Unveiling the Ownership Structure Behind ActiveCampaign’s Massive Growth

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The Visionary Founder: Jason VandeBoom

Let’s step deeper into the heart of ActiveCampaign, right where it all began. As you embark on this journey, you’ll discover the man behind this revolution in customer experience automation – Jason VandeBoom.

Originating from Iowa, where he began his entrepreneur journey at a very young age. What started with painting house numbers on curbs gradually paved the way to a successful start-up. Jason’s journey isn’t just about his growth in the tech industry, it’s a story of his earnest, persistent commitment to providing real value.

VandeBoom is primarily known as the Founder and CEO of ActiveCampaign, but his role is far more profound than these titles. He envisioned a platform that genuinely assisted businesses in enhancing their customer experience, transforming his vision into reality in 2003 when he established the company. Your understanding of ActiveCampaign is incomplete without a deep dive into Jason’s vision and the journey he undertook to materialize it.

After years of development, the company launched its Customer Experience Automation (CXA) platform, which caters to over 150,000 businesses across the globe. Jason’s leadership navigated the company through the challenging path of growth and established it as a formidable player in the tech industry. Much of the credit to how ActiveCampaign redefined the marketing sphere lies on Jason’s foresighted understanding of the industry’s needs.

Under Jason’s leadership, ActiveCampaign has manifested more than just software—it’s a tool that empowers small to medium-sized businesses, facilitating them to automate, optimise, and upscale their revenue generation capabilities. Jason has always believed in the power of customer interaction and learned early on how leveraging technology could enhance this.

What’s striking about Jason’s journey is that he maintained self-funding for over a decade before securing external funding, a bold move that signals his strong belief in his original vision. As we continue our journey into ActiveCampaign’s history, we’ll delve deeper into the company’s growth, acquisitions, and strategies for innovation.

From Startup to Enterprise: ActiveCampaign’s Growth Story

Let’s journey through time and explore the formidable growth of ActiveCampaign. Here’s where it gets really interesting. From its humble beginnings in 2003, the company has continually grown, reaching impressive milestones that solidify its position in the tech industry.

After years of self-funding, Jason VandeBoom made a defining move in 2016. ActiveCampaign secured $20 million in Series A funding from Silversmith Capital Partners. Investment money poured rapidly into the company, spearheading a phase of accelerated expansion. This funding enabled ActiveCampaign to further develop its Customer Experience Automation (CXA) platform and expand its services internationally.

Here’s where the numbers speak even louder than words:

YearInvestment RoundFunding
2016Series A$20 million
2019Series B$100 million
2020Series C$240 million

By the close of the Series C round in 2020, ActiveCampaign, with nearly 145,000 customers across 170 countries, was valued at over $2 billion. Quite a leap from a startup, wouldn’t you agree?

But it didn’t just stop with funding. Expanding its workforce and offices was next on the agenda. The company’s headcount increased from 65 in 2016 to over 800 employees in 2021. That’s a surge of over 1100%! Today, ActiveCampaign boasts seven global offices, including in cities such as Dublin, London, and Sydney.

In addition to manpower and office expansion, the company made strategic acquisitions. In 2021, ActiveCampaign took over One-on-One, a customer success platform. This acquisition was a strategic move, aligning with the company’s mission to boost customer experience automation.

ActiveCampaign’s journey is more than a story of funding and acquisitions. It’s about a vision brought to life through perseverance, innovation, and strategic action. To really understand its growth story, you need to also consider its customer-centric philosophy, which is deeply entrenched in its CXA platform.

Let’s delve deeper into the company’s innovative offerings in the next section, exploring how they’ve carved a niche for themselves in the automation market.

ActiveCampaign’s Ownership Structure: A Peek Behind the Scenes

Analyzing the ownership structure of ActiveCampaign is like looking at the gears that drive a well-oiled machine. Over the years, this marketing automation provider has evolved significantly, and it’s not just due to the massive funding rounds or strategic acquisitions. You’ll find that its ownership structure has a pivotal role.

As a privately-held company, ActiveCampaign’s primary owners are its founders and early employees. Jason VandeBoom, the founder and CEO, is one of the significant shareholders, and his visionary leadership plays a key role in its growth trajectory.

ActiveCampaign’s Series C round marked the entrance of new investors. This funding round, led by Susquehanna Growth Equity and Silversmith Capital Partners, brought in a whopping $240 million. The additional capital from the funding rounds has allowed the company to expand globally and increase its workforce significantly.

