Why Choose ActiveCampaign Over GetResponse? Your Guide to Making the Right Decision

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Deciding on the right email marketing platform for your business can feel like a daunting task, especially with so many options available. Two popular choices, ActiveCampaign and GetResponse, offer a variety of features to help streamline your campaigns. But why should you opt for ActiveCampaign over GetResponse?

ActiveCampaign stands out with its advanced automation capabilities and robust CRM system. It’s designed to cater not just to your email marketing needs, but also aims at enhancing client relationships and lead management processes.

On the other hand, while GetResponse is a solid choice for beginners due to its user-friendly interface and affordable plans, it may lack the depth in functionality that growing businesses need. Hence, if you’re planning on scaling up and expanding your marketing strategies beyond simple email blasts, ActiveCampaign could be a more suitable choice for you.

Overview of ActiveCampaign and GetResponse

Let’s dive right into the world of email marketing platforms. Two key players that you’ve likely heard about are ActiveCampaign and GetResponse. Both tools offer a range of features designed to streamline your email marketing efforts, but they each have their unique strengths.

ActiveCampaign is a robust platform that shines when it comes to automation. With its advanced segmentation capabilities, you’re able to target specific segments of your audience with tailored messages. This ensures your content reaches the right people at just the right time, enhancing engagement rates and conversions.

On the other side of the coin we have GetResponse. Known for its user-friendly interface, this tool simplifies complex tasks making it an ideal choice for beginners or small businesses who need straightforward solutions without sacrificing functionality. It also boasts impressive landing page and webinar features that go above and beyond what’s typically offered by email marketing platforms.

Here’s how both platforms stack up in terms of some key features:

Feature ActiveCampaign GetResponse
Email Marketing Yes Yes
Marketing Automation Advanced Moderate
CRM Functionality Comprehensive Basic
Landing Page Builder Basic Advanced

It’s critical to remember that while both options provide valuable services for different needs, your choice should lean towards which one aligns more with your business goals and strategies. Whether it’s powerful automations or user-friendly interfaces you seek – there’s something here for everyone.

Pricing and Plans Comparison

You’re probably wondering why ActiveCampaign might be a better choice than GetResponse. Well, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of cost and what each platform offers.

When you’re picking between marketing platforms, pricing plays a pivotal role in your decision-making process. ActiveCampaign has plans starting at just $15 per month for up to 500 contacts, which is perfect if you’re running a small business or just starting out. On the other hand, GetResponse’s basic plan starts at $15 per month but only covers 1,000 contacts.

Here’s how it breaks down:

Plan ActiveCampaign GetResponse
Basic $15/month (up to 500 contacts) $15/month (up to 1k contacts)

As your business grows and you need more features like CRM sales automation or contact & lead scoring capabilities, ActiveCampaign becomes even more cost-effective. The ‘Plus’ subscription is priced at $70 per month supporting up to 1k contacts while offering additional features not available on GetResponse’s ‘Plus’ plan that costs around $49 for only upto 1K subscribers.

Here are some of these advanced features:

  • Custom user permissions
  • Custom domain
  • SMS marketing

Now let’s look at the price comparison for these enhanced tiers.

Plan ActiveCampaign Plus Plan GetResponse Plus Plan
Cost & Contacts Limit $70/month (upto 1k contacts) $49/month (upto 1k subscribers)

This clearly shows that with ActiveCampaign, you’ll get better value as you climb their tier ladder.

Remember each platform may offer different billing periods: monthly, yearly or two-yearly options are typically available – so don’t forget to factor this into your budgeting considerations. Comparing these platforms head-to-head, it’s clear that ActiveCampaign provides more bang for your buck, especially if you’re looking for advanced features and a more extensive contact limit.

Email Marketing Features Comparison

When it comes to email marketing, ActiveCampaign clearly outshines GetResponse. Let’s dive into why this is the case.

ActiveCampaign boasts a rich suite of email marketing features. You’re looking at professional-grade email design templates that are not only sleek but also responsive. This means your emails look great on any device, be it a smartphone, tablet, or computer screen. Plus, with its smart autoresponders and advanced segmentation capabilities, you can send personalized messages based on user behavior and preferences.

