential of your trial period.

ActiveCampaign Premium boasts a myriad of advanced features designed to elevate your email marketing, automation, and CRM efforts. These include unlimited sending, in-depth onboarding, advanced reporting, free design services, free social data, and phone support. Get comfortable with these tools and find out how they can benefit your business in the long run.

Venturing into the ‘Unlimited Sending’ feature, you’ll quickly realize the amount of freedom and control you possess over your email marketing campaigns. Whether you’re a small business reaching out to a tight-knit community or a multinational company contacting thousands globally, there’s no limit with ActiveCampaign. Diving deeper into ‘In-depth Onboarding’ sheds light on the support and guidance you’re entitled to, easing your transition into the platform.

With ‘Advanced Reporting’, you get a nuanced look at your performance metrics, paving the way for strategic decisions. On the aesthetic front, ‘Free Design Services’ offers an opportunity to refine your brand’s image, ensuring consistent and professional appearances across your campaigns. ‘Free Social Data’ propels your market research, offering insight into your customers’ behaviour, interests, and more.

In the rare instance you find yourself needing immediate support, ‘Phone Support’ is ready and available. You’re never alone with ActiveCampaign. This feature adds another layer of assurance, fostering confidence in the product and the people behind it.

Now you’re starting to get the bigger picture. It’s essential to remember that these aren’t just features—they form a comprehensive toolkit, providing you with the power to transform your outreach and engagement efforts. Explore and experiment during your trial period. This time is for your discovery and to build your confidence in navigating the ActiveCampaign landscape. Play around, test new things, get inventive.


So, you’ve mastered the steps to get your free trial of ActiveCampaign Premium. Now it’s time to dive in and make the most of it. Remember, it’s not just about getting a free trial, it’s about understanding and utilizing the features that come with it. From unlimited sending to in-depth onboarding, advanced reporting, free design services, free social data, and phone support – you have a powerhouse of tools at your disposal. Take your time, explore these features, and see how they can elevate your business. The trial period is your playground – experiment, learn, and build your confidence in using ActiveCampaign. It’s your time to shine, make every second count!

How can I sign up for an ActiveCampaign Premium account?

To sign up for a Premium account, visit ActiveCampaign’s homepage, click on the “Sign Up” button, provide your basic details, and agree to the terms and conditions. Verify your email address and fill in your contact details.

How can I start a free trial on ActiveCampaign?

After account creation, navigate to the Pricing page, explore the plans, and click on the Premium plan. Double-check your data, prepare to provide more details if needed, and proceed to start your free trial.

What features does the Premium plan offer?

The ActiveCampaign Premium plan offers unlimited sending, advanced reporting, in-depth onboarding, free design services, free social data, and phone support among other features.

How should I make the most of the free trial period?

During your free trial, explore and understand the features of ActiveCampaign Premium. Familiarize yourself with how these features can benefit your business. This is the perfect time to experiment and build confidence in using ActiveCampaign.

What benefits do the ‘Free Design Services’ and ‘In-depth Onboarding’ provide?

‘Free Design Services’ offers an opportunity to refine your brand’s visual content, while ‘In-depth Onboarding’ provides the necessary support to help you transition smoothly into using ActiveCampaign.

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