Unveiling the Cost: ActiveCampaign’s Monthly Enterprise Plan Price

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Ever wondered how much ActiveCampaign costs per month? It’s a common question, especially if you’re in the market for a powerful email marketing and automation tool. And, it’s an important one too, as budget plays a crucial role in your decision-making process.

ActiveCampaign offers various pricing plans, each with a unique set of features designed to suit different business needs. Whether you’re a small business owner, a budding entrepreneur, or a large corporation, there’s a plan for you.

In this article, we’ll delve into ActiveCampaign’s monthly pricing, breaking down each plan to help you decide which one best fits your business needs and budget. So, let’s get started and help you make an informed decision.

ActiveCampaign Pricing Plans

Now that you’re familiar with ActiveCampaign, let’s dive into their pricing plans. There is a multitude of options available to you. ActiveCampaign offers four different packages: Lite, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise.

The Lite plan starts as low as $9 per month, billed annually. It’s a great starting point for small businesses or start-ups looking to dip their toes into the world of marketing automation. This plan includes unlimited sending, email marketing, chat, and newsletter features.

Next up is the Plus plan. Priced at $49 per month, billed annually, it unlocks several features. Customer Relationship Management (CRM), sales automation and integrations with various applications are just a few benefits that come with this package.

The Professional plan is a step ahead. If you’re running a medium-sized business, this is the plan for you. Priced at $129 per month, you get access to features like site messaging, attribution and Machine Learning (ML) based capabilities.

Lastly, the Enterprise plan, designed for large businesses or corporations, comes in at $229 per month. This package encompasses everything from the previous plans and adds in high-end features like custom reporting, custom mailserver domain, and phone support.

Here’s how these prices stack up in a table:

PlanMonthly Cost

Remember, all these costs are for annual billing. For monthly billing, the prices are slightly higher.

While selecting, it’s vitally important that you evaluate the features against your budget and business needs. The higher-tiered plans provide intricate automation and customization capabilities. But if you are a small business owner, you perhaps won’t need those bells and whistles.

The value of ActiveCampaign’s tools and features becomes apparent when applied with strategy. So it’s not only about spending more to get more out of your email marketing software. Its about spending smart to maximize your ROI.

Lite Plan

Beginning at $9 per month, ActiveCampaign’s Lite Plan is a budget-friendly option designed for those who are just starting out with email marketing. This plan offers basic features including email marketing, marketing automation, and chat/email support. You also get access to up to 3 users, which is perfect if you’re running a small team.

One of the key benefits of this plan is its ease of use. Because it provides straightforward, uncomplicated features, you’ll find stepping into the world of email marketing less daunting. Should you ever encounter any issues, ActiveCampaign offers unlimited support even at this entry-level.

A standout aspect of the Lite plan is its marketing automation. From welcome series and follow-ups to segmentation and further beyond, you have the power to create unique automation for your subscribers. This not only personalizes your interactions with your customers but also helps you manage your business efficiently.

Under this plan, you can also send newsletters and other email updates to your subscribers. ActiveCampaign does not impose a limit on sending emails, allowing you to communicate with your customers as frequently as you need to.

Do bear in mind that while the Lite Plan is more affordable and encompasses useful tools, it’s missing some of the advanced features available in the higher-tier plans. For instance, you won’t have access to CRM or lead scoring, which can be essential for larger, growing businesses.

The Lite Plan offers a balance of necessity and affordability to businesses that are new to email marketing. However, as your business grows and your needs evolve, you might find a need for additional functionality and customization. That’s when considering ActiveCampaign’s other plans, such as the Plus, Professional, or Enterprise can be beneficial with their advanced automation and customization capabilities.

Here’s a summary of the main features available in the Lite Plan:

FeatureLite Plan
Price per month$9
UsersUp to 3
Email marketingYes
Marketing automationYes
Email and chat supportYes
Send unlimited emailsYes
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)No
Lead scoringNo

Plus Plan

An upgrade from the Lite Plan, ActiveCampaign’s Plus Plan includes all the benefits of the Lite Plan along with some important additional features. This tier of subscription brings a system that’s been designed to meet the needs of your expanding business. Recognizing the need for growth, ActiveCampaign has tailored the Plus Plan with tools that streamline numerous marketing activities and track their progress.

If you’re finding the 3-user limit on the Lite Plan restrictive, the Plus Plan increases this number to 25 users. That’s a significant jump, acknowledging the complexity of team dynamics as your business expands.

Plus Plan’s standout feature: its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This holistic system enables a sales automation feature that ensures your customers always receive timely, personalized communication and that no lead falls through the cracks. It’s about improving conversion rates and making sure every potential customer gets the attention they deserve.

Does your business have numerous products or operate in different markets? The unlimited sending the Plus Plan offers is ideal for running separate campaigns for diverse product lines or geographic markets. With the Plus Plan, you’re no longer confined to sending a fixed number of emails.

Also, this plan unlocks the Contact and Lead scoring feature, enabling you to prioritize your prospects based on their engagement level. With this feature, you can streamline your marketing efforts, homing, and focusing on those most likely to convert.

It’s also relevant to note that the Plus Plan offers one on one training which can be incredibly beneficial, especially for businesses with complex marketing strategies.