Feature ActiveCampaign GetResponse
Email Design Templates Yes Limited
Autoresponders Advanced Basic
Segmentation Yes No

GetResponse doesn’t fall too far behind though. It offers decent email marketing services with basic autoresponder functionality and easy-to-use drag-and-drop editors. However, when it comes to customization and flexibility in crafting targeted campaigns, it’s somewhat lacking compared to ActiveCampaign.

What sets ActiveCampaign apart further is its split testing feature – something you won’t find in GetResponse’s offer. This tool allows you to test different versions of your emails for elements like subject lines and call-to-action buttons – thus helping you figure out which version resonates best with your audience.

Lastly, let’s talk about reporting and analytics – essential tools for assessing the performance of your email campaigns. With ActiveCampaign, you get detailed reports that give insights into open rates, click-through rates (CTR), conversions; basically all the information needed to optimize future campaigns.

So there you have it! When weighed up against each other in terms of email marketing features alone – without even touching on CRM functionalities or pricing factors – ActiveCampaign stands tall over GetResponse.

Automation and Workflow Comparison

Let’s dive into the heart of our comparison – automation and workflow. ActiveCampaign really shines when it comes to automation. You’re given a visual automation builder that’s both flexible and easy-to-use, making it simple for you to map out your customer journeys. ActiveCampaign’s feature set includes automations based on site tracking, event tracking, and even SMS interactions! It’s clear how important flexibility is in their tool.

With GetResponse, you’ll also find a visual automation builder but with less functionality compared to ActiveCampaign. The actions available are more basic such as sending emails or moving contacts between lists. While these features can be useful, they lack the advanced options offered by ActiveCampaign like sophisticated segmentation or goal tracking.

But let’s not forget about workflows either! When comparing the two platforms’ workflow capabilities, you might notice that both offer pre-built templates which can save you time if you’re new to email marketing or simply need some inspiration.

Here’s a quick look at what each platform offers in terms of workflows:

Platform Pre-Built Workflows
ActiveCampaign 40+
GetResponse 20+

Clearly, ActiveCampaign provides double the number of pre-made workflows than GetResponse does – that’s quite an edge!

Yet despite these differences in offerings, remember one size doesn’t fit all when choosing an email marketing platform. What matters most is whether the tool aligns with your needs and business goals.

When weighing up these tools against each other: consider how essential advanced automation features are for your business? If they’re vital then ActiveCampaign could be your pick over GetResponse due to its superior functionality.

In summary:

  • For those seeking advanced automation capabilities with plenty of flexibility – go for ActiveCampaign.
  • If basic automations will serve your needs just fine – give GetResponse a shot.

Remember, there’s no right or wrong choice here. It all depends on what you’re looking for in an email marketing platform.

CRM and Contact Management

So, why should you opt for ActiveCampaign over GetResponse when it comes to CRM and contact management? Let’s dive right in.

ActiveCampaign’s CRM system is top-notch, built from the ground up to be intuitive, powerful, and seamlessly integrated with their email marketing tool. You’ll find that managing your contacts becomes a breeze as you can effortlessly categorize them using custom fields, tags, and segmentation options.

Did you know that ActiveCampaign also offers impressive automation capabilities? That’s right! You can automate tasks like sending follow-up emails or moving contacts between lists based on certain triggers. It doesn’t just stop there; their CRM even lets you track your sales team’s activities and performance. This feature isn’t something you’ll commonly find in other platforms like GetResponse.

What about reporting? Well, ActiveCampaign has got you covered there too. They provide comprehensive reports on everything from overall campaign performance to individual customer interactions. With these insights at your fingertips, making data-driven decisions becomes a no-brainer.

Now let’s talk about ease of use – an area where many CRMs fall short. But not ActiveCampaign! Its user-friendly interface makes navigating through different features smooth sailing even for beginners.

  • Intuitive interface
  • Powerful automation capabilities
  • Comprehensive reporting systems
  • Unique sales tracking feature

In comparison, while GetResponse does have some commendable features like ecommerce tools and webinars support, it lacks the advanced functionality of ActiveCampaign’s CRM system such as sales tracking or extensive reporting options.

To sum up this section: if superior CRM functionality coupled with powerful contact management tools is what you’re after – look no further than ActiveCampaign.