Many angel investors and venture capitalists have also jumped into the mix over the years, recognizing ActiveCampaign’s robust potential. Despite the increasing number of shareholders, the company’s shares remain privately held, and there hasn’t been any talk about going public yet.

ActiveCampaign’s strategic acquisition of One-on-One, an email marketing platform, was a significant move. It’s not only about expanding the product portfolio — it aligns perfectly with the company’s vision to offer unparalleled customer experience automation. This acquisition was a clear sign of how ActiveCampaign’s ownership structure supports its growth mission.

It’s critical to note that the ownership structure and the stakeholders’ commitment boost ActiveCampaign’s customer-centric philosophy. They play a cohesive role in staying true to its ethos, achieving growth milestones, and delivering innovative offerings that set ActiveCampaign apart in the crowded marketplace.

The ownership structure of ActiveCampaign is a mix of its strategic leadership, committed investors, and innovative ethos. It keeps the company on track, fuels its growth, and underpins the value it offers to its customers. An intriguing look behind the scenes, isn’t it?

Who Owns ActiveCampaign? Meet the Key Players

The ownership structure of ActiveCampaign is one of the main driving forces behind its impressive growth story. This includes a mix of its founders, early employees, and new investors who together shape the company’s direction. Let’s meet the key players who have steered ActiveCampaign toward its $2 billion valuation.

You may already know the name Jason VandeBoom. As the founder and CEO of ActiveCampaign, VandeBoom has been an instrumental figure in the success of the company. He built it from the ground up in 2003 and has stuck to his vision of designing technologies that help businesses connect and engage better with their customers.

Another key figure in ActiveCampaign’s success roadmap is Adam Johnson, the company’s Chief Revenue Officer. Johnson brought his expertise in sales and business development to the mix when he joined the company in 2016. His contribution to ActiveCampaign’s strategy and growth has been crucial in executing VandeBoom’s vision for the company.

Moving beyond the internal team, ActiveCampaign’s financial stability has been bolstered by new investors over the years. The most notable of these is undoubtedly the investment firm Silicon Valley Bank. They believed deeply in ActiveCampaign’s mission and showed their support in very tangible terms – leading the Series C funding round that poured a whopping $100 million into the company coffers.

Continuing this momentum, Mohr Davidow Ventures, Weiss Asset Management, and Greenspring Associates also joined in on funding rounds, further enriching ActiveCampaign’s investor roster. They have provided not only financial backing but also valuable unique industry insights that have contributed significantly to the company’s current market position.

Understanding the ownership of ActiveCampaign helps illuminate how the company has masterfully blended leadership, employee contributions, and robust investor backing to cultivate its user-centric business culture and attain its noteworthy status in the marketplace.


You’ve now explored the ownership journey of ActiveCampaign, a company that’s grown exponentially thanks to its innovative approach and customer-centric philosophy. With a whopping $360 million in funding, the company’s worth has skyrocketed to over $2 billion. Key figures like founder Jason VandeBoom and Chief Revenue Officer Adam Johnson, coupled with new investors such as Silicon Valley Bank and Greenspring Associates, have played pivotal roles in shaping the company’s success. The strategic acquisition of One-on-One further underscores ActiveCampaign’s commitment to enhancing customer experience automation. It’s clear that ActiveCampaign’s blend of strong leadership, dedicated employees, and supportive investors has been instrumental in fostering a user-centric business culture that continues to thrive in today’s marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

What major funding rounds did ActiveCampaign go through?

ActiveCampaign successfully went through Series A, B, and C funding rounds that collectively brought in a total of $360 million.

What is ActiveCampaign’s estimated value?

ActiveCampaign is valued at over $2 billion, primarily based on its successful funding rounds and continued business growth.

Has ActiveCampaign expanded its workforce and global offices?

Yes, ActiveCampaign has seen a substantial increase in its workforce, leading to the expansion of its global offices to facilitate the growing team.

Who are the key players in ActiveCampaign’s ownership structure?

ActiveCampaign’s ownership structure includes its founder and CEO Jason VandeBoom, Chief Revenue Officer Adam Johnson, and investors such as Silicon Valley Bank, Mohr Davidow Ventures, Weiss Asset Management, and Greenspring Associates.

What has contributed to ActiveCampaign’s success in the marketplace?

ActiveCampaign’s success in the marketplace is largely due to its customer-centric philosophy, innovative offerings, and supportive ownership structure that includes a blend of leadership, employee contributions, and investor backing.

Did ActiveCampaign acquire any companies?

Yes, ActiveCampaign strategically acquired One-on-One, aligning with its mission to enhance customer experience automation.

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