Let’s summarize the key features of the Plus Plan:

FeaturesPlus Plan
UsersUp to 25
Email SendsUnlimited
CRM & Sales AutomationYes
One on one trainingYes
Contact & Lead ScoringYes

All these features make the Plus Plan a great fit for rapidly growing businesses that need more firepower in their marketing strategies. As you scale your business, it’s crucial to choose a plan that grows with you. Remember, it’s not just about upgrading, it’s also about finding a plan equipped to handle your increasing needs.

Professional Plan

When your business demands more sophisticated operations and you’ve outgrown the Plus Plan, you’ll find your solution in ActiveCampaign’s Professional Plan. It’s the next step up, offering enhanced capabilities for companies that engage heavily in email marketing, robust CRM, and progressive automation.

In addition to all the features found in the Plus Plan, the Professional Plan provides several necessary upgrades that allow for scalability and complexity as your business progresses. Machine Learning, for instance, takes center stage in many of these advancements.

Machine learning introduces predictive content and predictive sending. This implementation means the system automatically adjusts your email marketing strategy according to past user behavior.

Predictive ContentMachine learning decides the best content to send to each contact
Predictive SendingMachine learning determines the best time to send emails to each contact

Top-tier access to ActiveCampaign’s customer service team is another major advantage here. As part of the Professional Plan, you’ll receive access to their consultative onboarding, as well as their in-app chat service for timely help as and when you need it.

You’ll significantly focus on contact and lead scoring – perhaps one of the most crucial additions at this level. Scores rely on a model of points, which you can assign based on a contact or lead’s actions. The higher the score, the more engaged and ready-to-buy a lead is.

Knowing more about your clients and leads allows you to make data-informed decisions. This module gives your sales teams vital insights facilitating efficient funnel management and conversion strategy.

Sounds like a fit? The ActiveCampaign Professional Plan is pegged at $129 per user, per month, paid yearly. Remember, the price per user decreases as you add more staff to your account. Thus, scaling becomes particularly cost-effective.

Enterprise Plan

Stepping up to the pinnacle of ActiveCampaign’s offering, you’ll find yourself at the Enterprise Plan. This plan, engineered to handle the needs of large or rapidly growing businesses, comes with a higher price tag – $229 per user, per month, on a yearly payment. But why would you opt for this plan, you may ask? Let’s delve deeper to uncover the reasons.

Firstly, the Enterprise Plan offers everything that’s available in the Professional Plan. Meaning predictive content, predictive sending, robust CRM, progressive automation, and top-tier access to customer service are all included. It’s a comprehensive package designed to handle high traffic and meet rigorous demands. But what truly sets the Enterprise Plan apart are its exclusive features.

With this plan, you’ll enjoy custom reporting. You can dive deep into the data and generate tailored reports that give you insights into your company’s performance. It almost feels like you’re equipped with an X-ray through which you can perceive the inner workings of your email marketing dynamics.

You’ll also get custom mailserver domain, setting you apart with your own branded and personalized email address. Irrespective of the size of your email-list, you now get the chance to stand unique, strengthening your brand’s credibility.

One of the exclusive highlights of the Enterprise Plan is the dedicated account representative. When things seem overwhelming or when you need a hand in steering your marketing automation strategies, the representative is there to assist round the clock. This person is your go-to source for everything you need to make the most of the Enterprise Plan.

Now that you’re aware of what’s on offer with ActiveCampaign’s Enterprise Plan, explore the opportunities it can bring to your business. The question isn’t so much about how much ActiveCampaign costs per month, but rather, how much value it can generate for your business.


You’ve now got a clear idea of what ActiveCampaign’s Enterprise Plan entails. At $229 per user per month, it’s not the cheapest option out there. Yet, it’s packed with exclusive features like custom reporting and a dedicated account representative. It’s designed for large or fast-growing businesses, providing top-tier customer service and powerful automation capabilities. Don’t just look at the price tag. Consider the value it can bring to your business. The robust CRM, predictive content, and personalized email addresses could be game-changers for your marketing strategies. So, weigh your options carefully. ActiveCampaign’s Enterprise Plan could be the investment that propels your business to new heights. Remember, the right marketing automation tool can make all the difference in today’s competitive landscape.

What does the ActiveCampaign’s Enterprise Plan offer?

The Enterprise Plan from ActiveCampaign offers all features of the Professional Plan, including predictive content and sending, robust CRM, progressive automation, and top-tier customer service. Additionally, it includes exclusive features such as custom reporting, personalized email addresses through a custom mailserver domain, and a dedicated account representative.

What is the cost of the Enterprise Plan?

The ActiveCampaign Enterprise Plan is priced at $229 per user, per month, when billed annually.

Who is the Enterprise Plan suitable for?

The Enterprise Plan is designed to cater to the needs of large or rapidly growing businesses that require advanced automation and personalization features.

How does the Enterprise Plan compare to the Professional Plan?

The Enterprise Plan includes all features of the Professional Plan and adds exclusive capabilities like custom reporting, a custom mailserver domain, and a dedicated account representative for personal assistance.

Is it worth investing in the Enterprise Plan?

The article encourages businesses, especially large or rapidly growing ones, to consider the Enterprise Plan due to its expanded features and potential to generate significant value.

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