Integrations with Other Platforms

You might be wondering why ActiveCampaign pulls ahead of GetResponse when it comes to integrations. It’s all about the numbers and the quality of connections that ActiveCampaign provides.

ActiveCampaign takes pride in its whopping 870+ integrations, compared to GetResponse’s moderate 130+. But it isn’t just about the quantity. You’ll find that ActiveCampaign’s integrations are more robust, allowing for a deeper connection between platforms. This means you’re not simply sharing data between apps, but creating powerful automation workflows and personalized experiences across your tech stack.

Consider this: With ActiveCampaign, you can link up your CRM system like Salesforce or Hubspot, sync your e-commerce platform whether it’s Shopify or WooCommerce, connect Google Analytics for deeper insights on customer behavior, and even integrate social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn for enhanced reach. The possibilities are virtually limitless!

Here’s how both platforms compare:

ActiveCampaign GetResponse
Number of Integrations 870+ 130+
Ranging from CRM to Social Media Platforms? Yes Limited

But don’t just take our word for it. Explore these integrations yourself! ActiveCampaign offers a comprehensive directory where you can search by category or keyword to find the right tools for your business.

In conclusion – wait no! That’s something we’re not saying here – let’s keep digging into why choosing ActiveCampaign over GetResponse is looking like an increasingly smart move.

Support and Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, ActiveCampaign pulls out all the stops. They’re fully equipped with 24/7 live chat support – a feature that’s hard to find in many other platforms. This means you can get your questions answered and issues resolved at any time of day or night. Isn’t that a relief?

In contrast, GetResponse doesn’t offer round-the-clock support. Their live chat is available only from Monday to Friday during regular business hours. So, if you happen upon an issue over the weekend or outside these hours, you’ll have to wait until their team is back online.

Now let’s talk about learning resources. ActiveCampaign goes above and beyond here too! They’ve got comprehensive guides, webinars, video tutorials – basically everything you need to quickly become a pro at using their platform.

Live Chat Learning Resources
ActiveCampaign 24/7 Comprehensive Guides, Webinars, Video Tutorials
GetResponse Business Hours Only (Mon-Fri) Limited

On the other hand, GetResponse has limited resources when it comes to educating their users on how best to use their platform. Sure they’ve got a few guides and videos but it’s nowhere near what ActiveCampaign offers.

But here’s where things get interesting: Both platforms offer email support but there’s quite a significant difference between them. With ActiveCampaign, replies come through within just two hours – sometimes even less! GetResponse though? You might be waiting up for half a day before getting any response!

Look at this way: If excellent customer service and extensive learning resources are important factors for your business (and why wouldn’t they be?), then choosing ActiveCampaign seems like the sensible choice.

User Interface and Ease of Use

Let’s dive right into the user interface and ease of use when it comes to ActiveCampaign versus GetResponse. You’ll find that while both platforms are designed with a user-friendly approach, there are some distinct differences worth noting.

ActiveCampaign wins points for its clean, intuitive design. Its dashboard is neatly organized, making it easy to navigate through different features. Whether you’re setting up an email campaign or analyzing your latest metrics, you can do so without fuss. To add on, ActiveCampaign provides pop-up tutorials that guide you every step of the way. So even if you’re a newbie in email marketing, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed.

On the other hand, GetResponse also offers an intuitive interface but where it shines is in its visual editor for creating emails and landing pages. It’s drag-and-drop feature lets you create professional-looking designs even if you don’t have technical skills or design expertise. However, some users have noted that finding certain features can sometimes be a bit tricky due to its extensive list of functionalities.

It’s important to mention that both platforms provide ample resources for learning their systems – from video tutorials to webinars and comprehensive guides; they’ve got your back!

Given these factors:

  • ActiveCampaign’s clear layout
  • Pop-up guidance provided by ActiveCampaign
  • GetResponse’s powerful visual editor
  • Comprehensive learning resources offered by both platforms

Choosing one over the other ultimately boils down to your personal preference and business needs.

Deliverability Rates Comparison

Taking a closer look at deliverability rates, it’s clear that ActiveCampaign holds an edge over GetResponse. Let’s unpack this crucial aspect for you.

ActiveCampaign boasts an impressive deliverability rate of 93%. That means your emails are highly likely to land in your subscribers’ primary inbox and not get lost in the spam folder. This high delivery rate is largely due to ActiveCampaign’s diligent efforts in maintaining robust relationships with major email service providers (ESP) and their strict adherence to anti-spam laws.

On the flip side, GetResponse unfortunately doesn’t quite reach these heights. According to recent studies, GetResponse has a deliverability rate of 87%. While not terrible by any means, it does fall short when put head-to-head with ActiveCampaign.

ESP Deliverability Rate
ActiveCampaign 93%
GetResponse 87%

Why does this matter? Well, every percentage point counts when it comes to reaching your audience. Higher deliverability rates mean more successful email campaigns and subsequently more conversions for your business.

It’s also worth mentioning that both platforms offer various tools to enhance delivery rates such as spam filters checks and testing features. However, given the numbers, if superior deliverability is what you’re after – ActiveCampaign seems like a smarter choice.

Remember though, while important, deliverability isn’t the only thing you should consider when choosing an ESP – but we’ll explore those other factors later on in our article!

Analytics and Reporting Comparison

When it’s time to dive into the data, ActiveCampaign has you covered. It offers a comprehensive suite of analytics and reporting tools that can help you understand your audience, track your progress, and refine your strategy.

You’ll find detailed campaign reports that break down the performance of each email you send out. You can see how many people opened your email, clicked on links, or even purchased a product due to your campaign. If you’re running split tests, ActiveCampaign will provide clear insights into which version performed better.

On top of this, there’s a contact trend report feature. This tool tracks how your contact list is growing over time – an essential metric for any business focused on expanding their reach. The social data reports offered by ActiveCampaign are another bonus; they allow you to see which social media platforms are driving traffic to your site and converting visitors into customers.

GetResponse also provides analytics and reporting options but lacks in some areas compared to ActiveCampaign:

  • Email campaigns’ performance reports
  • Split testing results
  • Contact trend report
  • Social data reports

While both offer valuable insights into customer behavior and campaign effectiveness, it’s clear from these points that ActiveCampaign goes above and beyond with its analytical capabilities. Not only does it provide more features – those it does offer are more robust than GetResponse’s equivalent tools.

In summary: if analytics matter to you (and they should!), then opting for ActiveCampaign might be the smarter choice when weighing up these two marketing automation platforms.

Features ActiveCampaign GetResponse
Email Campaign Performance Report Yes Yes
Split Testing Results Yes Yes
Contact Trend Report Yes No
Social Data Reports Yes No

Remember: while numbers don’t lie – they don’t tell the whole story either! Be sure to weigh these analytics features against your unique business needs before making a decision.


It’s time to wrap up. We’ve delved into the reasons why you might opt for ActiveCampaign over GetResponse. Let’s take a quick walk down memory lane.

When it comes to email marketing tools, both platforms have their strengths. But if you’re looking for an option with superior automation capabilities, ActiveCampaign may be your best bet. Its unique segmentation and tagging features make it easier than ever to categorize your audience and send them personalized content that truly resonates.

Additionally, ActiveCampaign offers robust CRM integration that can streamline your sales process like no other. This feature alone could be a game changer for businesses aiming to improve their customer relations and boost conversion rates.

On top of all this, let’s not forget about the user-friendly interface that ActiveCampaign boasts. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro – navigating through the platform is easy as pie.

Here’s a quick recap:

  • Superior Automation: With advanced segmentation and tagging, ActiveCampaign helps tailor your content according to your target audience.
  • Robust CRM Integration: Streamline sales processes effortlessly with seamless CRM integration.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Regardless of your expertise level, navigating through ActiveCampaign is simple and intuitive.

Remember, choosing between GetResponse and ActiveCampaign isn’t about which platform has more features; it’s about which tool suits YOUR business needs better. So take another look at what each one offers before making up your mind.

As we close this chapter on email marketing tools comparison, we hope you’re walking away with greater insight into why many businesses prefer ActiveCampaign over GetResponse. If these benefits align with what you’re seeking in an email marketing tool then perhaps it’s time for you to switch gears!

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